Why does Trump hate Prime Minister Trudeau

Trudeau responds to Trump's question with silence

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded with around 20 seconds of silence when asked by a journalist about a reaction to the threat by US President Donald Trump to stop the unrest in the USA with military force if necessary.

"We have to get better in Canada"

After the question at a press conference on Tuesday, Trudeau initially just looked straight ahead and said nothing, then several times it seemed as if he was about to speak, but did not. Finally, he said in a serious tone, "We are all watching with horror and dismay what is happening in the United States." It is time for unity and time to listen.

The day before, Trudeau had already promised more engagement in the fight against racism for his country. "We have to get better in Canada." Racism is not only a problem in the USA, people with black or brown skin and indigenous people in Canada are still too often systematically treated unfairly. "Even though we have made progress in the fight against racism and discrimination, there is still racism in Canada," said Trudeau. "Young black Canadians, I want to say I understand you when you say you are worried and angry."

The African American Floyd was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis last week. As a result, protests spread throughout the country, which also led to riots and looting in numerous metropolises. US President Trump threatened to stop the unrest with military force if necessary. Protests also broke out in many other countries around the world, including Canada. The relationship between the liberal Trudeau and the Republican Trump has long been considered tense.

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