How can I create generational wealth

From family to dynasty. Successful across generations.

About the report:

In “Creating a world with the Next Generation”, Credit Suisse and the YIO take a look at the expectations, needs and ambitions of the inheriting generation. This includes people who are destined to take over the helm of a company founded by their parents, grandparents or other ancestors, or who are likely to inherit at least part of the wealth created by previous generations.

Credit Suisse's Global Next Generation Initiative

Credit Suisse is not only dedicated to the current generation of clients, but also takes their descendants into account. In 2005 she initiated her Global Next Generation Initiative. As part of its next-generation programs, the bank offers the next generation of customers special financial training programs as well as direct networking opportunities.

Young Investors Organization (YIO)

Credit Suisse is the main sponsor of the Young Investors Organization (YIO), which was founded in 2007. This consists of a global network of future decision-makers. They all come from influential families and are determined to help shape the world and make a difference in it. At regular regional, local and global meetings, the members work on their contribution to society and on the development and management of their companies - it is not uncommon for them to make joint investments.