Indian women have beautiful vaginas

Vagina: 10 things men don't mind about your vagina

Moist to lively: how do men like the vagina?

It can't be damp enough for them! Don't apologize if it gets too sweaty, bubbly, or wet. He sees it as a success, having fueled you incredibly and wants you to stay as moist as possible.

What do men think of sex with lube?

Don't bother him in the least! After all, it benefits if you are wet enough. Actually, the men don't even notice that you're too dry. And before you suffer any injuries, you can better use the lube. As long as THAT doesn't happen to you, you don't have to worry:

How do men find it when we don't come?

Admittedly, it is an exhausting endeavor for him to get us to the climax. The hands hurt at some point (point 10 can help) and whenever he thinks: "Yes, finally!" It takes at least the same time. But he doesn't care. We should take our time, relax and at some point ...

What do men like about vaginal penetration?

If your vagina resembles the Grand Canyon, you can be happy! Penetration is a lot easier for him.

How do men find sex toys?

Of course he wants you to cum at the mere sight of his penis. If you pick up your vibrator in doggy style, it doesn't bother him very much. It's the doggy style. Sure right?

Men love vaginas - and you should think yours are fabulous too. In this sense: