Why is homemade food healthy

Healthy info

When designing the green lovers product range, the values ​​“fresh, seasonal, homemade” are taken into account. We attach great importance to our products - our customers appreciate this effort and the better taste.

The high quality of our salads, bowls, soups, panini, yoghurts and snacks is important to us. For this reason we have only selected the best suppliers and always pay attention to freshness and hygiene.

We avoid (as far as possible) preservatives and additives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors and always prepare the ingredients fresh for you.

We are in the kitchen very early every day to ensure the absolute freshness of our products. There we cut the salad ingredients, conjure up homemade dressings, create new desserts or make handmade panini.

Information on allergens and ingredients

Are you allergic to certain foods? We have put together lists for you on which you can find allergen information about our products:

Special salads
Salads and bowls

Test our healthy offer and see for yourself.

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