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Spiritual trip to Bali: our tips

A contribution by Madeline and Michi from Ananda World

More and more people want to actively shape their lives, realize themselves and make a difference in the world. They go on a search for more clarity, for theirs Life mission and a way how you can live it out.

We also belong to this Move and started looking for it over a year ago (early 2018). To do this, we quit our jobs and set out into the world with the aim of gaining new perspectives for our lives.

During this time we got to know many remarkable personalities and their stories, were allowed to work on ourselves massively and thus created completely new ones Points of view.

If you read these lines, then I assume that you are on a very similar journey, although your path can of course be completely different.

Some people don't even have to leave their own realm on their way. But we immediately decided to change the continent.

If you have just found yourself somewhere, or your interest has been piqued, I would like to extend a warm welcome to youSeekers' Club Welcome.

The following post is about a spiritual journey to Bali. We discuss why Bali is particularly suitable as an island for spiritual growth and how you can have the best local experience.

Do you want to go on a spiritual journey to Bali? Then this post is right for you!

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Why Bali Why not to India, Nepal or Sri Lanka?

We associate an incredibly exciting and memorable time with India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, which we think back to very fondly and often.

Hardly any trip has triggered such deep emotions and contributed to our personal growth. And yet we have always missed something there to help us fully unfold, completely free and ourselves could be.

There is this in Bali very special somethingthat we haven't found anywhere else. Especially for Asia newbies and with the focus of the spiritual travel, Bali is high on our imaginary list.

Please don't get us wrong. Maybe you gained your very special experiences somewhere else and you have a completely different opinion than we do.

Share your personal experiences in the comments, or write us a private message. We are always open to new ideas and we really want to hear your story.

We've been to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, but somehow Bali made it easier for us to let go.

Bali, paradise on earth?

Bali is a pretty one now controversial island.

Articles and reports about the tranquil island in the Indian Ocean are piling up on the Internet. Some rave about beautiful beaches, good food and great vibes.

On the other hand, one reads about garbage problems, traffic chaos and party tourism.

The experiences differ so widely that one inevitably wonders whether these people were on the same island.

How can such different opinions about Bali arise?

This is mainly due to the false expectationsthat are generated in humans. For the beach and the sea, for example, there are much closer and more beautiful destinations than Bali.

In the rainy season, the weather in Bali is mostly dreary. Garbage is washed up from the rivers and streams to the beach. And on the way from the south of Bali to Ubud you like to be stuck in traffic jams for hours.

Most of them did not imagine paradise on earth this way.

If you don't know your way around and book accommodation in Kuta, you will suddenly find yourself in the so-called ‘Malle the Australian' again.

How does that fit with the description of an idyllic Bali?

These images generated in our heads inevitably lead to disappointment. And many don't give the rest of Bali a chance either.

Bali is so much more than a beach, beautiful weather and palm trees.

The special thing about Bali are the people and the culture - not the beaches.

What makes Bali so special for a spiritual journey?

Bali, the island of the gods.

Bali, a stronghold for spirituality.

Bali, the world's energy center.

These are just a few of the titles the island is regularly associated with.

We do not know whether the earth really revolves around Bali.

But the fact is: The energy in Bali is completely different than at home in Germany, India or Sri Lanka.

But why is that?

In our opinion there are several reasons. But they make the biggest difference People.

Nowhere else do we feel so comfortable and so welcome. Where does this uncanny serenity come from? Why are the Balinese so extremely selfless? What makes these people feel so warm?

And that to this day, even though we travelers are putting increasing strain on hospitality.

Spirituality is an important part of everyday life in Balinese

The Balinese and their culture

Among other things, the serenity and warmth of many Balinese results from the special, deeply anchored in society, religion. The Balinese practice a special form of Hinduism.

The island was a transshipment point for goods some time ago. The presence of Indian and Chinese seafarers and traders had a strong influence on the culture. Indian Hinduism paired with the original Belief in ghosts the islanders, formed this very special belief.

This is practiced every day and influences most activities and decisions in everyday life. The highest priority in the life of the Balinese is the condition of harmony.

Everything revolves around harmony.

With every single offering, harmony is asked for. The Balinese know that in a state of harmony there can be no suffering.

This endeavor causes the people of Bali to be who they are. Can you imagine what the world would be like if all people made their decisions with this in mind?

Perhaps you now understand better why Bali is referred to by so many people as the energetic center of the world.

The highest priority in the Balinese life is the state of harmony.

Get to know Bali properly

This article aims to motivate you to experience the real Bali. Experience the joy of life of the people and immerse yourself in their culture.

