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Color stanzas

The color verses of the active clubs in the association (as of 2012):

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Active clubs:    

UNITAS-Salia in Bonn
(Founded June 11, 1847)

Dear, do you know why the flag is blue-white-gold?
Because your eyes are so blue and your gaze so faithful and sweet,
and the white shows the [little pause] innocence that is so spotless, so pure
and gold, honest fidelity; therefore dear, you remain mine;
therefore dear, I remain yours.


 UNITAS Hetania zu Würzburg
(Founded January 31, 1875)

Tart wine and sweet girls, that's what we like here
That's why our Franconian town is our favorite in the world.
Blue, white and gold are our colors at Alma Julia.
Unitas Hetania flourish and prosper forever;
Unitas Hetania.

   UNITAS Freiburg to Freiburg
(Founded April 30, 1895)

Whoever has chosen the white-blue-gold banner forever,
and feels safe in you, Freiburg, beautiful Breisgau town,
welcome to us all the time. In our heart's golden faithfulness,
bind us also as Philistines. Unitas always blooms anew,
Unitas is always blooming anew.

UNITAS Franko-Saxonia in Marburg

(Founded April 30, 1899)

Where in Hesse's most beautiful Gau'n, framed by mountain heights,
old Marburg's towers look down in the valley see the Lahnstrom,
dreams of old times on the high mountain of the castle building,
here the banner wafts gold-white-blue, which Unitas never clears,
that Unitas never clears.


UNITAS Sugambria to Osnabrück
(Founded July 28, 1899)

In 1899, Westphalia became the Sugambrer homeland,
Brothers shake hands under blue-white-gold flags.
Blue the honor that binds us, knows the loyalty that has a future,
golden friendship that never fades, vivat, crescat, floreat,
vivat, crescat, floreat.


UNITAS Munich to Munich
(Founded on May 9, 1900)

Where the white mountain peaks protrude into the blue of the sky,
I feel as if I see the colors of my Bavaria region.
I like to remember your little one walking on the Isar beach,
The world has been so golden to me since I found you my love
since I found you my love


UNITAS Berlin to Berlin
(Founded October 27, 1900)

Blue as a sign of loyal striving in the Unitas association.
As a sign of our joy knows that the German fatherland
could unite in freedom and also our city Berlin
does not have to appear as an island, the future will bloom golden,
The future will bloom golden.


UNITAS Ruperto Carola zu Heidelberg
(Founded July 11, 1900)

See the gold-blue-white banner, Ruperto Carola.
Crescat virtus floreat scientia, vivat amicitia.
God's providence that united us, right in this most beautiful place
Heidelberg and also the Electoral Palatinate live on forever in us,
live in us forever.
 UNITAS Winfridia in Münster
(Founded October 27, 1902)

Blue-white-gold waving the flag, colors of Winfridia,
which bears the honorable name for 92 years.
Winfrid's example is an obligation for all of us forever,
that we are united in the same direction, Floreat, Winfridia,
floreat, Winfridia.

 UNITAS Guestfalia-Sigfridia Breslau in Frankfurt am Main
(Founded February 12, 1909)

White silver hides the earth, blue of the mountains clear hills,
Golden is the people's soul, Schlesierland, how beautiful you are.
And in high old Breslau our proud banner is blowing.
Loyal to the covenant, loyal to the homeland Guestfalia, we swear to you.
we swear that to you.

UNITAS Stolzenfels in Bonn
(Founded November 28, 1910)

The times are variable, our flag is long;
Not since Cain and Abel, but for a hundred years.
And our coat of arms is divided into the colors white-blue-gold.
Raise our flag white-blue-gold, you friars,
our flag white-blue-gold.

 UNITAS Ruhrania to Bochum-Essen-Dortmund
(Founded January 12, 1911)

Darling, you know why the flag is decorated with blue-white-gold colors?
The Ruhrane is steadfast, loyal and you, dearest, are dear to him.
Guide to the truth, the real one, shall be the white mark,
Goldne's tie should weave friendship! Therefore, Ruhrania, I remain yours,
Therefore, Ruhrania, I remain yours!
  UNITAS Rhenania in Bonn
(Founded January 12, 1912)

We students love our little town, Friedrich-Wilhelms Bonn on the Rhine.
But much more our girl, flowing blond hair so fine.
Gold, white, blue is our flag that unites us forever,
that it will sound for a long time, Unitas Rhenania,
Unitas Rhenania.
 UNITAS Assindia in Aachen
(Founded June 24, 1912)

Blue is loyalty, white is honor, the future should be golden.
These are our ideals to which we dedicate life.
As always the Unitarians were religiously right and simple.
Blue-white-gold banner woe, an Assinde won't let you
an assinde won't let you.

