How do I drape a traditional saree

Wear a sari

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    Put on the right things first.Wear a blouse (e.g. a choli - ind. Sari blouse), your petticoat (sometimes called an inner skirt) tied tightly, and shoes before you start swaddling.[1]
    • The top that is typically worn with a sari is a blouse (choli).
    • Safety pins are not absolutely necessary. But they ensure that swaddling is easier and the saree looks better.
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    Wrap and pin the beginning end.Hold the saree so that the shorter part goes around the waist on the floor and the long end is wrapped. Then start with one end and tuck a corner of the fabric into the petticoat at the left hip. Then wrap the fabric around the back of you, over your right hip, over your belly button and again until it ends at your navel again. Keep tucking it into the petticoat when you get there.
    • Make sure the sari is not too high. Ideally, your shoes shouldn't be visible under the saree hem.
    • You can also use a safety pin to pin the sari around your waist, but the petticoat should be secure enough to hold the fabric in place.
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    Fold the other end.Go to the other, more heavily decorated part of the saree (the so-called “pallu”). The folds should go over the shoulder. Do this by using your fingertips to determine the spacing of the creases. Then fold it over the short end of the sari.
    • You can also use a flat hair clip to hold the creases in place until you are done with your look. Just don't forget to remove them later!
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    Drape and secure the folded end. Wrap the folded section around you at the back and drape the folded end from your right hip over your left shoulder. Adjust it to the length you want, then pin it to the shoulder strap of the cholis or your top.

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    Cover the hip and pin it in place. Pull the fabric forward from the top left until it is taut at the back. Then, drape it diagonally so that it covers your love handles (or where there would be love handles). Then pin the fabric to the waistband at the navel.

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    Fold the rest of the fabric. Adjust the fabric so that you have a loop in front of you that is made of the fabric at the waist. Fold the remaining fabric to reduce the size of the loop so that it fits your hip. You don't have to fold the fabric very tightly, a little loose fabric is welcome.

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    Pin the folds and secure. Pin the front pleats together at the top. Adjust everything to match the length of the skirt. Then tuck them into the waistband.

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    Pluck everything right. You can pin your saree in several places if you want to make it more secure. A safety pin on the crook of the arm on the right, for example, can ensure that the fabric stays over the right breast.