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ZEITU NG FOR GERMAN LA N D Monday, April 9, 2018 No. 82/15 R 1 PUBLISHED BY WERNER D'INKA, JÜRGEN KAUBE, BERTHOLD KOHLER, HOLGER STELTZNER 2.80 € D 2955 A FAZ on the Internet: Investigators are looking for sick in body and soul From Gerald Braunberger on to the motive of the gunman And every beginning has a magic in it, it is said in a work on the financial crisis that scandals became known that Deutsche Bank reb. DUSSELDORF, April 8th. After the tightly Hermann Hesses. Whether or not was there. Drive amok with three dead and more than 20 changes in the chairmanship of the German While other large European injuries on Saturday in Munster look to the bank from John Cryan to Christbanken after the financial crisis, the investigators continue to search for a motive for Sewing Magic runs out, business model is checked and its perpetrator Jens R. Federal Minister of the Interior Horst is more than questionable. The Seehofer (CSU), who attended the rise of a German Deutsche Bank on Sunday, saw the rise of a German Deutsche Bank as no reason to nourish their hopes with the North Rhine-Westphalian bankers to change the business focus of Prime Minister Armin Laschet's business Focus of the dern. The supervisory board of the (both CDU) bears the place where R. is responsible for his capital markets in his home country, and the camping bus has been a guest for six years Locally controlled. But around which Paul Achleitner has been running for years. With ert and then shot himself. Sewing's appointment to the Board of Management was in bad shape; Seehofer said there were strong indications that the bank could get back in shape, if he became boss, especially in Germany, that R. was a lone perpetrator; An Islamist background - more needing than a new head - was already at the top of the board by the investigators. Has been excluded on Saturday night. Wasn't that also true in the financial crisis? Shortly after the incident, the British Cryan, who was tempered by the insider, was on the occasion of his appointment as chairman of the board of presumptions and speculations about alleged connections with the previous three Years ago as a chairman of the company, she was also employed for her refugee policy. Lagers who change the badly disheveled German strategy. Schet condemned that and at the same time praised that would lead to a new size? the prudence of the people of Münster, which he recommended after several years of loss in a row to those who, on Saturday, the magic of the former criticized supervisory board “evaporated very quickly on Twitter and elsewhere as a bearer of hope. The chairperson has a soothing effect. the rushing started again ”. A bank rich in shipping is to be hoped for, but as long as the Deutsche Bank keihofer expressly thanked the media that Sewing did not experience the same strategic U-turn - which is “all very responsible”. no CEO will have. “That is also what matters in sol- Because Deutsche Bank is sick of being able to succeed. situations. Thank you for that. ”(See body and soul. In the ranking list, the bank must be present in the in- Pages 2 and 8.)“ Cowardly and brutal crime ”: Laschet, Seehofer, Reul and Lewe (from right) on Sunday in Münster Photo AFP of the most valuable banks in the world international trading business with FI is far behind not only significantly reducing financial products behind the giants from Wall Street, and instead doing business with companies but also behind banks from companies and private individuals Emerging countries, the names of which are probably known to specialists in Germany. The Germans build. That does not mean foregoing a strong international presence; after all, the German Beijing half marathon in Berlin was prevented. Bank has suffered bitterly from the megalomania of several generations of managers who founded the international bank almost 150 years ago to accompany German companies around the world. A long arm police confirms six arrests / report on connections to Anis Amrilen's capital market business with the ame, wanting to measure the size down to a big savings-car- rican world elite, it would not be an alternative for the Germans. With investments, China tries, sat. BERLIN, April 8th. The Berlin police The daily newspaper “Die Welt” had tougher security precautions and, above that, the down-to-earth bank. The dubious Boni-Kul European countries obediently reported an incident on Sunday that the main suspect should be checked. A concrete banking business with private individuals and tur the investment banker but has to be done. That works during the half marathon in the right to the environment of the Tunisian Anis Amri, but there is no danger. Companies neglected. belong to the past. Capital prevented. The authority announced the 2016 attack on Berlin's governing mayor Micha- Reich, who were responsible for sewing in advance, and better and better. Europe is still looking, the state security had perpetrated Breitscheidplatz on Sunday. The man el Müller (SPD) thanked the security investment banker, and that was at the expense of Deutsche Bank's private after an answer. Page 3 together with the attorney general had planned to empower viewers and participants, “that they through their prudence and the shareholders and the substance of the and corporate business; the ability to “kill several searches nationwide with knives. The police work another attack on the bank. The triumphant advance of investment banking did not mean its pass ”. Six of them were quoted from a senior police officer peacemaker, the half-marathon enjoyment banker was sold by Deutsche Sion. He can thus make a change in Resilient Peace? Arrests have come. It had instructions with the words: “We still could prevent the viewer from evaluating”. A bank also her soul. Wherever embodied in Deutsche Bank. But the memory of the violence was given to the six feasts. But that was probably close. ”Mobile task force has passed the past few years in the course of which he cannot do it alone. is still awake in Northern Ireland. Those taken between the ages of 18 and 21 A concrete danger did not exist, however, according to the suspicious Amri friend, because the main suspect did not exist, the newspaper reported. Concern that Brexit is growing in connection with this event under the observation of the security forces. The Berlin SEK is preparing for it - peace is endangered. Politics, page 5 could have been involved ”, the police explained. “Because of this I stood there. Nights attended the half marathon, overwhelming and arresting him anytime on Sunday. United in diversity and the not yet complete information from the organizers 32,000 sports On December 19, 2016, Anis Amri By Reinhard Müller One sings in court, the background of yesterday's attenuator was clarified. On the side of the road, a truck in the Christmas market cheered from mascot to monster: tats in Münster “, 250,000 onlookers steered themselves to the temperature of the things on Breitscheidplatz. The conductor James Levine complains of searches resolutely, it said. to the runners. Twelve people were killed that morning, and more in a "rebellion" in Europe? In violation of the law - which of course not yet against his dismissal at the Me- So far no explosives have been found, the police said on Sunday - the Berlin Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD) said that he was 70 injured in view of the attack. The terrorist militia is considered to be the mastermind behind the attack. “Islamic case of the Catalan separatist Puigdemont is reflected in large amounts, which meant criminal liability for high treason. Also the European tropolitan opera. Feuilleton, page 9 evening with. of Munster, he said that he had already lost the State ”. (Comment on page 8.) Questions: It's about the unity of the Spanish Human Rights Court has never - and about the identity of the Euro- made it clear that sanctions, agricultural aid in the African Union. Above all, the EU is responsible for political opinion- Many children in Zambia are missing a change in leadership at Deutsche Bank, a legal community. Without this foundation, neither a joint nor the organization of demonstrations can be linked, only in the case of important nutrients. Cryan replaces the chairman of the board / criticism of the supervisory board chief Achleitnersche Union possible. At the center of your rebellion are allowed. For a cure? Economy, page 18 may. FRANKFURT, April 8th. Christian With Sewing's appointment one of Rohr should also be chosen. Deutsche Bank always stands up to the citizen. The withdrawal of the politically persecuted keeps the Oberlan- Sewing is connected to new chairman of the board new direction of the bank finds itself for years in a serious of freedom is one of the most difficult desgericht Puigdemont not. Now the Deutsche Bank. After only three years, the investment banking after the crisis, which recently intensified again encroachments on fundamental rights. This is why it is still about the accusation that the British John Cryan, the American model, has a smaller role than where it still exists at the top. At the beginning of February, Cryan den nen had to arrest and transfer public funds for embezzlement - the player and coach had to leave the bank again. Should play with instant warmth. Because internally there was a third year loss in a row. by Germany only if Spain still needs to underpin it. kung will Sewing, the previous executive wing against the investment banker Marcus For the first quarter, the bank is already dying: But the record-it is ensured that the delivery-for the private and corporate customer gift is enforced. Both sewing and expectations subdued. The Aktien-Bayern remains for sentimentality business, now take over the business. Schenck also had the chairmanship of the supervisory board, which currently stands at a good eleven euros, so the right of lowering is not politically abused and there is no time. Sport, page 23 That was decided by the Supervisory Board at the end of Paul Achleitner a good year ago, as it was last in autumn 2016, when the company existed - also in the Puigdemont case. The Puigdemont case Sunday evening after the panel appointed Cryan's deputy. One of the banks was seriously threatened. Un- Even in the EU, the much-invoked- raises a lot of questions. They talked about the situation of the bank much longer than planned. Sewing has been working hard for investment banking for a long time - most of the law has been running since the financial crisis - and the trust is also directed towards the At the Hessian party congress since 1989, with a brief interruption in the, spoke towards the - be able to end the legal process. Al- the rule of law of the neighbors European Union. AfD is there for the roughest bank. At the same time he joined the board of directors for a downsizing of this newspaper, however, the earnings are falling faster than and partner no course - with Cryan's assumption of office in the summer of 2015, this business area is mainly in America. the costs. Investor criticism. That is why the loudest ap- was around the european vaccinations. There he is currently mainly for the nonetheless, Achleitner, as one growing but also at the chairman of the supervisory board, has wrestled hard with an arrest warrant. But Spain is also otherwise in the plaus. Rhein-Main-Zeitung, page 29 Merger of the Postbank with Achleitner, who was in his six years of excellence, and who has the effectiveness borderline duty. Central government and constitutional customer business of Deutsche Bank, who has not succeeded in office at the top of the investment years so far, chooses the one responsible, from which the largest German pri- bank stands. As the second deputy, the Constitutional Letters to the publisher Page 18 vatkundenbank must emerge again. de to lead the personnel and legal director Karl. (See Economy, page 15.) the individual protection of fundamental rights. moderate and European rights ka- Germany also has an interest in protecting taloniens and the catalans. Effective legal assistance, if, for example, not only the state constitution, but also a rebel want to get hold of the European treaties as well as völ- Alleged use Orbán wins displeasure between Vettel wins in Bahrain, but who may even protect peoples abroad from poison gas in Syria Election in Hungary Madrid and Berlin defeat in the Davis Cup is not seen as rebellious. and ethnic groups also within the Puigdemont case, to a certain extent, it is a question of equating states. BEIRUT, April 8th. The United F.A.Z. FRANKFURT, April 8th. Hungary's hcr./sat. BERLIN, April 8th. The Freilas- F.A.Z. FRANKFURT, April 8th. Ferrari-Pi- this accusation: rebellion. In fact, states have, according to reports about a Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the solution of the Catalan separatist leader Sebastian Vettel has the second thing that the former regional president himself has to determine. On violence and the new use of chemical weapons by the sy- parliamentary elections in his country Carles Puigdemont has won the season race of Formula 1 at Verstim. From the point of view of Spain's striving for independence, Catalonia's regimes are harshly criticizing Russia. On his right-wing national Fidesz par- ties in German-Spanish relations- The 30-year-old four-time world champion said. President Trump spoke of either accounted for after a count of 64.5 nis led. While Puigdemont in Ber- was referred on Sunday in his victory in the government, probably a rebel. But it holds not least when Selbstbe- nem senseless attack and declared that Russ- percent of the vote 49.2 percent, shared lin was campaigning for a political solution, rea- the Bahraini Grand Prix the Mercedes- the Schleswig Higher Regional Court disregarded the mood And promised country and Iran would