In the past, we have traveled to quite a few places in the world. We spent more than two years together in Asia alone. We got to know many different people and cultures and are extremely grateful for that. But despite all that, we are always drawn back to the island.

Our experiences in Bali just stand out. The mentality of the Balinese, with all their serenity and openness to other cultures, impresses us most.

The deep belief, which is still practiced today in all generations and is expressed in ceremonies and the unique philosophy of life, touches us very much.

Let us travel slowly and intensely together on the island of the gods

Your spiritual journey to Bali

There are many areas in Bali, all of which are very different. Thus, Bali attracts a wide range of tourists. Party-mad, package tourists, passionate surfers - or even people like you who want to change something in their lives, who plan their everyday life very consciously and who no longer want to be satisfied with less.

Some go on a search because they feel that it cannot stay the way it is. A stroke of fate leads others to Bali. Many hope Help and healing.

Of course, the film Eat Pray Love is not entirely innocent of Bali's reputation as a Island for those seeking meaning.

We met these people and heard their incredible stories. You too will get to know two of them in this article.

We'll also introduce you to some great ways you can have a spiritual experience in Bali.

Learn more about yourself and your life

1) Holistic spirituality and wellness oases

Pause and reflect, blocking out all thoughts and distractions.

Meditation, yoga and wellness achieve incredible effects on your body. Whoever strives for a healthy mind needs a healthy body.

On your nutrition to pay attention a lot Move and regular Rest periods are the be-all and end-all and should be your constant companions in everyday life. These habits give you additional strength and inspiration on your spiritual Bali journey.

Bali has innumerable Wellness oases to offer, whether in Ubud, Sanur or Canggu. A Balinese massage is a special experience that you will definitely not regret. Massages have an incredibly intense effect on your physical well-being.

There is a lot on offer in Bali, which makes it difficult to keep track of things. In the article Spa Guide Bali: The most beautiful wellness oases on the island you will find a selection of excellent spas on the island.

Treat yourself to rest and allow your body to relax so that the energy can flow freely again.

"It is health that is true wealth, not pieces of gold or silver." - Mahatma Gandhi

A soothing massage is a wonderful introduction to arriving on the island and throwing off some of the ballast.

2) Healers in Bali

Many come to Bali in search of healing for body and / or soul.

For Balinese people it is still part of everyday life in difficult phases healer to seek out.

One of the biggest differences between Far Eastern healing methods and conventional medicine lies in the View of all diseases and complaints.

While conventional medicine often does Treated symptoms and very much selectively is going on, a Balinese healer looks at the whole body at.

We would never see one or the other as better - perhaps more complementary?

There are a few healers in Bali, most of them with very different skills and approaches.

Some release your blockages through massage and herbal medicine, while others treat your aura or find answers in your past life.

Again and again, almost unbelievable results are achieved. Many report an enormous one Improving quality of life and wellbeing.

The main difficulty for you is to find a "real" healer in Bali, because the offers are numerous.

That is why we recommend the article Healers in Bali: My experiences and recommendations from Katrin. She reports openly and honestly about her personal experience with four healers in Bali and reveals her favorites to you.

In the post there is also the contact to them and a hint how you can find other real healers in Bali.

Experience healing in Bali? A deeply rooted wish of many seekers of meaning.

3) Bonding through retreats or spiritual training

We like to see ourselves and the world as completely separate from each other. So many believe that they are completely alone with their fears, problems and tasks.

You against the rest of the world and the world itself at that.

No wonder that this point of view is often too Overwork and paralysis leads.

The Balinese believe that this is not true. You live and appreciate them Connectedness that we have with the world, spirits and all other living beings, share.

This deep connection to one another, nature and the spiritual world, gives the Balinese uncanny confidencewhich automatically leads to them less fearful be able to walk through life.

You are connected to all other people on this planet, and the world itself, on a deeper level. You are not lonely and you do not have to carry your package alone. There are so many people out there - and many of them are on a similar path as you and share your worries, dreams, or passions with you.

Yourself exchange with like-minded people, can generate tremendous energies. Sometimes a single compliment is enough, or a seemingly insignificant hint, and an impulse is generated in the other person, which helps this person through a change or a difficult phase of life and gives them a boost. There is hardly anything more powerful than that Connection with other people.

And where do I find exactly these people who are on my wavelength and have a similar perspective on the world?

For example on a spiritual retreat or a spiritual training in Bali. Acquaintances that arise there often last a lifetime.