UNITAS Rheno-Moenania in Frankfurt am Main
(Founded October 7, 1917)

Blue-white-gold are our colors. Blue be pure faithful image!
As the white clear and shining, remain the shield of our honor!
Merry let's enjoy golden student days!
Blue-white-gold glory should always greet us in Frankfurt!
Blue-white-golden glory!

  UNITAS Cheruskia to pour
(Founded May 25, 1919)

Where the white clouds look Gleiberg's, Staufen's splendor of ruins,
where the Lahn stream blue waves, Gießen, city of muse splendor.
Where I lived golden times and I dream of love,
there I swore eternal loyalty to you, proud banner blue-white-gold,
proud banner blue-white-gold.
  UNITAS Rolandia in Münster
(Founded on July 17, 1919)

We do not disdain a good drop, drink the Rolandenart:
Sweet nectar and also hops, Rolanden are strong in this.
The eyes are blue, the apron is white, the curls are golden
all the girls we kiss because that's how God made them for us
for that is how God made them for us.

UNITAS Tuiskonia in Hamburg
(Founded November 28, 1919)

Blue Alster, white sails, plus golden sunshine,
Truly, it is a joy, the Unitas Christmas themselves here.
Friendship ties, wealth of knowledge, fair virtue, most beautiful ornament,
So sing and ring it again: Tuiskonia be the banner,
Tuiskonia be the banner!

  UNITAS Landshut in Cologne
(Founded June 7, 1920)

Walle free, you heres banner, proud of Cologne on the German Rhine.
We always swear to be true to your unitarian colors.
Blue of friendship, white of virtue, knowledge gold well preserved,
this is how you can be recognized defiantly loyal is Landshut Art,
Landshut Art.
  UNITAS Palatia in Darmstadt
(Founded November 2, 1920)

Where the long Ludwig sternly, bravely looks at Heiner,
the Unitarians, blue-white-gold, built a house for themselves.
The Palatia will live there, Saint Florian sucks for it,
Friendship is our endeavor, Unitas is the standard,
Unitas is the standard.
 UNITAS Rhine Franconia in Düsseldorf
(Founded on November 5, 1921)

Old offspring is born again, thanks to Düsseldorf,
has chosen our colors blue-white-gold as the banner.
And Rhine Franconia is his name, God's glory the banner,
that our hearts will never flag, Unitas, we swear,
Unitas, we swear.
  UNITAS Franco-Alemannia in Karlsruhe
(Founded June 26, 1922)

Golden ray of lightning discharge, white powder of chemistry,
blue steel's massive masses are formulas and numbers,
the one who only studied the subject of knowledge in Karlsruhe.
But seeing the spirit in everything Unitas has led us
Unitas guided us.
  UNITAS Willigis in Mainz
(Founded October 6, 1926)

Oh, the life of the sky is so blue that shines over our land,
where the golden juice of the vines found us in the cup;
where innocence guides us with the brilliant white glow,
we want to strive for higher things, Willigis at Mainz on the Rhine,
Willigis of Mainz on the Rhine.
  UNITAS Rheno-Palatia in Mannheim
(Founded December 1, 1926)

Where the Kurpfalz banner once waved from the castle far into the country,
here where Schiller the ostracized found home for the robbers,
The colors over the Rhine and Neckar shine clearly in blue, white and gold.
May our Rheno-Palatia bloom and strengthen,
our Rheno-Palatia.
  UNITAS Henricia in Bamberg
(Founded July 23, 1927)

High cathedral with proud towers far away greets you to Franconia,
where Bamberg's beauty has been known since Emperor Heinrich's time.
Blue sky, white beer foam and the girls' golden hair
loves who dares to doubt, a Henrice forever,
a Henrice forever.
  UNITAS Franko-Palatia in Erlangen and Nuremberg
(Founded January 29, 1930)

There in beautiful Franconia, where the Regnitz flows to the Main,
we stand in the friendship bond that closes around UVer.
And the blue-white-gold flag shines for us whether far or near,
The federal name shines golden, Heil, Franko-Palatia,
Heil, Franco-Palatia.
 UNITAS Ratisbona in Regensburg
(Founded November 25, 1949)

Bonds loyal to our friendship, our colors gold-white-blue,
Our Upper Palatinate region, these old walls,
which stretches from high cathedral towers to the Danube,
To shield your colors, Ratisbona is my mind
Ratisbona is my mind.
  UNITAS Hohenstaufen in Stuttgart
(Founded on December 3, 1949)