be "high the election office on late Sunday evening, Madrid angrily greed for federal justice pilot Valtteri Bottas from Finland on his accusation of not being suppressed for extradition autonomy. Price ”for having the“ Tier Assad ”in Budapest with. Because of the high minister Katarina Barley. Foreign ministers second place. Third was his team cancellation reason, because the Puigdemont also does not support any German federal state. According to the civil voter turnout, the vote has long been called by Alfonso Dastis whose statement was inferior to Lewis Hamilton. The German Davis-burdened behavior according to German could in the long run with duress in the protection, by doctors and auxiliary organs lasted as intended. Still around gen "unhappy", added however later Cup team has the game in Valencia against Schem law is not punishable. Federal Republic of Germany held dozens of civilians three hours after the officially scheduled that Madrid wanted additional tension- Spain lost 3-2. Eintracht Frankfurt will be attributable to Puigdemont. This also applies to the EU as avoiding the closing of the polling stations at 7 p.m. by using poison gas in Douma. The SPD politician had violent activities in the Bundesliga on Sunday, according to the OLG, and the association of democratic rule-of-law states. (See page 4; comment on page 8.) According to the “Süddeutsche Zei”, the voters in some polling stations played 1: 1 against 1899 Hoffenheim and were not suitable for the government. It thrives on the diversity of its national votes submit. In the last ten “said, the decision of the Ge improved to fourth place to put enough pressure on it. Orbán's administration in Schleswig was “absolutely right” with regard to regional and other identity surveys before the election. right behind Borussia Dortmund, which is actually a high hurdle - and from the fact that everyone is clearly in front of the right-wing extremists who later denied the ministry . You defeated VfB Stuttgart 3-0. The Slovak won the Rad class, the Jobbik party and the left So-words were probably in a background writer Paris-Roubaix and you can see it differently. keep what has been agreed upon. In it zialists. liked the conversation. (See page 4.) Peter Sagan.(See Sport.) Undoubtedly, a German minister, and not in an all-equalizing prime minister, may not make his country by means of the central authority. Its unique Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH; Customer service: (0 69) 75 91 - 10 00, fax: (0 69) 75 91 - 21 80 or Letters to the editors: [email protected] Referendum on independence at tiger value and its attraction - Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal (Cont.), Slovenia, Spain € 3.50 / Greece, Canary Islands, Malta 3.60 € / Denmark 27 dkr / Great Britain 3.40 £ / Switzerland 4.90 sfrs / Hungary 930 Ft lead try. That would be natural - especially in difficult times. SINCE E 2 M ON DAY, 9. A P R IL 2 0 1 8 * N R. 82 FPM Politics FR A N K F U RT E R A LLG E ME I N E ZE I T U NG The city stands for the victims near Münster to commemorate the victims. as well as gas bottles and gasoline. In addition to the investigators, regardless of the motivation of the perpetrator, the gun with which R. shot himself, the gunman of the three politicians wanted to set a sign - the criminalists also found a zen that the state was on the side of the victims blank gun. Münster stands for one. After rampages and attacks fo- It is also strange that R. two more kissed the concentrated attentiveness- further reporting addresses in East Germany single perpetrators. But still often on the perpetrators. Even after that. Among other things, the perpetrator was in a- there are questions. A truck attack on the Berlin Christmas market was reported to the victims after a house in the Saxon town of Pirna, in which a right-wing sex view of some observers, known to the authorities, was out of sight. tremist lives. Until Sunday afternoon - Von Reiner Burger That shouldn't be repeated. On Tuesday the investigators found no indications that the three politicians initially point out that R. is part of a right-wing extremist DÜSSELDORF, April 8th Kiepenkerl. Seehofer and Laschet le-Netzes or his act on Saturday for bouquets of flowers. Reul ignites right-wing extremists could be motivated. After the silence, a candle is approaching. Then the three men fold their information from WDR, NDR and “Southern Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet and his interior, as well as the Mayor of Münster, Markus Lewe (CDU) Hands for silent prayer. deutsche Zeitung ”, the police in Piraeus found an older 18-page letter that could subsequently be seen as a“ classic announcement by Minister Herbert Reul (both CDU) that the amoktat met the open, peaceful, suicide ”. Sunday lunchtime to the bronze Kiepen-friendly city of Munster, literally The later gunman reports in it the guy memorial in the old town of Munster. out of the blue. Saturday was full of serious problems with his The Kiepenkerl is one of the landmarks in Münster, one of the first warm parents, of guilt complexes, of the city's nervous ones. Kiepenkerle, that's what the spring days of the year were once called. That historical breakdown and collapse. Also traveling traders from the Münsterland. The center was full of locals and “outbursts of aggression” and behavior - they transported their goods in large tourists. Everywhere there was talk of the disturbances to the outside lawn. Carrying baskets, the Kiepen, in order to sell them well-stocked in the cafes and inns in Munich, such as Seehofer, Laschet, Reul and Oberbürgerger. Since Saturday, like that of the "Big Kiepenkerl", direct masters Lewe have been standing on Sunday - Kiepenkerl statue at Spiekerhof not next to the statue at Spiekerhof. Around noon a few meters from the crime scene, before they are more just for Westphalian folklore. At five to three thirty on Saturday afternoon, give your opinion. It is supposed to be a sign of the righteousness - it will also be reminiscent of a rampage, a silver-gray VW camper van on specter in front of the victims. “Even if nern. The inn was closed right next to the statue. At the moment, eyewitnesses made strong indications that a man didn't worry about it on Saturday afternoon. Unlike a lone perpetrator, a camper van in a crowd of people, the nearby Prinzipalmarkt is the Spiekerhof that there is no reference to the terror scene, controls, a woman and a man died, and is open to car traffic. But I share the opinion that we in the Po- more than twenty other people could have heard cars at the police headquarters very quickly, ”says Innenden, sometimes seriously injured. Immediately do not drive cobblestones. But then Minister Seehofer. “The whole area after the crime, the driver shot himself out of the blue: The vehicle in the city center of Münster, Photo EPA, suddenly stopped the VW bus, which has to be clarified further to avoid