Are green peppers fruits or vegetables

Those who like to shop in the supermarket will usually find red, green and yellow peppers there in a pack of three. In terms of taste, the individual pods hardly differ - but is one color healthier than the other?

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This is what the different colors of the peppers mean

Some may believe that the different colors are different types of peppers. But that's not the case. In fact, the colorful pods are one and the same vegetable - only the degree of maturity is different. A green pepper is still very young. It therefore also tastes a bit bitter. The yellow pepper is a bit older. The red pepper has been ripening for almost a month.

Which paprika color is the healthiest?

So much in advance: Of course, all three paprika colors are very healthy. They all contain particularly high levels of magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and even beta-carotene more vitamin C than lemons or oranges. With only 50 calories, bell peppers are also real slimming products. The healthiest of all peppers, however, is the red one. As the degree of maturity increases, so does the vitamin C content. For comparison: a green pepper contains around 140 milligrams of vitamin C, a red pepper around 400 milligrams. The red bell pepper is one of the foods richest in vitamin C there is.

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