Another great opportunity is the Bali Spirit Festival, which is attended by many great people from all over the world.

Examples of training courses and retreats in Indonesia:

Bali is an island where an incredible amount of spiritual training is offered - Photo: Yoga teacher training at Shakti Academy

4) Spiritual Cleansing & Shamanic Healing

In the following we would like to introduce you to a very special ritual: The spiritual Purification ritualwhich is called ‘melukat’ in Bali.

It is carried out in Goa Gajah temple (built in the 11th century) or the Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Temple).

There you will meet the healer Cokorada Rai by Puri Negari, one of the most famous healers in Bali. The healing performed combines the healing practices of Yagna, Yatra and Mantra.

Yagna healing is performed to eliminate negative factors in life and to help find peace and happiness.

Yatra healing is designed to remove ailments that may prevent you from achieving a certain result. This can include removing blocks in your career, bad intentions from your enemies, protecting yourself from negative forces, healing your aura and balancing your chakras.

Mantra healing, performed by reciting mantras, removes lower vibrations from your system and increases your energy level. A mantra is a precise combination of sacred sounds that form a core of spiritual energy that attracts high spiritual vibrations and leads to spiritual awakening, empowerment and support.

This full day spiritual cleansing and shamanic healing is a private tour. If you are not sure whether shamanic healing is right for you, take a look at the many reviews on Get Your Guide to get a better picture of it or find out more about it on site.

Alternatively, we can also recommend the Spiritual and Stillness Tour with Luh Manis and the Spiritual North Bali Tour with Sri. Both are strong and inspiring Balinese women who will accompany you on your inner journey for a day.

Believing Balinese also regularly practice cleansing rituals

5) Traditional Jamu for more life energy

Jamu means "flowers, herbs and roots" and is consumed daily by a large part of the population in Indonesia.

Real Jamu is a precious one elixir, brewed by hand in a complex process and has been shown to have health-promoting effects on mind and body.

Not for nothing is Jamu in Bali "Golden god potion for youth, beauty and health" called.

Main ingredient of Jamu is ginger or turmeric, there are also ingredients such as Roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits.

The history goes back thousands of years and shares close similarities with Ayurveda (knowledge of life) and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

a) Our Jamu recommendation in Bali

Although the jamu is consumed in most households in Indonesia, it is not that easy to find a seller. In the meantime, it is partly offered in resorts and restaurants and Jamu is also available in selected shops, such as the Bali Buda.

However, we recommend Kedai Jamu Ubud Sehat, a small, local Jamu shop in Ubud that is completely dedicated to the preparation of this beneficial herbal medicine.

And in Canggu you should definitely stop by Oma Jamu, where you can test different Jamu variations.

b) Bala Kitchen, our Jamu recommendation in Germany

As a little insider tip, we would like to introduce Stephanie to you. Stephanie has an inspiring life story to tell and owes her current situation, health and joy of life, not least to the Jamu.

She was given a grand privilege and was entrusted with a Balinese Jamu recipe from the 12th generation (!). She learned the traditional way of brewing first hand, directly in Bali.

She herself says: “The original recipe for my Jamu Kunyit Asam is over 1,400 years old. I got it straight from Bali and I am incredibly grateful and proud to be able to brew this magical elixir in the traditional way in my homeland. "

Today Stephanie is determined to pursue her mission to empower people. She has one for that purpose Online shop opened to sell traditional Jamu there and to offer their workshops. The Jamu is sent in reusable glass bottles and without stickers. All ingredients are 100 percent natural and are the very best Organic quality.

We are grateful that Stephanie made the decision to share her Jamu with us. You can find her entire story and the shop under bala-kitchen. With the voucher code IndojunkieJamu5 you get a 5 percent discount on the shopping cart.

c) Your own Jamu

If you would like to find out more about the medicinal effects of herbs or learn to make your own Jamu, there are now several workshops and tours in Bali that allow you to do just that.

What could be better than learning something new while traveling and returning home with that newfound skill?

In Bali, for example, we can recommend the Jamu Workshop at Sehati Herbal Drink in Ubud. Sofyan explains to you all the background and effects of this miracle drink and shows you step by step how to make the drink from the root vegetables.

And in Germany you can take part in one of the Bala Kitchen courses. Stephanie offers workshops in Germany where you learn the art of Jamu brewing.

Traditional Jamu Medicine from Indonesia

6) Your palm leaf reading

The palm leaf reading is an intense and life changing experience. For some people, a whole new world is revealed. In others, something is awakened that has slumbered in them all their lives but has never been lived out. Some receive validation and empowerment to follow their mission.

