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BLACKPINK and its four talented members are full of surprises. Of course, this also includes facts about the girls that you may not even know. Especially as a big fan of the group, you shouldn't miss learning new things about them! That's why I've picked out some very interesting information for you - and I hope you enjoy reading it!

20 facts about Lisa

  1. Sometimes she speaks Korean to her mother because she forgets that she doesn't know the language.
  2. She can play the ukulele.
  3. Rude people are a total no-go for them.
  4. She and Bambam (from GOT7) have known each other since childhood and were in a dance group back then.
  5. She has the messiest room of all BLACKPINK members.
  6. Her stepfather Marco Brueschweiler is a famous Swiss chef.
  7. One day she wants to open a Thai restaurant.
  8. Lisa desperately wants her hair dyed pink one day.
  9. In her free time, she loves to sleep all day and watch all kinds of YouTube videos - especially make-up tutorials.
  10. She is absolutely not a morning person.
  11. Lisa is a Buddhist.
  12. She was very fond of science during her school days, but math and sports were not so.
  13. Because of her phobia of needles, she passed out at school once.
  14. English, Japanese, Korean and Thai are the languages ​​that she is all very good at. Still, it's difficult for them to rap in English.
  15. Her favorite food is french fries. Otherwise, she is very fond of sweet drinks and desserts.
  16. Black and white are her favorite colors.
  17. When she's dancing, she's happy.
  18. Her favorite series is Stranger Things.
  19. If she could turn back time, she would like to be 18 again.
  20. She loses in almost every game.

20 facts about Jennie

  1. In turn, she wins almost every game.
  2. Black is her favorite color.
  3. At 14 she was a trainee.
  4. Jennie can ride.
  5. She loves Japanese fashion styles.
  6. She has never worn short hair.
  7. You and Nayeon (from Twice) are good friends and often wear the same nail design.
  8. In New Zealand she studied collage at ACG Parnell for five years. Because her family lived in New Zealand for a while.
  9. She is interested in photography.
  10. Her colleagues often say that she is the only one who dares to say something when something does not suit her.
  11. She feels most uncomfortable when doing solo activities because she lacks the support of the other girls.
  12. If she meets BLINKs, she is happiest.
  13. She almost bought a moving car for children once, but then realized that it was only intended for children.
  14. She loves eating out in Thai restaurants.
  15. Her favorite films include Disney productions: Aladdin, Rapunzel and Toy Story.
  16. Calling her Jendeukie makes her feel much more comfortable than calling her Jennie.
  17. She doesn't like looking at photos of herself as a child because she doesn't think she is particularly pretty as a child.
  18. She has been under contract at YG since she was 14.
  19. As a trainee, she collected poetry cards - she says she could never throw them away.
  20. She prefers to wear off-shoulder tops and shirts.

20 facts about Jisoo

  1. Lisa says of her that she is a person who can make anyone laugh.
  2. G-Dragon is her great role model.
  3. While she is the oldest in BLACKPINK, she is the youngest in her family. Her siblings include an older brother and an older sister.
  4. When Lisa cooked Thai for all of them, Jisoo ate Thai food for the first time.
  5. If you take photos of her, Jisoo always prefers the right half of her face.
  6. If she could undo something, she would undo the LG commercial she shot while she was a trainee.
  7. She hasn't seen any of the Avengers films.
  8. Jisoo can play the piano.
  9. Your greatest fear is the fear of heights.
  10. She owns the white belt in Taekwondo.
  11. She prefers to eat spicy food.
  12. Sometimes she puts a face mask on twice a day.
  13. She can speak Korean and Chinese. Sometimes she accidentally mixes up the languages.
  14. She does most of the background vocals in BLACKPINK's songs.
  15. She has four holes in her left ear and five holes in her right ear - Jisoo has nine holes in total.
  16. When she was still a trainee, she received a casting offer from SM Entertainment, which she declined.
  17. Jisoo and Seulgi (from Red Velvet) are very good friends.
  18. In her school days she always took a window seat.
  19. She also loved to dance and sing for her classmates to learn from their feedback.
  20. She loves video games and says she has a huge computer monitor in her room.

20 facts about rosé

  1. She was very popular at her school.
  2. She was one of the cheerleaders at her school.
  3. Rosé took part in the YG auditioning in Australia.
  4. Despite being Korean, she was born in Auckland, New Zealand. Her New Zealand name is Roseanne Park, from which her stage name is derived.
  5. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia.
  6. Your make-up at Playing with fire was her favorite look so far.
  7. To get ready for the day, she gets up at least an hour before all other members.
  8. She loves doing her own nails.
  9. She prefers to be outside in the fresh air.
  10. She loves pineapples on her pizza.
  11. She also loves to eat green chili peppers.
  12. If she gets nervous, speaking Korean makes her sound like a foreigner.
  13. One of her greatest wishes is to one day perform in her hometown, Australia.
  14. She once said that it is exciting and nice to feel fear. She loves the adrenaline rush and likes to be in high positions.
  15. Her older sister's name is Alice.
  16. Rosé likes to look for cute dog and cat pictures on the internet.
  17. In BLACKPINK she is the fastest runner.
  18. She likes to rap and wants to try it out in a future song by the band.
  19. Although she loves her stage name, she prefers to be called Chaeyoung or Rosie by her real name.
  20. She no longer has the Mini BLACKPINK Lightstick because it was stolen from her mother.

5 general facts about BLACKPINK

  1. They don't have a leader - YG just thought they didn't need one. Nevertheless, the members always say that Jisoo would be a great leader.
  2. Originally they should have been called “PINKPUNK”.
  3. In their free time, they often watch series from all over the world together.
  4. All previous songs by BLACKPINK are in the Spotify Top 10 of the most played KPOP songs by girl groups.
  5. During their trainee time, the members went to Noraebangs again and again to practice there.

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