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Have you ever seen a 12-sided stone? Does that even make sense? Discover the intelligence of the Inca in the middle of the city. Perhaps the most famous example of the Inca's unique ability to cut stones so perfectly that they could be strung together like puzzle pieces without mortar can be found in Sacsayhuaman. Their stones interlock so perfectly that it is inconceivable that they were made with simple tools.

When you are in Cusco, you definitely shouldn't miss the chance to climb the so-called Rainbow Mountain. An absolute must do on any trip to Peru. The rainbow mountain is not a myth, but a real, unique natural wonder. It is amazing how such a beautiful piece can be created from strong colors in a completely natural way.

Cusco is the right place for all active and outgoing travelers who are looking for adventure and variety. But if you are looking for the idyll and connection to nature, you will not miss out in Cusco. Because around Cusco and the Sacred Valley you will find a wide variety of trekking tours or relaxed excursions into the countryside.

As the most important tourist highlight, Cusco is a central point in Peru. Therefore, you will find countless flight connections from Lima to Cusco every day (flight duration a little more than an hour). From Cusco you can fly to different cities (Puno, Puerto Maldonado, Arequipa) or you can drive within a 10-hour drive to the famous Lake Titicaca. This trip is scenic and varied, so the exertion is worth it.

In the heart of the former Inca Empire, the city of Cusco is located in the Andes highlands at 3,416 meters. Although it is the ideal starting point to visit the wonder of the world Machu Picchu, it is also one of the highlights of the country in itself. Cusco is the best place to experience and admire the history and architecture of the Incas and for this reason it is also the archaeological capital of South America.

While visiting the main historical monuments of the city you will experience the influence of different cultures: the Plaza de Armas (main square), the cathedral from the times of the Spanish Viceroyalty, built with large slabs of red granite in the Renaissance style, and the Church of Santo Domingo, which was built on the foundation of the Koricancha Inca temple, which is dedicated to the sun god.

Under no circumstances should you miss a visit to the San Blas district. The winding streets, the whitewashed houses, the blue balconies with flower pots filled with geraniums, the tiled roofs and the endless stairs promise an unforgettable experience. In the neighborhood live Cusco's artists who have been using their hands for centuries to tell the stories of their longings and disappointments in their work. They chisel in stone, carve wood, create sculptures and handicrafts dolls, work with silver and gold leaf and are experts in textile art, designing masks and a number of ceramic pieces in many different styles.