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What do the abbreviations actually mean when booking?

Hotel Abbreviations in travel offers are good and nice - as long as you understand what is behind the abbreviation. Here you will find all official abbreviations including definitions at a glance.

A JS with MB in an AB, equipped with AC, BD and BK - please what? The fact that behind these abbreviations there is a junior suite with sea view in an old hotel, which is also equipped with air conditioning, a bathtub and a balcony, should probably not be clear to most of you at first glance. While we are certainly familiar with the most common abbreviations for rooms, meals and furnishings, there are a number of other abbreviations that cause confusion and question marks at first. So that you are no longer puzzled when planning your vacation, I am going to ask you this today 72 Hotel Abbreviationsbefore, which was published in 1999 by the German Institute for Standardization in Berlin as the official "Abbreviations in travel catalogs", tooDIN 77001 called, were declared.

Clarification of the abbreviations for travel offers

What a smart idea to create national, European and international hotel abbreviations that everyone can relate to. Well, at least everyone who knows the meaning of these abbreviations. I'm sure not all of you could explain all 72 abbreviations to me right away. Equal 6 different description areas are covered by the abbreviations: the room furnishings, the room type, the location, the types of services and meals, the type of house and the category other. I have listed all of these for you once. If you feel like it, you can cover the definition in the first round for fun and see how many of the abbreviations you can name. I am looking forward to your result.

Room facilities

Abbreviations of the room type

BD = bathtubAP = apartment
BK = balconyBU = bungalow
DU = showerDZ = double room
HZ = heatingDA = double room for single use
AC = air conditioningDB = triple room
TE = terraceFZ = family room
TV = televisionJS = junior suite
VR = verandaSD = standard
Eg = additional bedST = studio
SU = suite
TW = Twin Room


Types of services and meals

HS = high season / high seasonA = dinner
MW = rental carAI = all inclusive
MG = mini golfB = breakfast
NS = low seasonHalf board = half board
SW = swimming poolM = lunch
TP = tennis courtOV = without meals
VW = extension weekendO = overnight
VS = preseasonB&B = overnight stay / breakfast
ZS = mid seasonVP = full board



BB = mountain viewAB = old building
MB = sea viewDP = Dependence
HH = main house
NB = new building
RH = terraced house
VI = villa

No more gibberish about hotel abbreviations

Uff, that's them, the 72 hotel abbreviations of DIN 77001. Now I'm actually curious: How many of them were you already familiar with and how many did you have to guess? Write me your result in the comments! And since you are now aware of all these pretty abbreviations, you can put your newly acquired knowledge directly into mine Hotel search Prove and choose a nice accommodation for your next city trip.

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