all of his camper van. Outside terrace of the inn too. Witnesses to rule out eventualities, it will be. Rumors quickly circulated that many guests had the first patrol car quickly to the scene of the crime, there was nothing for a moment that Islamic tried to kill themselves for the first time, i.e. investigated in all directions . ”Acted on the act of Islamists. jump up and get to safety later, helicopters circled over a Müns- mistischer background ”, as the gen. That would be as spectacular as possible. Seehofer thanks the Germans a few hours after the crime. Several people succeeded in doing this. Until late in the evening, North Rhine-Westphalian people hurried to Münster hurried everywhere, he is allegedly a well-known media, but it is clear that there are "no references to a - but no more, they were from the North Rhine- Westphalia Special Forces of Interior Minister Herbert Reul have already announced. Have more knowledge-hold. Prime Minister Laschet gave a political background ", as recorded by the minibus. The car crushed Ti police. said early Saturday night. The investigators hope that they will thank everyone that the local police chief says on Saturday in Munster. The ash, benches, and umbrellas only came even faster, however, because shortly after the incident evaluation of a five-page scream were on the spot. Rescue workers and policymakers are convinced “that those on the facade of the restaurant are standing. the so-called social networks, the investigators knew the identity of the courage that R. is said to have left behind. zei would have reacted quickly and prudently, motives and causes in the perpetrator himself A 51-year-old woman from Lüneburg and to. It became known there - not least among dimensional offenders. Lastly, R. is said to be spontaneously lying in blood in his apartment in 300 Münsteraner “. The highest ranking - a 65-year-old man from the Münster-related participation right-wing populist - referred to the 48-year-old Jens R., who originally lived in Münster. Al donations drove to the university clinic. te Munster police officer the fact that rural district of Borken died. Rough politician - the rumor as surely from Olsberg in the Sauerland, however, he should share with neighbors who call him “I would wish that the alleged perpetrator Jens R. injured the twenty other guests Knowledge spreads that it comes from. On him the VW camping- difficult character to describe, in the sunshine of the people, these special authorities had been life-threatening for some time as psy- chnical of them. In a panic, the incident involving an Islamist Anbus was admitted. Looking for an argument again immediately after picking up. The experience of the City of Peace Munster was conspicuously well known and before a few passers-by tried their hand at the store entrance after the model of assassinations R. had discovered himself in the car, R. was also known to the police. Against all those who tried to bring their lives to safety on Saturday weeks. Eye witness in London, Nice and Berlin. shot. This fact alone led him to take tag quite quickly on Twitter and elsewhere in the past because of tag. During its rampage it could report some chaotic moments. It took a while until the investigators began to hound the investigators late on Saturday - damage to property and threats. "With a so-called" extended full of fear and horror. " We could quickly rule out the possibility that there would be another afternoon of the day to the assessment that it would happen. As an extremist, Jens R. was the authority on Monday that the north suicide “act. With this term, the rumor spread that Klein gave out. It was only gradually that it was not an Islamist other, however, that did not attract attention. But the Rhine-Westphalian victim protection commissioner draws psychologists out of acts in which there are two or more after the impact, that witnesses probably act in general blows. Such a person would have come to Munster after the crime, La suicide announces other people with jumped in three men. Chaos other people yelling loudly about suicide still tried, as many as possible, not only in North Rhine-Westphalia. His black and yellow cabinet will tear death. Her motivation is to keep her The police were able to kill people on Saturday for men fleeing the bus, it was said from the investigation that R. and his social environment had previously not been there to end where they (at first do not rule out that “they held up. Extreme caution was exercised by the Erler circles. A little later, the Erfeld knew how to shine a light. At least with the assailant Elisabeth Auchter-Mainz last): at the edge of the situation ”actually still persists, so information at the crime scene is required. From the mean that R. had been in his apartment in Munster for some time, the Victim Protection Commissioners of the Land of the Society. Other, possibly armed perpetrators, wires sticking out in the VW bus seemed to be undergoing psychiatric treatment and the so-called specialist from the State Criminal Police Office. “It will not even be 24 hours into the city center for every single person affected. Only a few suggest an explosive device. Even though the city's social psychological service is available on a machine that has been rendered unusable, in all cases Seehofer, Laschet and Reul were reached, the investigators were sure “that was known in the Münster. In March he is supposed to have the pistol and the so-called Poland arches, which must now be clarified. ”The fall of the dirty children After André Poggenburg, Armin-Paul Hampel is now also losing his power in the AfD / Von Reinhard Bingener HANNOVER, April 8th. Armin-Paul Ham received a total of 9044 euros from the AfD. The dismissal of the elected country meetings at delegate party congresses. pel criticized his party very much on the weekend. Waldheim also complained that the purchasing board had the consequence, among other things, that he himself did not want any of this. “Let yourself be touched. The deposed state chairmanship of a truck who, after Wald- that the opposing camp is no longer the dirty kids, ”said de pulled on Saturday at the beginning of the AfD home presentation, only 2000 euros cost a two-thirds majority to deselect Hampel the AfD members who had arrived - Party congresses in the town hall of Braunschweig, but then had to raise the result for 14,000 Hampels, but in the other. through the ranks and searched for euros from the company of the father of a Ham- Braunschweig with a simple majority. This orientation is also likely to be a rather conspicuous way in which the physically pel-close AfD functionary was allowed to elect a new board. One reason was why parts of it were close to the 500 or so members who had traveled. Despite the amalgamation, there is a crucial difference, as the AfD-Bundesspitze Hampel turns out to be a problem. Hampel shook hands, knocked - no appraisal commissioned, the election of the future state chairman - agreed. A person like Hamte extensively criticized the shoulder area of ​​many Waldheim. which showed: Hampel's opponent pel apparently no longer fits into the party friends, hugged and hugged them, although about Dana Guth's financial behavior, the AfD faction in the negative. The conspicuous ones, always smiling, speak for this and have had their thumbs in the Lower Saxon AfD since the state parliament of Lower Saxony has been chairing the parallels between the fall of Hampels. It was a desperate time. Reports and rumors around in the second ballot, although against in Lower Saxony and the overthrow of An and in retrospect are also futile, it led to Hampel clearly getting through at the party congress. However, dré Poggenburg in Saxony-Anhalt had before we such Hampels, the control over an astonishment that Waldheim had page by page with 280 to 205 votes in the two weeks. Both politicians wanted to keep the regional association, which he listed four events, which in his view missed a third majority. AfD has led with sometimes rough tones as a party for years. are problematic. Hampel showed himself to position himself in Als Guth for the protest voters last summer. Shortly afterwards, Poggenburg made the repayment by no means contrite. He could also give the top candidate for the state elections as well as Hampel a schilan Waldheim in front of the AfD-member party his word of honor that everyone was determined, that was the beginning of a learning figure who on the one hand one had his own report. The federal treasurer of his accounts had been correct Hampel's downfall. The previous white charisma can not be denied, but which also like the landlord style of the AfD has been in the course of a special test, he said. However, the long-time loyal Hampels like Wilhelm von Gott leads. In addition, the cash books of the treasurer Bodo Suhren, who moved to Berg and Jörn König in the genburg, gave indications that his fall was about to occur, in which Hampel party chairman was searched in vain for the party congress on Guth's side. They weren't just waiting for the work of his party friends. Time and again, expenses without "unfortunately for a period of time the bills - only until they - like Hampel was in the regional association, but also were made by a previous decision - were lost". himself - a Bundestag mandate won by the Federal AfD was co-operated. tized Waldheim. For issues from special auditors Waldheim threw. After his electoral defeat, Ar- total took 27,333 euros, if he had no receipts, Hampel was playing a “perfidious game”. “If at least from Hampel's point of view, min-Paul Hampel found it on Sunday. Hampel also has to deal with the content alone, is what makes the struggle between these two camps, which one no longer takes part in the party congress. He telephones travel expenses for 2014 in the amount of money. ”Waldheimsche for a purely personal disagreement at home with his daughter in India, reimbursed by the party of 16,539.91 euros. From Hampel's point of view, the appearance is one Keep the continuation, also a substantive one while in Braunschweig with the broader ones. In the case of a large number of applicants, there is evidence that its inner par- component. Hampel presented himself to the election of the board of directors. In addition, it was not clear who some of the opponents from the country's failure were taking place at the party congress in Braun- des Guth-Lager. The fight was hosted. Partly they were simply tied with influential forces in the silence. As a defender of the grassroots democracy, the new state executive has thus settled “drinks and cigarettes”. AfD federal leaders allied against him tie within the AfD. The AfD had to become the parliamentary group leader from the country, criticized the special auditor. would have. The federal executive board was able to decide for itself the one movement party with a member parliament. Freed- "That is simply not allowed." In addition, the state board of Hampel should meet in January and not be allowed to one of the disrupted state association because hundreds of euros for international telephones have been declared and by an emergency "functionary party", said Hammit is far from it. The 205 votes nate have been returned. board replaced. Before that, Hampel was sick. Guth's goal, on the other hand, is one for Hampel on Saturday, have shown that a special party convention could give rise to further questions at short notice - party that maintains contact with large associations - that there is also payments to one of the party "very much in the Lower Saxony AfD , on which his opponents are looking to vote him out, giving himself to parties other than Kothin as many “Hampelians” as they give to “balanced” journalists who wanted to. Shifting forces: Dana Guth and Armin-Paul Hampel Photos dpa alition partner andiene and their decisions are mentioned in the party. VOICES OF OTHER Raids in Macron goes all out From hopefuls to prisoners “In an arrest there can be an opportunity for The case must be resolved politically have the Schleswig-Holstein also the “Volksstimme” (Magdeburg) sees in the Han-FAZFRANKFURT, April 8th. The federal strikes against reforms in the French state Brazil, South Korea and South Africa writes the “New judges in the Puigdemont case proved. First there was a chance for the German judiciary: the prosecutor's office has because of the suspicion railway SNCF: Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag ": the diplomatic damage (after all, Finland," The release of Carles Puigdemont from prison on the formation of a new right-wing terrorist "Da an echo can be heard that the British recognize- "That there will be ex-presidents on three continents in one week - Sweden and Denmark the Catalan politician in Neumüster does not mean the entire freedom group will be raided in three federal states. Macron has his The first reforms that still meet the first reforms is a coincidence. What they have in common, however, is that he was left unmolested on his journey to Belgian exile) for Catalonia's ex-prime minister. But an extradition of the Reich citizens' scene was made. Almost unnoticed set in motion, against the odds - they were all once acted as bearers of hope. This is how the police access in Schleswig-Hol- it hardly has to be done despite some restrictions- Nobody has been arrested so far because of restrictive labor laws and the repeal of a- And this is exactly where the root of the evil lies. Because stone is now boiling up as a de-escalating element. The case is back where it belongs - on the polite, the authorities said on Sunday in a wealth tax of the socialists, there was little - not the individual enlightened one a people continuing dispute between Spanish central government and table level. It can be solved, if at all, with Karlsruhe. The investigators suspect frequent protests. But now it has - just like margin and freedom once brought, but the steady build-up to the independence activists in Barcelona. After only through dialogue and not through a show trial. that the accused seven men ret Thatcher - decided, in spite of the cowards, by institutions that prevent the abuse of power. That ten days in prison must be the released one will only be possible in the appropriate time in Spain. and killing a woman for her goals too to go all out. Withdrawal would change, assuming that citizens would continue to take responsibility for their Puigdemont at the disposal of the German Puigdemonts Odyssey through various EU states. Among other things, the homes are taken over when pensions, unemployment benefits and the office are concerned and not hold justice to the next messiah, but extradition to Spain remains from Belgium via Finland, Denmark and Germany to the eight accused and the democracy Bet, all of which are of crucial importance. Exposed for Park Geun Hye, Luiz Inácio Lula da. Should it still take place, however, it will have been shown that the legal unity in Euro terer does not mean that suspect people are important for his big project, France's Silva and Jacob Zuma it may be bitter: That the judges only lead separatist leaders there because of suspected pa is difficult. Ultimately, only the Germans have to put the Berlin, Brandenburg and Thuringia public finances in order and that daring to take action against them shows the enormous amounts of breach of trust that have to be held responsible, no longer because of the re-European arrest warrant being carried out. To find out, been searched. According to the relationship between citizens and the state to modernizing advances their respective countries have made. ”Bellion‘. The judiciary in Schleswig has the future that the accusations are to be assessed differently here than in the federal prosecutor's office the suspects. There is no doubt that France has shown the media approach of Madrid narrow limits. So that Madrid. One thing gives rise to hope: the overzealousness that the gene needs in Macrons last summer at the latest. If the government is now to- Now the diplomats are being asked, the Spanish plan has been thwarted, a political Spanish investigator shows up, if they have given themselves to a right-wing terrorist association, they can join the entire reform program, Adieu 'Die “ Cellesche Zeitung “comments on the release to solve the problem purely criminally. Refused by the judicial authorities of other EU countries. Because In have founded. There are also references to say. "The Catalan separatist leader Puigdemont: rists, the diplomats are now in demand. F RAN K FU RT ER GENERAL E IN G Politics M ONDAY, 9 AP RIL 201 8NO. 82 · S E IT E 3 Whoever builds a bridge for others de in Idomeni, Cosco's business interests as well as German-China expands its dell in jeopardy. Hewlett-Packard and the rest of the world, if the threat in Europe was exerted as in 2012, other customers turned to the Slovenian port of Koper at short notice. Cosco has to - from Beijing to no longer order Airbus aircraft, with the demand for an investment in the fear of permanently losing market shares. Revision of the EU emission regulations - and acted. A conversation partner for air traffic react. That means that the country produces with good connections in the villa does not mean that the growing economic dependencies. Maximos, the seat of the Greek Prime Minister, claims to have learned that the importance of China is not viewed with concern in Brussels. A higher ranking leads to the fact that criticism of the Chinese ambassador directly to Tsi-EU officials said that the only countries intervened and demanded an evacuation of their voting behavior in the minis in Beijing, which was increasingly blocked by the police. If there was a clear pro-Chinese stance, Malta was silent and whether it could really only be secured by Chinese pressure - it was Europe that persuaded Tsipras to do so, the police of Cyprus. has no antidote. ATHEN / VIENNA / BEIJING / BRUSSELS / BERLIN, in April when the number of refugees was at its height, there was no evidence of the evacuation of the improvisation and some unrest in the IDOMENI refugee camp. But there are processes in which Chinese interventions are even more visible. There is, for example, the case of the Council, which recently led the Croatian government to award a contract for the construction of a bridge. The bridge, which is 85 percent financed from EU funds, is intended for the Greek Minister for Trade A lingskrise, in the spring of 2016, a group of migrants in the Greek-Macedonian border area occupied the railroad tracks of the most important north-south connection of the Bal- und Schifffahrt, Theodoris Dritsas. In spring 2016, referring to the traditional Syriza line in migration policy, he publicly allied against the evacuation of the camp in the southernmost part of Croatia and Dubrovnik with the rest of the Croatian mainland. The building contract was not awarded to a European group, but to a company from China - a kans. The Macedonian government had spoken. Before that he had already closed the anger novum for a predominantly with the help of shortly before the border. More attracted to the Chinese. Project funded directly by EU money. The commissions, as 12,000 people sat in Idomeni bar after the government took over the mission, would have preferred to see that Greek village that some Syriza had in January 2015 had not gone to China for weeks at the center of the Dritsas International plans for further privatization in the port are stated there. Of course, in the end there was media interest. In order to force the opening of Piraeus and in particular the member state responsible for the opening of the gates, the ben of Cosco put an end to it. Your own choice. The Commission also differentiates between protesting migrants and the railways, investments that have already been agreed will not be paralyzed between companies from the EU. Yet they had to freeze their bill one. Just a few days to the and third countries. The EU rules included- made without China. After all, Beijing's omission, assures the person in the middle, but not without reason, that precautionary access to the Villa Maximos has not only been sufficient to ensure that there is a lively diploma behind the scenes - China's ambassador in Athens, but rather low Offers rejected table activity as Greece's minis could be. In fact, the President of the United States, Alexis Tsipras, and his Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, contacted Tsipras to ask Danish companies an offer for the ruling “alliance of the radical Lin- 279 million euros. The next higher ken ”, Syriza, to get the tracks to protest against. On February 12, 2015, the Chinese Foreign Minister announced the offer of the Austrian Strabag to have Idomeni evicted. What is clear about it with 351 million euros. What happened there behind the scenes says a lot about the fact that Li Keqiang asked the day before: A Chinese state-owned company has bought into the port of Piraeus. Photo Picture Alliance Alexis Tsipras was on the phone. The Chinese keyword Austria. The country, which from the growing influence of China likes to act as a "bridge" between the western in Europe. It is one of many ex- amples Prime Minister has had his hopes, had Jaroslav ten in this capacity in the country and worked to ensure that it is not about countries in the direction that Athens expressed the in Greek and the Eastern countries EU states, like Beijing in the distant capital city of Tvrdík, have a former army officer for this. “The influence of China on the Czech exit from the EU, NATO or others, also wants its Chinese companies active in China to be active in China like Athens, Prague or Zagreb. China advisor to President Miloš Ze- Politik and expand the economy ”. In future western organizations to push “better legal guarantees cake”, as the interests prevail - and in which everybody was Chinese until recently after the following annual reports is even enough on the Central European local Viennese newspapers, charming governments often bid on advance ”. Tsipras used the first Ye Jianming. This is at the same time of still increasing intensity and Ag countries in which it is gaining a foothold, its one-best cabinet reshuffle, around the miniature drawing. Currently traveling Federal President hurried obedience meets. Founder and chairman of an impenetrable nature of operations, including influence on the positioning of these organi- Alexander Van der Bellen and Federal The answer to the question of why he should throw himself out of his government. The company called CEFC, who is involved in espionage, made the speech - without making any claims. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and four ministers, the Chinese so strongly for a closed Athens, also made other decisions. Czech Republic would go into detail, among other things. “In Che- As a prime example of the growing and numerous entrepreneurs and genes that were well received in Beijing. China uses money to exert its influence on EU policy. Business association leaders are interested in the Balkan border crossing, which Greece took last June, a brewery, a metal dealership, ”says Ivana Karásková That applies to many in Brussels the summit meeting of a total of 200 people - through China. leads to the port of Piraeus. There, a joint declaration by the EU on workers and the traditional football club, the Association of Heads of State and Government in the past, was one of the few Greek human rights situations in China before the success stories of the previous Deka Slavia Belong to Prague. for International Affairs (AMO) in Prague on June. Germany and Italy, according to the government program, are expressly aiming for the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. At first, Ye Jianming is a colorful personality leading a project on China's influence. At that time, together with France, they participated in the “Silk Road” - it started: the Chinese also wanted Hungary to declare blockiness, this influence on it can be seen in concrete terms, a strong position for the project, through his exact career What was said by heads of state in Beijing drew his opposition, but then different versions circulated. Recognize Ge in the media sector. Thus, a better control of Chinese invest- Xi has been benevolently received. They report back, so that in the end only Greece knows that he was once highly favored by Pe- according to the AMO's evaluation of the reports in the EU. With the project, Beijing intends to maintain its veto in mas- land around the world. The organizing was up, but has now fallen. In the future, the TV Senate Commission should not consider China to be a financial crime, as it was for TV Barrandov and Tyden during the decisive one Role in the control of investing. Stephan Löwenstein, a "shame" that Greece is called, was arrested in China and was - 18 months in which her parent company took over European companies There are certainly concerns in Brussels - Michael Martens and Majid Sattar EU as "hostages" I haven't seen a de in Prague since then. Empresa Media's Chinese players. In the end, the state's view of China's growing influence. Now, Zeman has even had his cabinet owner, significantly changed - and heads of government only on the strong, but there is also a strategy for how to change. The Greek Foreign Ministry chief Vratislav Mynář after China agreed that China was only reported positively watered line that the Commission should act on the EU? The Croatian state-owned company Cosco Pacific recognized the European criticism of Chic to see what was going on. Has been accompanied. On one such option, first of all, a bridge from Brussels advertised the concession for the na for 35 years, however, as “not constructive”. And Mynář became the deputy head of CEFC. should check. The culprits for this had the currently most important EU transport per container handling. Cosco runs ports and a spokesman for the Foreign Office in Beijing. This is none other than Jaroslav Tvrdík, ritik at the People's Republic is at least the State Secretary in Germany. But China estimates them as part of it and also maintains the world's third largest fleet of container ships. When the company got involved in Piraeus, the freight port was one of the 20 largest in Europe. In the meantime, Pi-thanks is promptly saying that Athens has taken a “correct position”. It was not the first time, and it will not be the last, that individual EU countries have blocked decisions advised by China to the former prime minister. The previous president's spokesman, Miroslav Sklenář, also moved to the CEFC in February. It is obvious that the time of its founder, Ye as K, is not appreciated wherever Beijing has an influence. When the Czech ambassador Bedřich Kopecký and eleven diplomats from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Matthias Machnig, quickly made up their minds last year. Some countries have profited greatly from Chinese investments in the past months and years, he said after the meeting of his Silk Road Initiative, which the former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel described as an attempt to “transform” a comprehensive system for shaping the world in the Chinese interest ”. It ranks eighth and has been growing unpleasant for years. Greece, Un-Representative in Prague is over. Not before from other EU countries, Australia, Kassen. The government in Beijing is not only going to do this by an economic factor, but Croatia and Slovenia have been cooperating with one another: In this nada, Japan and Switzerland are now printing a letter. In actual fact, however, there was a dimension, rather than extensive competition. During the container change, a Czech-Chinese statement is to be signed by the