What does mocha mean

Mocha or Turkish mocha is one of the oldest known types of preparation for coffee and dates back to the 16th century. It is characteristic that the coffee grounds are poured into the cup. Mocha is particularly widespread in the Middle East. The drink owes its name to a Yemeni type of coffee, which in turn was named after the port city of al-Mucha - from which the Arabica coffee from Ethiopia was shipped all over the world at that time. In Austria, mocha means black coffee without milk and sugar.

Is espresso the same as mocha?

Espresso and mocha are not the same. Espresso is usually made from very vigorously roasted Arabica beans that are finely ground. The beans for the mocha are roasted even more vigorously and then ground even more finely, almost as fine as dust. While hot water is pressed onto the fine ground coffee with high pressure for espresso, Turkish mocha is made by boiling the coffee powder together with water and sugar.

How do I prepare a mocha?

The drink is traditionally prepared in so-called ibriks, special copper or brass jugs with a particularly long handle. The normal dosage is two teaspoons of ground coffee and one to one and a half teaspoons of sugar per cup. For a real Turkish mocha, you put the coffee and the sugar together in the pot and pour the whole thing over with water. While heating the liquid, keep stirring until the sugar has dissolved. When the coffee is brewing for the first time, foam forms on the surface. Then you have to take the jug off the stove for a moment so that you can put a small spoon of this foam in each coffee cup. The coffee is then brought to the boil a second time before it is finally poured into the cups. The drink has the correct drinking temperature when the powder has settled on the bottom.

What makes a really good mocha?

Coffees from Yemen or Ethiopia are usually used for a traditional mocha, but others are also possible. Mocha is typically refined with rose water or cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, depending on the region. The special type of preparation also typically creates suspended particles. They give the drink a thick consistency that is somewhat reminiscent of syrup.

How many ml is there in a mocha cup?

Mocha is drunk from small, flat cups that usually contain 60 to 90 ml. Traditional mocha cups are made of porcelain or ceramic.

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