Many people lack something in their life that will bring them fulfillment. Some feel this, but only very few really go on a search.

A palm leaf reading is given by a brahmin. Brahmins are members of the highest caste in the Indian caste system. They have committed themselves to the task of being students and teachers of the Vedas (collection of Hindu scriptures, which contain accumulated knowledge on various areas of life) and only they are allowed to become Hindu priests.

A few Brahmins go through many years of training to learn the art of palm leaf reading.

What information will I get at the reading?

The information on your personal palm leaf provides information about your entire life. It's about your life mission, your skills, your health and even your death.

The Brahmin goes into so much detail that he gives you yours full resume presents. This is divided into certain sections and contains precise information about your well-being and your respective energy.

Your palm leaf reading provides information about why you are right now, at exactly this point in your life, and helps you to set the course for your future.

Your companion

You will be accompanied by Paul during your palm leaf reading. An inspiring story connects him with Bali and the palm leaves. When he was still living and working in Germany, Paul was seriously ill. In terms of his temperament, Paul was a skeptic who only believed in what he could see and touch. However, special circumstances, sometimes require special measures, which is why he eventually turns up the path of spirituality and consequently experienced unbelievable things.

In the meantime he has read several palm leaves himself and far accompanied more than 2500 readings. His knowledge goes deep and is based on countless reference experiences.

There is no longer any trace of the hectic pace and stress that he was exposed to as an entrepreneur in Germany. Paul is calm itself and radiates with joie de vivre. When he talks, the people around him listen.

In addition to palm leaf readings on site, he also organizes Distance readings and is regularly on "Germany tour”To give lectures on what he has learned in the past.

If you want to know more now, we recommend you write a blog post. In it you accompany us on a palm leaf reading with Paul and receive all the information in detail. We also answer all common questions.

With sarong & selempot (temple sash) to read palm leaves

The right preparation for your spiritual journey to Bali

I very much hope you enjoyed the article up to this point and was able to give you a little insight. As you can see, Bali has a lot to offer for a spiritual journey.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, you will find a lot more opportunities to heal, grow and experience on the island of the gods - whether Media support, cleaning / detox, trauma release or medical massages.

Perhaps you are now wondering how to find the right contact who can help you further in your life situation? This is precisely where the problem lies.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that seekers travel to Bali and do not find what they are looking for. They neither experience the special magic, nor can they draw from the tremendous strength and energy that can be found on the island.

In our view, in most cases it is wrong expectation and too little support in preparation.

We wrote this post so that this doesn't happen to you too. As already mentioned, there are very many inspiring people with fascinating stories, energetic places and healing rituals that can have a lasting impact on and enrich your life.

That's why we strongly advise you to do one intensive preparation for your spiritual Bali trip.

If you are now wondering how and when you should get in contact with these people, knowledge about these places and information about the various rituals, while your life in Germany has to go on of course, then the following section is just right for you.

Our support for you

Around Christmas 2018 we wrote the article about the palm leaf reading in Bali. We have almost reached us since it was released Every day (!) News from Bali travelers and seekers.

We found that the questions and problems are almost always similar. This gave rise to the idea for this article as well as a detailed e-book, especially for a spiritual Bali trip.

We have researched, investigated and made contacts for you so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

In this e-book we give you all the information you need in the form of a two-week travel plan at hand. Now is your time.

In the e-book "Spiritual Journey to Bali" you will find a two-week travel plan for a soul journey on the island of the gods.

Why do I need a travel plan?

The one presented in the e-book two week itinerary can be implemented in exactly the same way, but should primarily show you all your options.

How your spiritual journey then looks in detail is entirely up to you and depends on your individual needs.

In our experience, many are looking for more clarity and ways to achieve this in Bali.

This usually requires intensive preparation. Unfortunately, we experience far too often that the inquiries are very tight and therefore often too late.

The problem is that many only find out about their possibilities on site. This e-book is your preparation and your travel companion.

We very much hope that you like it, that you have fun reading it, that you gain some new insights and, above all, that you can benefit from it.

Our goal is to provide you with added value with this e-book that is worth at least 5 times the purchase price (47 euros), as it has enormously enriched and brought you further in your life.

We offer one 100 percent money back guarantee. You can test the e-book for 14 days and get your money back at any time within this period if you don't like it.

We look forward to getting to know you and your story. Until then, we hope you enjoy reading and your spiritual journey to Bali.

Best regards. It is nice that you are here.

Text and photos: Madeline and Michi from Ananda World

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