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Cruel Death - four thrillers by Erica Spindler


More than twenty years ago, Harlow Anastasia Grail survived a true nightmare. A madman kidnapped her and cut off her little finger. In order to be able to forget the traumatic past, Harlow changed her name and broke all bridges behind her. Now the shock: The nightmare is not over - the man from back then is alive. Fearing for her life, the young author hires Detective Quentin Malone. The two soon have a passionate affair. But can she really trust him? And what role does the attractive psychologist Dr. Ben Walker? A dramatic race for life and death begins ...


"Paradise Christian Church" - this is the name of the church in which pastor Rachel Howard is particularly committed to caring for young people. But then it disappears without a trace.

Together with ex-cop Rick Wells, who runs a bar on Key West, Liz tries to find out something about her sister's whereabouts. Vain. Instead, they discover something horrific: The gloomy Satan cult "Horned Flower" obviously commits ritual murders of young people ...


The journalist Avery is investigating on her own. For she is certain that the long-ago murder of a young woman is connected to the harrowing death of her father. The attractive lawyer Hunter, who finally learns what love is through Avery, also believes in it. When the cruelly carved corpse of a young woman is found again, they discover the terrible truth. And get in the sights of the murderer.


Jane's happiness collapses like a house of cards: The man who almost killed her many years ago reports back with threatening letters. Does he want to finish his work? Is he also behind the recent feminicide? Or does Jane really have to be afraid of her own husband?

For the police he is suspect. But what role does Jane's half-sister Stacey play, who leads the investigation? She has long wanted revenge on her sister, who always seems to be on the sunny side of life. So who else can Jane trust? She goes into battle - for her life and for love.