What are fun games for toddlers

Fun games & activities for 2 year olds

Once you understand your child's development, there are some ways, resources, and games for toddlers to help them cope with their newfound independence. in the Two years old want Children often take the initiative in activities and not leave everything to the parents - and Parents should support that. A crucial step for 2-year-olds is to understand and recognize their own achievements and successes. Take care of your child as they play and help them develop their skills. Here you will find suggestions for children's games for 2-year-olds.

1. Organize a puppet show

You don't necessarily need classic hand puppets for this - although these would of course be great. You can also use stuffed animals, toy figures, or other dolls. Engage your child in a conversation or scene with you and the doll. At the age of two, children are more interested in being actively involved in the game. Dolls, cars and props can be used by them to simulate their surroundings and the adults.

2. Puzzles together

Simple wooden puzzles without too many intricate pieces are the perfect games for 2 year olds. With jigsaw puzzles, children learn to recognize visual details and can see how things come together to form a whole and then split up again into the individual elements.

3. Balance on the "balance beam"

Does your child enjoy watching other people doing gymnastics? Then they now have the opportunity to try it out themselves with a simple balance beam game. Use masking tape to stick a rectangle, the "balance beam", on the floor and let your child balance on it. Increase the difficulty - and learning motor skills - by having them hold a balloon or large ball in their hands. Continue to lengthen the bar as your child becomes more confident in movement.

4. Get creative with handicrafts

Spread out all sorts of handicraft materials such as plasticine, feathers, crayons and paper on a children's play table or on the dining table covered with newspaper. Have your child do something creative or draw something they think up and ask them to share something about it. When tinkering with things like plasticine, your child will get an idea of ​​how to create wonderful things with their own hands. The more you can research that, the better.

5. Build an obstacle course

Set up a simple obstacle course in the garden, playroom or on the playground. For example, use soft toys to jump over or cardboard boxes and boxes for slalom running. 2-year-olds want to master challenges such as climbing objects. The obstacle course can help with this, not only in terms of motor skills, but also in terms of your child's self-confidence and independence.

6. Learn the alphabet in a playful way

Just like one-year-olds, 2-year-olds should also play with their imagination and imagination. Let your child learn the alphabet in a playful way by playing with letters (e.g. made of foam rubber or cardboard). You can have the letter B sing its own name or let the letters entertain you about which words they appear in. Gradually add all the letters of the alphabet.

7. Guess things

You can also play the classic car driving game at home with your child. Pick an object that can be described by many different characteristics - color, shape, structure, size - and then let your child try to find it.

The idea of ​​how things fit together, similarities and differences become more important. Games that allow the child to explore how things are the same or different are particularly interesting for 2-year-olds. Even if the urge for independence can be tiring for parents at times, the right games for the development level can help your child to grow up happy and healthy.

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