How do I become a health economist

Health economics studies

With a health economics degree, you will become a sought-after specialist who meets the challenges of the German health care system with solutions. Here with us you can find out what the course includes and what prospects you have with it, along with lots of other information.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. But the industry is extremely complex and the aging society and medical-technical progress present us with great challenges. How can the (limited) available resources and funds be used efficiently? How do health services stay affordable for everyone? How can a link between business and medicine be created?

As a health economist, one of your tasks is to help shape the health care system in social and economic terms. With the interdisciplinary health economics course, you act as a bridge between the "parties", so to speak.

University tip


If you want to study alongside your apprenticeship or your job, you may be right at HS Fresenius. In the onlineplus department, she offers a bachelor's and master's degree in "Management in Healthcare". The content of the distance learning course is, for example, hospital management or marketing in the healthcare sector. All details can be found in the information material.

Health economics studies: all information

Course content: What do I learn in health economics?

Before we devote ourselves to the content of the health economics degree, let me say in brief: When you were looking for the right degree program for you, you must have noticed that there are great similarities between a health economics degree and a health management degree. You can read about the differences and similarities between health management and health economics in our article.

The health economics course is designed to be interdisciplinary and deals with the production, distribution and consumption of health goods. In addition, the economic side of health care will be part of the course: How are the goods distributed optimally and fairly?

Through the structure and content of the course, you will learn to recognize and analyze social and sociopolitical problems and to develop proposed solutions for health economic issues. Since the subject is interdisciplinary, you will be taught economics as well as healthcare and medical management.

Similar to the health management course, the health economics course is divided into a basic course and a post-graduate course. In the basic course, you will learn the basics of business and economics, and you will also gain initial insights into medical fundamentals, health services research, law in the health sector and much more. After completing your basic studies, you will focus more on your electives so that you can focus on yourself and specialize in what interests you most.

Further contents of the course are:

  • Controlling
  • Health system / public health
  • Medical basics
  • Process and quality management
  • Project management
  • financing
  • General economic and health economic processes

If you are looking for a health economics degree, note that there are many degree programs in this direction, but they have a different name. Health management, health management, health and social management, for example, fall into the area as well as health administration, health economics or management in the organization of the health system. There are many names, so don't focus your search exclusively on health economics.

Suitable universities for health economics

  • Distance and extra occupational face-to-face bachelor's degree


    Health management, care management, ...IU distance learning
    Social work, health management, ...IU combined course
    Physician Assistance for Health Professions, ...Carl Remigius Medical School
    Medical professionsTechnical Academy Esslingen
    Vocational education - care or rescue, care, ...Wilhelm Löhe University
    Management in health care, social work, ...Hochschule Fresenius - distance learning
    Fitness and Health Management, Management in ...IST University for Management
    Health facility management, ...WINGS distance learning