How do you say mean in Russian

How do you say “Bauhaus” in Russian?

The answer is "WChUTEMAS". Behind this abbreviation are the words Vysšie hudožestvenno-tehničeskie masterskie, in German "Higher artistic-technical workshops". The art college in Moscow in the 1920s combined the architectural and design avant-garde of the Soviet Union and is often referred to as the “Russian Bauhaus”. The exhibition “WChUTEMAS. A Russian laboratory of modernity. Architectural drafts 1920-1930 ”on display.

The exhibition was developed by the State Ščusev Museum of Architecture in Moscow. It shows sketches, drawings and models by both the students and the teachers at the art school. Among them are important representatives of Soviet modernism such as El Lissickij, Aleksandr Rodčenko, Moisej Ginsburg, or Aleksandr Vesnin. The exhibits show the trench warfare of Soviet architecture in search of a new architectural expression for the young USSR. Radical constructivists are represented here as well as the “academics” who are oriented towards traditional architecture. A catalog with contributions by Irina Tschepkunowa and Barbara Kreis has been published to accompany the exhibition. (jr, 1/20/15)

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