What is an ideal first date

The first date: With these tips, the meeting will be a success

We all know the feeling: after a lot of nice messages and maybe a few phone calls, the first date is approaching - and the excitement is omnipresent. What do i wear? Where does the meeting take place? What are we talking about - These are just a few of the many questions that come to mind before the first date.

But don't panic! We'll provide you with the most important tips about the first date - from preparing at home to saying goodbye after the meeting - you will master the date with flying colors!


  1. Before the date: preparing for the first meeting
  2. At last! The first date is coming up
  3. After the first meeting - when is the best time to get in touch?

Before the date: preparing for the first meeting

Have you just arranged the first meeting and suddenly you get nervous? Don't worry, we all feel the same way. Now it's time to keep a cool head and take a deep breath! With these tips you will be perfectly prepared for your date.

Where do we meet? The right place for the first date

There are a number of options when choosing a location. How about you take the helm and suggest a few places? Such an initiative is guaranteed to be well received! So what are you up to?

1. It's all in the middle

The date classic rightly enjoys a good reputation: meet in the middle on neutral ground. How about a coffee first? This is exactly the right setting to get a first impression. You are in a busy room that you could easily leave at any time. This is a good option, especially if you don't know a lot about the person you're talking to.

2. Get out into nature!

A long walk in the fresh air invigorates the spirit and brings you to many possible topics of conversation: There is always something to discover that can be talked about. In the city, parks, lakes or canals are ideal for walking. Any silence is not so noticeable while walking and can even be very pleasant in between.

3. Discover treasures

A flea market can also be a great place for the first meeting: you can stroll around relaxed and discover a few treasures. In such an atmosphere, the initial nervousness will certainly subside quickly and conversations will be easier.

4. Adventure? Yes, please!

How about a visit to the local fair? Once you've done a rollercoaster ride, you'll forget your excitement with the adrenaline rush and you will definitely have an unforgettable evening.

5. Be attentive

If you have already spoken to the other person about interests and preferences, think back on them. Has your potential date ever mentioned a place that he / she would like to visit or find particularly beautiful? Propose your first meeting there! Attention is always guaranteed to be well received.

What am I going to wear? Tips for the right outfit

1. Be yourself

What is most important here: Do not wear anything just to please the other person. Of course, this is also important on the first date, but the main thing is: be yourself! Don't buy yourself a new outfit for your first date that you may not feel comfortable in. Wear something that you feel really good about. You will automatically appear much more confident.

2. How much is too much?

Elaborately pinned up hair and high heels on the feet may look great, but an overly chic outfit could run into confusion on the first date. Of course, it also depends on the occasion, but an exaggerated demeanor is not necessarily advisable, especially on the first date. Prepare yourself in such a way that you find yourself beautiful - that's enough 🙂

3. On your marks, get set, natural!

This tip applies in particular to our female readers: Leave the extra make-up in the bar! Of course, you want to look really great on your first date, but you don't have to hide under several layers of make-up for that. Especially if you normally have less makeup on, you shouldn't do it any differently on your date. At the latest on the next date, it will be noticed that you have pretended to be.

4. Man do you look good!

The same applies to the gentlemen of creation: Put on a neat outfit in which you feel confident and good. If you are unsure about the right outfit: ask! The ladies around you, whether they are good friends or work colleagues, are sure to be happy to help you with something like this. Don't be shy!

Correct behavior - 5 tips that you should always keep in mind

  1. Leave yours Cell phone in your pocket - Keeping your cell phone in your hand all the time seems impolite and shows disinterest.
  2. Don't pretend, stay authentic.
  3. Be one good listener - Your attention will pay off.
  4. honesty is the highest good - no fuss to portray yourself a little better.
  5. Take care of yours Body language - no crossed arms or a hunched back - show an open attitude.

At last! The first date is coming up

The first impression counts: the greeting

Now it's getting serious - you are meeting the other person for the first time and have probably already wasted a few thoughts on this very moment. A warm hug or a formal handshake? We'll tell you how to do it right:


  • Greet your date with a warm hug! In this way you build a friendly closeness and start your date easily.
  • Have you already written a lot and have the feeling that you already know something? Take the courage and give a small kiss on the cheek! Of course, this is not for everyone, but if it feels right, go!


  • Formal handshake? Probably not the right thing for the first date. After all, you meet because you find each other very personable.
  • No-go: casual handshake. It's better for good buddies.
  • Hand kiss? - No thanks. This age is long gone

Good topics to talk about: this is how to avoid awkward silence

Are you afraid of the embarrassing silence? Do not need! Because we have both 5 tips that you can stick to to keep the conversation going, as well as questions that are ideal for getting to know each other.

5 tips for a good conversation

  1. Start with Small talk - this not only loosens the mood, it is also an ideal introduction. You can address more profound topics later
  2. Use the location and let yourself be inspired by your surroundings - when you are in the restaurant, ask about your favorite restaurants or your favorite cuisine, for example
  3. Think about it appropriate transitionsn to keep the conversation going. If you are talking about favorite restaurants, take advantage of this and lead you to the topic of cooking yourself.
  4. Go on Details from previous messages or online profile
  5. The Travel theme never gets boring and can bring a lot of input - find out where your date has been and where it should go next

The date is coming to an end - how do I say goodbye correctly?

Whether your date was a staggering one or a bad one, ending a date is tough, especially if it's not scheduled for a specific period of time. What words can you find to herald the end of the date?

  1. The date wasn't your cup of tea at all?
    Say that you don't see any point in meeting again. Regardless of whether your dating partner deviates significantly from the self-description or you notice directly that there is no sympathy here.
  2. Was your date nice?
    Then it certainly crackled. Tip: end it when it is most beautiful to keep the tension going. Thank you for the great day / evening and tell him that you would like to see him again. A hug not only feels nice after a successful date, it is also a great goodbye.
  3. Goodbye kiss at the end?
    The date couldn't have gone better and the spark definitely jumped over? Dare to do it - if it feels right, nothing speaks against a kiss goodbye and a warm hug.

After the first meeting - when is the best time to get in touch?

Your date was not only nice, but it crackled too? Now the question arises: Who will contact you first? And does the date even call? When is the right time to get in touch?
To directly alleviate your nervousness and anxiety: The sooner you get in touch, the more interested you appear. Wait for the well-known 3 days, it shows increased disinterest and leads to uncertainty in the other. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to bombard your date with messages right away.

3 tips on how to get in touch after the first date:

  1. Write still a message that same evening like: “Hey, the afternoon was really nice. I would be happy if we do that again soon. "
  2. Call On the next day and inquire how the day of your dating partner was and also say how you liked the date. This is a great way to get started and when the opportunity arises, you can arrange a second date directly.
  3. If you no interest please do not start with Ghosting. Be honest and at least write a message that the date was nice, but unfortunately the chemistry wasn't 100% right.


The first date is always associated with a lot of excitement and a lot of questions come to mind beforehand. The golden rule, however, is and remains: be yourself! Regardless of whether you choose your outfit, your make-up or the content of the conversations - authenticity is guaranteed to be the best. So don't worry too much and enjoy the tingling sensation in your stomach. We wish you every success on your first date!