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Most of us got through our school days as average students. With strengths and weaknesses, one or the other may have made a lap of honor.

Sometimes, however, there were and are students who find it easier to learn, who get bored when they are not challenged enough. It can make sense for these students to move on to the next higher grade level. So to skip a class.

One that did just that is Mia (13). Today Mia is in the 9th grade of a high school near Hamburg. But let's just let them tell you for yourself.

Here comes Mia's story:


"I skipped a class ..."

... when I say this, the reaction is usually: “What, really? I wouldn't have thought! "Or" You don't look that much younger. " I'm 13 and I'm in 9th grade in a high school. Some of my classmates are three years older than me.

But I'll tell you from the beginning, it all started in elementary school.

Boredom in German lessons

I was able to read and write in kindergarten because I had taught myself how to do it from reading books in kindergarten and at home, and when I started school I was given three 400-page books. In the first grade of German lessons, I was often dead bored because I found the general squiggle and serpentine stuff totally pointless.

At home I often told how bad the other children would read: “I baackee Kuucheeen.” According to my mother, when I was done with the scribble, I was always allowed to read in the next room.

Then in the second grade we were supposed to learn cursive and I didn't like it. Why not learn to write once and leave it at that? Basically it was first grade again, just with squiggly letters.

The change

At the beginning of my third year of school, my class teacher came up to me during the break and told me that she would like to put me in fourth grade as a trial for the German lessons. And that's how it happened.

The lessons were more interesting and I enjoyed the topics. After a few months of commuting between two classes, the teachers decided that my knowledge of the other subjects wasn't too far behind that of fourth-grade students, so I should switch completely.

My old class gave me a really cute farewell notebook with photos and my own texts, and I brought muffins for a little farewell party.

The new class

It was okay in the new class. Back then I quickly made friends with a girl, and since I already knew the whole class from the German lessons, only the teachers were new. The subjects were more fun for me and I was much more motivated to go to school.

At that time I wrote my first one, that was in a religion test about Martin Luther. Unfortunately, over time I lost sight of my old friends, we still had contact from time to time, but there wasn't much more.

The high school

The daughter of a friend of my mother's had also skipped a class; she became one of my best friends in high school and is still today. She was bullied by a few guys at first, until she took a self-defense class and was able to defend herself better. I didn't really notice that. Fortunately, something like this never happened to me myself. We were in one class for two years, then the year was mixed up again.

Today I hardly notice the difference in age anymore, only when the teacher or classmate ask me it is noticed. I am comfortable in my class, my grades are satisfactory, and sometimes I can help others with their problems.

Abitur at 16 and then?

I'll take my Abitur at sixteen, but I don't know what I'll do after that. I could start studying, but that would be difficult in a city other than Hamburg. I could do a year abroad or an apprenticeship. But without a driver's license? Alternatively, I could not do anything for two years.

But it's best to decide when the time comes :-)

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