What is carpet

Carpet as a floor covering: advantages and disadvantages of foot flatterers

If you are looking for a soft and cozy floor covering, you will be happy to use carpets. Long-pile variants in particular are very cozy and replace many a seat cushion. It is great that carpets are available in several materials (synthetic, sisal, wool), in every imaginable color and in countless patterns.

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We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of carpeting. You can also read what the flooring costs and which rooms it is suitable for.

Advantages of carpet as a floor covering

Carpet feels very comfortable under the soles of your feet. The warm and cozy feeling is hard to beat.

The design is versatile

Colorful flowers or stripes, bright checks or fine waves tone on tone: when it comes to flooring, carpets probably offer the largest selection of designs. A visit to the carpet center proves it.

Wonderful, this calm

Carpeting absorbs room noises and also dampens footfall noise. Compared to a hard surface, the fluffy surface reduces the noise by up to 35 percent. A clear advantage in living rooms and children's rooms.

Carpet is flexible

Like cork or design flooring, carpets are considered elastic. This means that the covering gives way when it occurs. The joints and the spine appreciate this.

The carpet is not mimosa

Depending on the usage class (21 to 23 for home), the carpet can withstand a lot at home. You can move to class 21 in the bedroom, and class 23 in the hallway.

Breathe easy, please!

Carpet with the "Blue Angel" seal contains (almost) no harmful substances. The floor covering is therefore healthy to live in, and in the case of virgin wool, sisal or silk it is largely natural.

Great climate

Pure wool ensures a pleasant room climate. The fibers can absorb excess moisture from the room air and release it again. Thanks to the natural fat content, wool carpets bind the dust from the air particularly well, but the dirt does not settle as firmly as it does on many synthetic floors.

Carpet as a floor covering is good for allergy sufferers

It's true: compared to other floor coverings, carpets reduce the fine dust content in the room air by up to 50 percent. This can be a great advantage for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive airways.

Non-slip - but safe!

Have you ever slipped on the carpet? Is also almost impossible. The flooring keeps you upright.

Carpet is easy to lay

Carpet comes off the roll, sometimes as a tile. Either way, laying is quick and easy. However, you should bring a little patience and instinct when cutting. Adhesive or tape hold the flooring firmly on the sub-floor.

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Inexpensive flooring

From 10 euros you can get a solid velor carpet. Needle felt costs around 15 euros and new wool between 15 and 30 euros per square meter.

Disadvantages of carpet as a floor covering

Lint and dirt are more likely to stick to carpets than to smooth floors. So you have to clean the flooring regularly. The manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming so that the dirt does not settle deeply into the fibers.

Removing stains takes a lot of effort

A bit of gall soap, carpet powder or cleaning spray, which is carefully rubbed in and vacuumed again after drying, helps against stains. Be careful with silk or wool! Make sure to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendation here. The wet vacuum cleaner creates intensive cleaning. It sprays a fine mist of water on the carpet, which is then vacuumed up again along with the dirt. You can borrow such a device from the hardware store.

Carpet doesn't like moisture

A fine spray is okay, but no puddles please. Carpet (including the glue) hates moisture and therefore does not belong in the bathroom.

Carpet and animal?

Once the cat has lashed out at the soft floor covering with its claws, there is often not much left to save. For pet owners, smooth floors are better than carpets. Simply because of the hygiene.

A floor covering that doesn't last forever

Sometimes after five years, but at the latest after ten years, the carpet should be replaced. Fortunately, as mentioned, this is pretty easy.

Which rooms can you lay out with carpeting?

In principle, carpets fit into all drying rooms, i.e. living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. Wherever warmth and a high cuddle factor are more important than perfect care properties. In the office or study or in the hallway, the floor covering should have at least service class 23. Carpet has no place in damp rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms.