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There's on the railing the Leshiba Wilderness Area several accommodations. On the one hand the Venda Village Lodge with 5 rooms and 2 suites, then that Hamasha Bush Camp for smaller groups up to 8 people and that Indigenous Knowledge Center for groups of up to 16 people with a communal kitchen. Then there are the private accommodations of the owners as well as the barely visible Staff Village a little above the lodge.

The Venda Village was made by the internationally recognized artist Noria Mabasa from the Vha-Venda-Volk designed about 20 years ago, about 6 years ago the two beautiful luxury suites were added that flank the lodge today. The last building is the imposing reception with an attached art exhibition and no, but fine, shop. There you can buy nice souvenirs. The design of the sculptures and ornaments on walls and passageways was a very stressful affair, because what looks to us like it was made of clay is actually made of quick-binding cement that was colored with earth and had to be processed quickly and decisively.

This is how it looks today Venda Village in the Leshiba Wilderness Area as a total work of art in which one can only feel good. If you come here, you should plan at least two, or even better, three nights, because the difficult journey and the wonderful tranquility justify a longer stay.

The fact that you can go hiking here is also nice. Both with the nice one Tymore as a guide, as well as on your own. A nice change after spending days in the Kruger National Park has spent in the car. There are no dangerous animals like lions.

The soul of the Venda Village is Joyce, just because of her personality she turns guests into new friends. Unfortunately, we didn't test her much-vaunted cooking skills because we had here Self-catering booked, which we also enjoyed very much.

The accommodation in the suite is fantastic and we didn't feel like talking three times a day while eating, we just wanted to read, hike and relax here. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable here, so much luxury. And to relax is Leshiba just the right place. Therefore we can neither talk about the rooms in Venda Village report on the services offered in terms of food and guided hikes.

When we arrived there was a rhino mother standing with her little one on the meadow directly at the reception. A splendid reception that only from Joyce was topped. She led us to the suite we had booked and showed us everything. Then she left us alone, if we had any requests or questions she was always there Village or at the reception. Besides us, there were other guests from the second night who had occupied the second suite. Otherwise we were alone in this oasis.

Although game drives are of course offered, the reserve can also be explored on foot. You get a map with the hiking trails, which are marked with colored symbols. 10 hiking trails with a duration of 2 to 6.5 hours lead through the surrounding bushveld, over the small savannah in the valley and in gorges in the mountain, where you can swim in rock pools in summer. A guide is of course recommended by the hotel, but you can just follow the lanes and get pretty close to rhinos and giraffes.

Leshiba is a member of "Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa", which means that they demonstrably offer fair working conditions, support disadvantaged communities, distribute income from tourism fairly and respect culture and the environment. Gas is used for cooking and heating, and there are kerosene lamps on the terraces. The electric lamps are powered by solar power, as is the internet access and WiFi in the reception. There is temporarily electricity from the generator for charging batteries or for blow-drying.


The place Makhado, formerly known as Louis Trichardt, is only a few kilometers from the signposted junction to Leshiba Wilderness Area away. In Makhado one drives on the Rissik Street / R522 towards Vivo. After exactly 36.1 kilometers you will come across a bridge and a railway line. There the signposted branches Gravel Road off towards the mountains. After a further 3 kilometers you will reach a farmhouse, in the middle of lush greenery on a river. Here you can park your car under supervision if you have arranged a pick-up with the lodge. The remaining 6 kilometers of the route is very steep and allegedly only accessible with an all-wheel drive vehicle. There are a few hairy spots, but other guests have also been there with a small car, just drive slowly and carefully.

From the farm it goes quite steeply uphill in serpentines, Leshiba is well signposted at every junction. If you are not informed in advance, you will be standing almost upstairs in front of a closed gate and will not get any further without a code for the combination lock. There was cell phone reception at this point, so we could call the lodge and ask for the code. Without a mobile phone you have to go back to the farm and ask there, so always get the code beforehand and take the phone number with you. With the right combination of numbers you open the thick chain around the gate, of course you close everything behind you.

