How many friends did you have

TikTok: Three German video makers confuse viewers around the world

Hanover. Their videos are weird, squeaky, and completely insane - and each of them has at least six-digit view numbers. Three German TikTokers are currently going viral for their films on the internet - especially in the USA. Hardly anyone understands what the three friends are saying, squeaking and screaming - but everyone is celebrating.

It's about the two video makers @hussainchillt and @eliochillt. Together with a third young man, you uploaded a video on the platform that has been puzzling fans all over the world since mid-February at the latest.

The dialogue in the video is as simple as it is disturbing: “How many ex-boyfriends have you had, bitch?” One of the boys asks a girl. “Look what a beauty I am. 10! ”Replies this. The boy reacts by clicking his tongue, waves it away and screams “Oh my god”. After another girl has been questioned, he steps out of the picture with another “Oh my god” and a sung “Ratatata”.

“Ratatata”: What are they talking about?

Since the video on the platform went viral, countless users from non-German-speaking countries have been puzzling: What the heck are they talking about? “I have no idea what they're saying, but I love it,” writes one, for example. On Twitter, users ask if someone can translate the content of the video. Others cut the “ratatata” or the exaggerated screeching “Oh my god” from the video and post it as a meme.

Some users get really creative and put completely different images on top of the crazy dialogue - for example this scene from “Spongebob SquarePants”: