Is it easy to learn belly dance

I would like to learn a belly dance, is this also possible if I am very slim and slim?

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Hendrik Berger
I would like to do a sport to reduce everyday stress, but then I came across belly dancing, can I learn belly dancing even if I am very thin? Can someone tell me
It's clear. Did my only belly dance class to date when I was slim and slim; Incidentally, together with a friend. The figure is rather secondary, it will be more difficult for you as a man to find a course in which men are "allowed" - VHS was completely non-existent here.
no not in principle, but gaining weight is not a problem?
Marlon Sauer
Anyone can learn a belly dance, it wouldn't be bad to have a little something on your ribs, because a lot of skin is shown in these oriental dances. Such dances are based on hip swings, where you can wiggle properly, if you are too thin it becomes a bit difficult. I would just give it a try, then you can quickly see whether this is an option for you.
Lisa Graf
Oh yes, learning belly dance is a great thing, the rhythmic movement to the music brings mind and soul back into harmony, femininity and self-confidence can be expressed very nicely. With beautiful clothes you can be seduced into a fairy tale world of 1001 nights, whether fat or thin does not matter at all, it is a good alternative to other sports.
Lennard Werner
You don't want to put on a show in front of thousands of spectators, but rather relieve your everyday stress. Learning a belly dance is not that easy because the hip swing has to be learned correctly, so it is not enough just to wiggle your buttocks. Switching off with music and forgetting everyday life for an hour or two is your goal and belly dancing is also very good for posture.