Why is abortion immoral

Abortion - Ethical Or Not?


I think it's good that this sensitive topic is being discussed in such a civilized manner.

One must also take into account that it is always an emotional burden for the woman if she becomes pregnant unintentionally. I think that psychological support should be guaranteed in any case so that she is not alone with her problems.

But as far as the baby is concerned, one should never deny him humanity. There are many different arguments and perspectives as to whether life begins with conception or at a certain stage of pregnancy. We must not judge life out of “convenience” as it suits the situation. Therefore, the only safe, ethical time to do this is fertilization. In addition, I also believe that religious arguments are not unimportant, since religion and ethics are close together (especially when it comes to the value of a life). However, to speak of “rights” or “freedom” of the mother when it comes to an abortion is inaccurate. Because rights always restrict other people's freedom, that's the only thing that gives you protection. And the child's life should be protected by rights (which, unfortunately, is not enough at this point), even if it restricts the mother's current freedom. The mother only has to be pregnant for 9 months (and can even give the child away afterwards), the child would probably live to be around 80-90 years old. In addition, the child has not yet committed any bad deeds, so an absolutely innocent person would be killed. That may sound harsh now, but the period of pregnancy is relatively short and bearable, but the entire life of a hitherto innocent person is at stake. So with an abortion, the greater evil is always entered into.

That being said, women who have had an abortion often become depressed and reproach themselves. The risk is always there. So you face a 9 month long period of inconvenience and a lifetime of potential depression. From this point of view, an abortion is simply illogical.
In addition, an opinion can change completely in 9 months. Many women who are initially afraid of responsibility can later no longer imagine life without a child (such as a family member of mine).

The problem is that women are sometimes frightened from different sides, e.g. by friends who want to urge you to make a certain decision. You have to remember that you can always get help, you are not completely on your own. In Germany in particular, everyone is provided with the essentials.

And last but not least, abortion is absolutely unnatural, not that people only do things that can be described as "natural," but maybe one should draw the line when killing one's own children. Because the growth process, i.e. cell division, runs through from the fertilization of the egg cell to the birth, a termination by third parties is always unnatural.

All in all, one should not have an abortion, but rather seek help if one is struggling with the pregnancy (whether financially or psychologically).