The reception is signposted from the gate, shortly before reaching the lodge you drive through a wide valley with lots of grass, on which a few giraffes and zebras were grazing when we arrived. A sight like in a mini NgoroNgoro crater.


In the Venda Village Lodge there are 5 rooms that are only available with full board and a game activity (Game drive, a horse ride or a guided hike) can be booked per day. There is a pool, a restaurant, a lounge and a hut open to the valley with a huge bathtub and a fantastic view that you can occupy yourself as a guest. Very nice.

A few years ago the two luxury suites followed Mwedzi (Moon) and Duvha (Sun), of which the Mwedzi is the most beautiful for us due to the freer location towards the valley. You can also do this with Self catering option book what we were happy to use. Because this was the last station with self-sufficiency for us and in the end we left all the things we no longer needed such as cool boxes, tablecloths or lighters here.

It was absolutely the right decision for us, because the accommodation is absolutely fantastic and you have a lot of peace and quiet. In addition, the price-performance ratio is absolutely unbeatable, because the suite offers a lot of space and luxury, the normal rooms are much narrower.

Much African art has been tastefully incorporated into the bedroom, living room, dining room and even the shower. Mosaics on the smooth floor complete the picture. A real feel-good accommodation. From the two balconies and the main terrace you can enjoy an endless view over the valley and the always lively waterhole. And the light of the candles and kerosene lamps makes this unique accommodation even more romantic, because there is no electricity. The energy-saving lamps inside are operated with solar power.

A hair dryer doesn't work here, just a razor. Batteries can be charged at the reception and internet reception only works there or in the lounge of the lodge.

The bathroom is more than spacious, it has a double shower and a double vanity as well as a huge bathtub. Behind it is decorated with a figure and an aardvark made of clay (cement) and you look out the window at the landscape. There is also an outside shower for wet outdoors with birdsong. There are high-quality soaps, shampoos and shower gels everywhere.

The bedroom is dominated by the wide, comfortable double bed with canopy and mosquito net. In May the nights got chilly and we were happy about the gas-fired heater, which allowed us to warm the room a little before going to bed. The bedroom has its own narrow balcony with African seating.

Next to it is the hallway with the entrance door, behind it the kitchen-living room with a wide brick sofa with numerous pillows, a dining table with two chairs and the kitchen. Here, too, there is a narrow balcony on the side and another door leads to the terrace.

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to cook. In the morning the housekeeper even comes and does the dishes, if you haven't done it yourself. What a service. A bottle of house wine called "Leshiba" is free and can be taken along. Information material about the region and a guest book are also available here.

On the terrace there is seating and a small table, from here you have the most beautiful view of the waterhole. Every day fresh wood is piled up on the fireplace and after a cozy evening the remains of ashes are removed the next morning. There are two lounge chairs and a small mini pool with a frog. The poor guy was completely confused because on the day we arrived the pool was off Tymore has been cleaned. The fresh water supply caused it to be whirled around quite a bit, but it was always able to hide well in the depths.

Round stone slabs lead to your own parking lot on the other side of the hill, as well as to the restaurant in the village. The highlight around the accommodation are the cute elephants, they live in the rocks and are very, very fast. So be sure to keep your eyes open and watch out for the animals


We made our own breakfast here, you can sit in the kitchen or on the sunny terrace. We enjoyed it very much and can therefore unfortunately not say anything about what is on offer at the lodge.


As we have heard and read in forums, the food at the lodge is said to be very tasty. The banana cake in particular is often praised. In the room rate are also Game drives included, so the price difference to the Self-catering quite high.

We cooked in the well-equipped kitchen, it was the last 3 self-catering evenings on this holiday. We really enjoyed ourselves, had champagne and red wine with our meal. Here are a few impressions from the evening.


It has long since ceased to be an insider tip among travelers who are looking for dream accommodation far from the usual travel routes.

We stayed here for 3 nights in May 2013.

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