Relationships get boring

Relationships are being put to the test these days. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that I live with my partner and that I don't have to be lonely in times of isolation. It's a privilege - but it also means a lot of work. Because hanging together 24/7 can not only weld together, it can also be quite annoying.

And when you cook pasta for the third time in a week, like every evening Perfect dinner looked and went to bed at 10 p.m. out of frustration, the question arises:

Is your own Boring relationship? Or is it the lockdown? You can read here what makes a good relationship and how to keep it strong even during a crisis.

Is your relationship boring or is everything okay?

Especially if you are in a long-term relationship, you will know that with each month and with each year you become each other more familiar, often gets on without a word and lets go of the mask of shame. What can be incredibly beautiful to be so incredibly close to a person sometimes raises the question, where the initial magic has gone

Many then lack that romantic dates, theexciting sexwhen you didn't know each other's mole or the little loving attentions, like a message whether you had arrived at work well. Now of course you can refresh the relationship and chasing after the initial spell.

What I am describing here does not mean that a relationship has become boring or has ended. Rather, it is arrived in (lockdown) everyday life and has to prove that she can survive with only half as many butterflies in her stomach and without rose-colored glasses.

What defines a qualitative relationship

So ask yourself less if your relationship is boring, but rather if it is that brings with it what makes a stable relationship. In my eyes it shows in five Basic pillars that should be present despite lockdown:

1. Independence

Instead of sitting on the couch next to your partner and wondering if that's all that is now and your relationship has become boring, you should rather ask yourself: Have i got bored? Because personal (further) development and your own hobbies, which you tackle without your partner, are not only extremely important for yourself, but also also for a stable relationship

Tip: And if you can't do it right now, because you're doing club sport, for example, you should urgently try to to look for new occupations. Because in these times really crouching 24/7, takes every breath away and actually makes you bored.

2. Friendship

Of course, just as important as independence in a relationship is also the time together. And not just the one where you look romantically in the eye and sleep together. Especially the moments when you laughing together, trying new things and quality time spend together, weld you together and kill any boredom in the relationship.

In a stable relationship he is Partner is often also the best friend. At least that's what many women would like, according to a survey by the dating website Elite partner betrays.

In this video you can see how your libido can be increased. (Even in lockdown!)

3. Intimacy

And yet it is and remains Intimacy guarantees a stable relationship. Above all, those who take time for each other during sex, get involved with each other and let themselves go, promote intimacy in the relationship.

How that works in times of lockdown, if you constantly crouching next to each other in sweatpants? Our Range of sex positions tell you! How about the butterfly position, the sphinx or the lotus position? The lockdown is ideal Trying out new things.

4. Communication

The lockdown stifles communication in a relationship. After all, there is hardly anything to tell. Even what the other had for lunch is not worth asking. But one should be careful not to forego communication altogether. Because the strengthens the bond. So now and then ask yourself deep questions. And if it should ever come to an argument, make sure that you argue properly.

5. Appreciation & love

Last is in a relationship mutual respect and tolerance of paramount importance. Accept that your partner has a different opinion or that the other is having a bad day. Be there for one another and show yourselves why you love each other. After all, there's a reason you share your sushi order on the couch in sweatpants.

Whether the relationship is boring is the wrong question

Because at the end of the day this question doesn't matter at all - least of all in times of lockdown when the world stands still. Rather, ask yourself how qualitative and stable your relationship is and work on freshening it up if you feel that love and intimacy have fallen asleep a bit. And last but not least: Be grateful to have someone by your side who loves you.

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