How can I learn German fluently?

Important tips to speak German better

Most people want to master the German language and speak fluently in order to achieve various goals. For example, some people want to study in a German-speaking country and other people want to work there. If you have similar goals and want to achieve them, then you should be fluent in German.

On our website we offer you the important tips for speaking German better. Read this article very well if you are interested in this topic!

To speak German better:

1. Watch a lot of German films and German series!

Of course, there are different approaches how you can learn the German language. If you want to have fun besides studying, then in this case you should watch films or series. This method is a wonderful way to improve your vocabulary and also train your listening skills.

This is what happens when you watch foreign language films or TV series. In addition, the films and series will help you learn your language faster and improve your language skills.

If you want to practice pronunciation and speak like native speakers, then watch German films and German series, because it offers you the opportunity to learn German pronunciation very well and also to train your ears.

Here we offer you a collection of German films and series. Check out the links below for numerous movies and series:


For example


Super professional



2. Check out various German programs and videos!

In addition to the films and series, watching German programs and videos is an important means of developing the German language, because it helps you to speak fluently.

You will certainly understand a lot more than you thought, because they also give you the opportunity to understand connections from the text and to guess actions based on facial expressions and gestures. Here you can find the following links which contain various German videos:


For example

German wave

Topics DW

3. Read Plenty of Stories to Build Your Vocabulary!

If you read the German stories you could learn a lot of German words and build up your vocabulary. That is why our website offers you many pages that contain German stories that correspond to all levels “A1, A2, B1, B2”. To learn this language while having fun at the same time, check out the links below:

Learning history



4. Schedule and learning paths through which one can learn German

There are numerous exercises on this website that are arranged on a very good learning plan like a board game. Then you choose where to start and whether you want to follow the “ideal” learning path on our website on the game plan or choose your own learning units.

In addition, at what time you can repeat exercises or lessons at what level. When we think about school, we remember learning stress, vocabulary stacks and the strong gaze of the teacher.

Because learning doesn't work that way for everyone and, above all, it's not fun for everyone. But you can have fun here if you can see the success of learning and be able to converse with others.


5. Learn the German language for 15 or 20 minutes every day

Every day you should learn the German language for 20 minutes in order to memorize the information. It really works and you can use our website. Of course there are many people who have challenged her to find a method with which one can learn German in 15 or 20 minutes a day.

You can learn the conventional methods such as language lessons, group courses, etc. in 20 minutes a day. In addition, it is impossible to find a time of day that everyone can attend every day and, most importantly, that everyone is focused. You can also speak German in the 20 minutes every day.


6. Learn through a website or two

In order to focus on the learning process, you shouldn't study through many pages. Of course, every website has a specific curriculum and if you compare all of them you will see that there are numerous differences between them.

For this reason, we offer you the best website and the best applications to train the German language and improve your language skills.


7. The best websites for learning German

Here you will find the best sites for learning the German language. We have collected the best for you. Read the links below:

-German wave (DW)

She is considered both an international free broadcasting agency and an advocate of language learning. You can learn the language at your own pace in the German course area.

German Academy

This website contains free resources for learning the German language. In addition, you do not need an account to access the content of the website. There you can find more than 20,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises and more than 800 hours of interactive online resources.


There is a cost associated with the courses on this site, but they have been tried and proven to be very effective.

This site is based on four core competencies such as B. Reading, listening, speaking and writing. It offers you person-centered learning methods to develop your German. Price: € 675 per level. You can book a consultation on their website or register.


8. The best apps for learning German with a smartphone

We offer you various apps with which you can learn the German language for free. In addition, some applications allow you to communicate and make friends with native speakers or other learners. The following important apps for learning German are available here.

  1. DuoLingo
  2. Rosetta Stone
  3. How's it going German
  4. Slow German
  5. Grammar exercises B1 exam


9. The important German online dictionaries

You can also use the following online dictionaries to help you learn German and to translate the words you do not know

  1. Arabdict
  2. Dict CC
  3. Pons
  4. Duden

Finally, we hope that you will speak the German language as quickly as possible after reading this article very well and paying attention to the important tips.

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