What are the best information security certificates


Certification and TÜV Süd certificates

PLUTEX bears the official TÜV Süd stamp for IT and information security as well as for quality management:

TÜV-27001 - Certification for Information Security

The international standard ISO / IEC 27001 Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management systems - Requirements specifies the requirements for the creation, introduction, operation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of security mechanisms as well as a documented information security management system, taking into account the IT risks within the entire organization.

TÜV 9001 certification for quality management

The DIN ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements for a quality management system that companies must implement in order to meet customer requirements and other requirements for product and service quality. With the PLUTEX quality management system, we increase the transparency of operational processes, reduce possible sources of error, lower costs and increase PLUTEX's productivity.

Data protection

The protection of your personal data and thus the protection of your privacy is a top priority for our company. You can find more about this in our data protection declaration. If you have any questions, please contact our data protection officer Haye Hösel, PLUTEX GmbH, Hermann-Ritter-Str. 110, 28197 Bremen, email: datenschutz @ plutex. De, phone: +49 421 40899490

Quality and information security policy at PLUTEX

The stable quality of our services as well as the security of the information in our company is one of the foundations of our successful business activity. For us, quality means meeting the demands of our customers in the best possible way. This requires the precise coordination of our delivery commitments with the requirements of our customers as well as consistent fulfillment of these quality standards established in this way, taking into account the legal and official requirements with regard to safety obligations.

Information security: Documented rules for handling information

The information in our company is permanently managed and controlled by means of special procedures and rules, this is intended to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information. The information in our house is secured and not passed on to third parties. Before the release or processing of our information, the authorizations and authorizations are checked. In this sense, the quality and our information security system is an important criterion for the purchase decision and forms a reliable bond with our customers.

Quality management: efficient, resource-saving and continuous process optimization

For us, being quality-conscious means using valuable resources efficiently and carefully. Every employee has the duty and the right to work towards eliminating circumstances that prevent the manufacture of products of perfect quality. Furthermore, every employee is obliged to report errors in the processing of information and / or security gaps. For us, continuous improvement in quality and safety is therefore also a prerequisite for an effective reduction in costs in the medium and long term, an important contribution to protecting the environment and an efficient way of eliminating weak points.

In order to generate quality, it is primarily important to avoid errors in all stages of order processing and to consistently eliminate sources of error. The assurance and targeted improvement of quality and safety is the priority for all employees. It requires the conscious commitment and active cooperation of all employees.

Trouble-free organization and the most advanced management methods form the necessary framework for this. The managers are obliged to apply the management measures applicable in their area of ​​responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness and to adapt them to the latest knowledge and requirements. This understanding of quality and quality awareness as well as the attitude of all employees to quality are prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers and thus for the long-term success of our company.