What should I recommend talking to foreigners

integration: CSU wants to dictate the language to foreigners

The CSU calls on foreigners living in Germany to speak in German as a matter of principle - in public and also at home in their own families. "Anyone who wants to live here permanently should be encouraged to speak German in public spaces and in the family," says a draft proposal for the party congress at the end of next week, which was sent to the CSU top. The board of directors will discuss the papers on Monday.

In view of the high number of refugees, the CSU is also demanding a billion-euro aid program from the European Union. The Christian Socialists want to get serious with their demand for a reduction in the cold progression: this should begin on January 1, 2017.

The language suggestion immediately sparked criticism, head shaking and ridicule. The integration policy spokesman for the SPD, Arif Tasdelen, said that this was a completely absurd interference in people's private lives. "Why should an American couple of engineers living in Bavaria no longer speak English to each other in their apartment? Or why should an Italian innkeeper no longer be allowed to use his mother tongue?"

Eike Hallitzky, chairman of the Bavarian Greens, criticized: "Dictating the language choice at home? You can't be strangers to life. The only thing missing is that the CSU wants to tell citizens that the living room carpet should be white and blue."

CSU demands identification with Bavarian values

The CSU wants immigrants to identify with "Bavarian values": "People come to us in successful Bavaria because they see the best future opportunities for themselves and their families here. People come to us because they identify with our Bavarian values We expect that too. "

The CSU continues to reject "immigration into the social systems" with harsh words: "If you only come to Germany to lie in the social hammock, we will deny you social benefits."