Stuttgart, home of our Hohenstaufen between forest and vines,
lovely situated on the waters of the river Neckar.
Spaetzle, Flädle don't let us starve and we like to come in,
Blue, white, gold are our colors red the Württemberg wine,
red the Württemberg wine.
  UNITAS Reichenstein in Aachen
(Founded July 10, 1954)

Our Reichenstein is hidden deep in dark spruce forests.
There the cross alone rises above golden fields high in the Venn;
under this noble sign, we always want to be friends,
give way to the truth Vivat, crescat Reichenstein,
Vivat, crescat Reichenstein
  UNITAS Trebeta in Trier
(Founded June 6, 1957)

The blue sky arches high above the cathedral and Porta Nigra.
Faith, tradition committed and the truth eternal building.
White should be a shield of our honor, no matter what it is,
golden like the wine of the Moselle shines our loyal friends,
shines our friendship loyal.
  UNITAS Vindelicia in Augsburg
(Founded November 18, 1958)

When white clouds appear in the blue Swabian sky in the evening,
I look from the Perlachs peaks at my golden Augsburg.
From there I always say hello to my little Swabian girl, young and elegant,
and by the fine wine I swear to be loyal to Vindelicia,
To be loyal to Vindelicia.
  UNITAS Frankonia in Eichstätt
(Founded January 27, 1960)

Where the blue Altmühlwasser run through Franconia,
at the white Jura heights I found my beautiful Eichstätt.
Science has flourished there for a long time.
May you bloom brightly, Frankonia, full of strength,
You, Frankonia, full of strength.
 UNITAS Ostfalia to Erfurt and Magdeburg
(Founded on April 15, 1990)

Defiant against all storms then and now in the fatherland,
Magdeburg's and Erfurt's towers are Ostfalia's pledge.
If it still bears many scars, we are dear to our homeland.
This is what our colors stand for: Unitarian blue-white-gold,
Unitarian blue-white-gold!
  UNITAS Elisabetha Thuringia zu Marburg
(Founded on January 18, 1992)

white blue, gold; are our colors, Elisabeth Thuringia,
is the name that we bear and we keep forever
clinging to this holy woman who was a great role model.
Virtus, scientia, amicitia, live our group of women,
live our group of women.
  UNITAS Clara Schumann in Bonn
(Founded February 4, 1992)

Firmly bound in loyalty, with the colors gold-blue-white.
we have come together and as long as the earth is circling.
We always want to keep our friendship strong ties,
defying all odds Clara Schumann be the banner,
Clara Schumann be the banner!
  UNITAS Maria Montessori to pour
(Founded October 15, 1994)

Once defying history to pour Wasserburg,
let us sprout in full bloom one hundred percent.
We stick together as one, we stand for every woman,
there is no fear of our loyalty, proud banner blue-white-gold,
proud banner blue-white-gold!


UNITAS Theophanu in Cologne
(Founded on January 6th, 2004)

Community found itself in Cologne on the Rhine, from which the FFU emerged.
Unitas shows us their work, founding Unitas Theophanu.
Gold, blue, white are our colors. The principles should bind us.
Science, friendship and virtue, may many find us,
May many find us!


UNITAS Maria Magdalena in Heidelberg
(Founded in February 2005)

Located in Heidelberg on the Neckar beach, we maintain the friendship association,
Study and God's blessing provide firm support and ground.
See Mary Magdalene, this woman is our model.
Firm in faith, courage for the future, with the colors white-gold-blue,
with the colors white-gold-blue!


UNITAS Franziska Christine to eat
(Founded on August 14, 2010)

The abbess once ruled where coal was later found.
Then Assindia blossomed in full - Almer Mater emerged anew.
Gold, white, blue are our colors; Friendship and science,
Faithful faith, Christian living is Franziska Christine's strength!
Are Franziska Christine's strength!


UNITAS Caritas-Pirckheimer in Nuremberg
(Colors: gold - white - blue)

We look up to Nuremberg's castle, like Caritas Pirckheimer at that time,
as steadfast, strong women, and strive for the virtue of honor ‘.
And may we stand by our side, including the federal brothers,
which paths we will take in the future in a very connected range of friendship.
Which paths we will go in the future !!!




The color stanzas of the inactive or merged clubs:



Inactive clubs:

UNITAS Frisia in Münster
(Founded on January 26, 1859, colors: blue - white - gold)

Blue-white-gold, that's how the flag of our mother Frisia flies:
The blue of the Frisian eyes shine, the seagulls move white
where on the North Sea beach the waves are foaming upwards,
there by the sea, in the north of Germany, the heart of the Frisians beats golden,
The heart of the Frisians beats golden.


