What is personal success

Food for thought: personal success

Your 6-week program for 2016

The year 2015 is drawing to a close. The resolutions for the new year are coming up. Do you know that vague feeling of not having exhausted your potential? The feeling that you would have acted differently in the past? If some things had gone differently, would you have recognized your strengths and weaknesses better and taken them into account?

You can achieve a lot with thought-provoking »personal success«. Use the next 6 weeks to check that you are still on the right course. Specify your ideas of what will be. And do it!

Do you know your strengths?

week 1

When was the last time you thought about your strengths? For a week, collect all the things that you are particularly good at. Write everything down! But don't be fooled: the things that are fun are not in demand. Much more the things

  • with whom you have had success in the past,
  • which are particularly easy for you,
  • that you keep helping others with.

Find 40 of these big and small strengths!

Danger: Sometimes we believe that we can do something well and enjoy doing it, but it is always "torture" when it comes to implementation. Then it is probably not a real strength after all.

Another example: Albert Einstein, for example, was passionate about playing the violin. But he was always mediocre. Playing the violin was his passion, not a strength!

PS: If you work on it every day and also pay your attention to the little things in life, you are sure to be successful.

Where are your weaknesses?

Week 2

Sometimes you get in your own way when it comes to personal development. For a week, collect all the things that stand in your way and prevent success. Do you especially think of things

  • that have caused you failures in the past,
  • that are difficult for you or that you keep moving,
  • that you would most like to delegate.

Find 40 big and small weaknesses!

What are the opportunities and risks for you?

Week 3

This week is getting serious. You have taken stock of your current situation over the past two weeks. You now know which strengths you can build on and which weaknesses you may limit.

Now check which opportunities arise from your environment for your strengths. Be critical of yourself, but also allow yourself to dream a little. Use the week to reflect again and again on which areas you can use which skills better in the future. The weaknesses should be used to determine if there are any risks anywhere that you need to keep an eye on. Put the relevant strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / threats together in a matrix to get a better overview.

Danger: We can only become outstanding where we have real strengths. We should be aware of weaknesses, but only by laboriously eliminating weaknesses will we not be successful in the long term. We should only address weaknesses if they really stand in the way of our personal success.

What is your biggest dream?

Week 4

You now know your strengths and weaknesses, you can guess where opportunities arise for you and you know which risks you need to keep an eye on. Great! Very few people confront these things.

Now is the time to find out what you really want. What are your wishes? What is your goal in life? Where can you do something outstanding? Take advantage of this week and keep imagining

  • what you would most like to do when all roads are open to you,
  • what your life looks like when you have everything in hand,
  • which things in your life (professional, private, for yourself) have absolute priority

Write down your dreams in private, just for yourself! Keep imagining how it should be. Keep telling yourself your success story. Put yourself back in the state you will be when you have done it all.

Tip: Work on your dream every day! Because you only really internalize what you imagine intensely. And if you can imagine it with passion, you will also muster the energy to achieve exactly what you really want.

The plan - from intention to reality

Week 5

This week you take the decisive step forward. You should now have your dream clearly in mind. If not, you should study it intensively for another week.

Systematically write down how you will achieve your dream. Consider it,

  • what you have to do (work packages),
  • what allies you will gain,
  • what conditions you create,
  • The order in which you approach the individual work packages.

Define specific goals for each work package ("What do I do by when?"). Don't plan too much at once. Make sure, however, that you define clear sub-goals every month and that you do something every week for your dream, which has now been concretized with goals.

Tip: Finding a personal coach is very helpful. Someone who is at your side as a mentor and conversation partner on your way to realizing your dream. If possible, it should be someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve, someone who is unselfishly at your side and has no intentions of his own. Almost all outstandingly successful people always had companions who stood by their side in a constructive and open manner.

You can do anything you really want!

from week 6

I would like to congratulate you warmly! You almost did it. You know where you are today. You know where you want to go. You know what to do.

Get started now!

Choose a fixed day of the week, e.g. B. Sunday. Make a firm commitment to what you will do for the next week. Every Sunday! If you only work 4 hours a week to make your dreams come true, it will be more than 200 hours in a year. In 5 years it will be more than 1,000 hours. In ...

If, in the implementation of your goals, you realize that there is no going on, that you have landed on a dead end - accept it. Go back and change your approach. Until you make it! Most people who are successful over the long term have had phases in life when things have not gone well. The difference between the less successful and the successful is: some give up, others don't. Decide which group you belong to!

I wish you with all my heart

  • that you have the courage to live your dreams with passion,
  • that you have the strength to get up again and again if things don't go one hundred percent according to plan,
  • that every day you think about what you really want and
  • that you act like that!