Are burgers considered sandwiches

Bavarian burgers & sandwiches

Pontus Free
128 pages, 73 photos
19.5 x 24.5 cm,
  • ISBN: 978-3-8354-1632-1
  • Home at hand: Trendy themes such as “burger” and “street food”, implemented in Bavarian style. Burger and ... more
    Product information "Bavarian Burgers & Sandwiches"
    Street food is the culinary trend. Food trucks and small cookshops sell their specialties, freshly prepared in front of the customers. In addition to finger food from all over the world, you can also find more and more creative street food with regional elements such as Leberkas or
    Hax'nburger. This book encourages you to interpret burgers and sandwiches in a Bavarian way. Have fun - and enjoy your meal!
    - Burgers and sandwiches, Bavarian antipasti, side dishes and salads
    - Recipes with and without meat, with chicken and fish
    - Laugenstangerl sandwich with beer bratwurst, Bavarian Surf & Turf, Weißwurstradl burger with savory salad, fish stick burger with fried dandelion, sandwich with marinated crayfish tails, Sennalp cheese in the pretzel with plum chutney, hearty waffle
    Burger with cheese, oven-baked beetroot with sour cream and poppy seeds in a brioche burger ...
    - Author with great burger know-how as a chef and food developer
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    Our comment on "Bavarian Burgers & Sandwiches"
    Pontus Frei completed an apprenticeship in star gastronomy. As a business economist and quality manager, he gained extensive experience as a chef and food developer.
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