UNITAS Heidelberg to Heidelberg
(Founded on July 11, 1900, colors: gold - white - blue)

Gold, white, blue are our colors shining over Heidelberg,
where many a brave drinker faithfully honor the old dwarf.
Where many a pretty girl just delights a lad's heart,
and so many semesters are happy for a lifetime,
happy for a lifetime.


UNITAS Hathumar in Paderborn
(Founded on November 4, 1900, colors: blue - white - gold)

The spirit of the Hathumar lives on the clear Pader springs,
where on brown bearskins already lay Widukinde's band.
So raise your flag, swear loyalty and science,
just like our fathers' ancestors only bow down to the power of God,
only bow down to Godpower.

 UNITAS Burgundia in Münster
(Founded April 18, 1904)

Loyalty united the Burgundians and we too are loyal
firmly in science and pursuit under Unitas' banner.
But the same loyalty to the cup and to all girls
that in Münster the colors blue-white-gold bloom again and again,
the colors blue-white-gold flourish.
  UNITAS Langobardia in Hanover
(Founded on January 13, 1920, colors: white - blue - gold)

Darling knows why the flag is blue-white-gold?
Because your eyes are so blue and your gaze so faithful and sweet,
and the white shows the innocence that is so spotless, so pure
and gold, honest fidelity; that's why dear you stay mine
that's why dear you stay mine.
  UNITAS Praha to Prague
(Founded on March 25, 1922, colors: blue - white - gold)

Prague, you most beautiful city in Bohemia, are Europe's golden adornment!
We want to decorate you with the Unitas emblem.
The white Hradschin stands proudly under the blue sky dome,
is reflected in the Vltava River when people in Prague ask about us,
Unitas is undaunted.

UNITAS Nibelung in Cologne
(Founded on July 26, 1927 (in Bonn as B4), colors: white - blue - gold)

Friendship, virtue, striving for knowledge, high spirited youth
once called our dear Nibelung into life in Bonn.
Now Cologne offered us a new home, a golden city on the blue river,
the flag now proudly flies from the German cathedral without blemish,
now blows proudly from the German cathedral.


UNITAS Ostland-Monachia zu Königsberg and Munich
Founded on December 6, 1927 (in Königsberg), colors: white - blue - gold)

Far in Germany's far east is the old Königsberg,
where the early work of the Prussians found its golden crown.
You will never be forgotten old home in Bavaria,
White, blue, gold should testify: Ostland-Monachia is returning home,
Ostland Monachia returns home!

  UNITAS Frankenburg in Aachen
(Founded on February 17, 1957, colors: blue - white - gold)

Blue, white, gold is our symbol under which we joyfully stand;
We want to stick together firmly and strong, to go through life fraternally.
Blue loyalty, white honor, gold of truth clear shine,
let's always stay friends, we want to be real Franconians,
We want to be real Franconians!
  UNITAS Kurpfalz zu Heidelberg
(Founded on July 23, 1959, colors: white - blue - gold)

In the most beautiful German country, in the most beautiful cities Zier
Let us establish bonds of friendship, Kurpfalz is the banner.
White-blue-gold should live forever, castle and city stand forever,
God shield our eternal pursuit, vivat, crescat, floreat,
vivat, crescat, floreat.
  UNITAS Ripuaria zu Neuss
(Founded in 1963, colors: blue - white - gold)

Ripuars once lived on the old banks of the Rhine.
Today the tribe lives again virtus, amicitia.
Under a blue-white-gold banner they cultivate scientia,
carry unitarian 'life into the city of Novesia,
to the city of Novesia.
  UNITAS Batavia to Passau
(Founded in May 1984, colors: blue - white - gold)

On the old fortress battlements blue, white, gold the banner blows.
Despite the centuries running away, Passau stands on six banks.
Inn and Ils to the blue Danube, white foam on clouds on golden beer,
trust in our loyalty, proud city, we love you,
proud city, we love you.
  UNITAS Hassia Sophia in Frankfurt am Main
(Founded on August 20, 1993, colors: gold - white - blue)

We women from Frankfurt stand here between tradition and progress,
We are bound by friendship at all times, gold-white-blue be the banner.
Goethe was the man of knowledge, Sophia is the woman of action.
We always want to say hello from Maine, vivat, crescat, floreat;
vivat, crescat, floreat.
  UNITAS Edith Stein in Freiburg
(Founded on April 30, 1995, colors: gold - white - blue)

In Baden's heart we found each other to stand by each other in friendship,
bound to us forever to walk a path in spirit.
We want to live in good faith, gold-white-blue is our ornament,
Passing on our values. Edith Stein, be it yours,
Edith Stein, it's your banner.