What do you know about spirit

Test your knowledge! What do you know about the holiday Ascension Day?

Today is driveway, we are free! But what do you know about the holiday?

What Day Was Jesus Crucified?

After the crucifixion, he was placed in a tomb. How many days did he return from the dead?

After his resurrection, Jesus went back to the people and preached. How long?

After the 40 days, Jesus went up to heaven. how did he do that?

How is Auffahrt called in Germany?

The ascension of Jesus goes back to the Acts of the Apostles of Luke. How many book of the New Testament is the Gospel of Luke?

After Ascension comes Pentecost. How many days after that?

The Holy Spirit is said to have come to earth on Pentecost. He told the disciples to go out into the world and tell about Jesus and God. What is Pentecost also called?

Pentecost always falls on the same day. On which one?


Two thirds of the questions answered correctly: You can sit back and enjoy the day off!

You have an above average score: Congratulations!