Do you like living in Colombia?

Voluntary work in organic farming in Colombia

Sustainable living with nature

If you like to lend a hand and are not afraid of physical work, you are Projects in the field of organic farming are right for you. One focus here is that Permaculture (from "permanent" and "agriculture"). Permaculture is part of an agricultural policy that combines local and traditional knowledge with modern technologies. The aim is to preserve traditions, cultures and nature.

Diverse areas of responsibility

With Volunteering on an organic farm you can, for example, get to know sustainable methods in agriculture. You will help, for example, with growing vegetables, setting up an irrigation system, or mending walls and fences. You can get a very intensive insight into a completely ecological lifestyle in one Make a self-sufficient project, where you live in harmony with nature and, in addition to organic cultivation, you can also take part in fair trade campaigns or energy-saving construction projects.

linguistic proficiency

Basic knowledge of Spanish may be a prerequisite for some projects and are certainly useful to simplify and enrich your contacts with the people of Colombia. Depending on the composition of the employees and volunteers on site, the communication language at your location may also be used English be.