EU as early as 2015, in which China urged the advance of France, Germany as a system alternative to the western proposal, according to the industry service “Lloyd's to meet Chinese demands in the southern China economic forum was to promote human rights better and Italy was challenged by a broad coalition. Beijing is the only country with a ruse “watered down by the European Nesian Sea market leaders. The Hungarian investments are in prospect, said eighth, hit him the verbal ban beam stops. This included the geostrategic idea that was genuinely global in trade. Most recently by a good one percent (Rotterdam), the head of state Viktor Orbán refused Zeman's emissary of the Czech president's home.Gabriel had further said: “We are four percent ago (Antwerp) and one percent sent a letter to the ČTK agency last spring. I threw trolls against skeptical states in such an important position that we as the West did not gain more than none (Hamburg) in the year, it had to be signed in the EU, in which men- It is no coincidence that Zeman is not lost in his, should Zeman according to the time Scandinavia as well as Great Britain, Ir strategy have to balance the Athens more than twelve percent. Lloyd’s violations of the law in China have already said three times in office to China about “Lidové Noviny”. All over the country and the Netherlands - but to find global interests, which Piraeus calls “the greatest success story”. If Beijing even aims to travel - as often as it does to Russia. Zeman can do that - which he does in the past - also in countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, and shared added value in the Mediterranean ”. to split the European Union and relations of the Czech nationality also did - only the Bestelnland, Malta and Czech Republic and not on the zero-sum game. The geographical advantages are open- "to weaken the unity of the West", chiefly in the west, however, new ambassadors are being blocked, but publicized, all of them ultimately from the commitment of one-sided exercise of interests. ”Angela visibly. Piraeus is the first major European to the international influence of the Wes- subcooled. A few days ago he was not recalled. Kopecký is in Beijing to have benefited from China. Merkel, although a popular port in Beijing after the Suez Canal. Push back on delivery and still have his own spokesman for the American representative on the post. The only direct influence of the Chinese partners is left, China is to take part in participation that comes from Asia, as a joint study by the aunt's house, Paul Ryan, on a government on the Brussels-based government The Mercator Institute for China Studies seeks all relevant politicians, avoids, differs from country to country. The manure can hardly be proven. The fact is that large infrastructure projects for parts of Europe from Athens by train and the Global Public Policy Institute in the Prague Castle, however, also depends on how far the conclusions of the summit German investors and transport it through politically, as she stated as far as Rotterdam in February? the official residence of the President. That would find common players. "In view of the opposition, China is using the country's liberal obligation to ship internationally and only then on the railroad. In no country in Europe is the domestic press heard in the local press - the respective signs of alienation. len agreement. Of course, the success has to be reloaded. The American compu flow of China is probably as visible as rated in the fig for Zeman. against the EU - just as the Russ River would have been watered down. “The chi-long manageable. Currently, the dicker manufacturer Hewlett-Packard comes to relocated to the Czech Republic. Many authoritative advisors are good, control is better. So country is doing, ”says Ivana Karásková from the Nesian government, definitely not adding the polemma that the medium and long-term distribution center was surrounded by politicians in the country as early as 2013 of- could interpret the motives for it- AMO. At the same time, China is more successful in Athens, Prague or Madrid, ”says a rival that might be called China, Rotterdam is currently after Athens. Also Asian fizially with "China consultants". The former let China in the Czech Republic become a local political and economic EU diplomat. “Of course you have - but Donald Trump's America. In or in Asia for the European market Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, the Chish Republic's greatest espionage activities are inclined to make elites more inclined than journalistic states after the financial crisis after the trade-policy dispute- producing companies like Sam- recently developed because of internal party activities. The Czech national, academics and representatives of the civil society like before a lot of catching up to do with him, Berlin is more interested than ever and Dell are at Piraeus as a turning point. An important difference to some investors - and here China is dependent on Beijing - as well as interested in its Weikreuz. But through the Blocka (ČSSD) his withdrawal from politics, the Chinese services are the active Russian efforts: Beijing ready. ”Ultimately, Greece is protecting Greece too. Rediscovered heroine In South Africa, Winnie Mandela receives a state funeral - the overwhelming grief also has political reasons / By Thilo Thielke KAPSTADT, April 8th. They called it the beginning of months of unrest, during which WithADoek ”. That was just on that day, burg, when he even left his first wife, Eva, who was a "Mama Winnie" in South Africa during the Soweto riots, the mother of numerous demonstrators, but of whom Jacob Zuma - until recently lyn Mase. The wedding took place in their Hei- student guide. of the country. And when, a week ago, she was the starting point of a development, President and even a former matdorf in the former Pondoland, which later took her life an un- died at the age of 81, so in which many observers the beginning of the hero of the freedom struggle - before the major today belongs to the Eastern Cape. A laudable twist. Winnie at least it seemed to see the whole country mourning the end of apartheid. ban high court had to appear; He is le, the two of them were considered to be “from the colorful maga- the“ Mandela Football Club ”beating troop. Now Winnie Mandela, the woman at The last time it was quiet about Winnie Mandela - there was accused of bribery, bezinen swarmed dream couple ", and when in the eighties always the side of Nelson Mandela, the icon had become - so calm that even many deceit and corruption. The elections in the South African daily newspaper “Cape Ar- more alleged police spies from the anti-apartheid struggle, a state-political confidante nothing of her next year will see many ANC sympathizers”. Ranks of the ANC preserved alive. Instead of, as had originally been noticed by renal ailments, those who feared. In order to get them to vote in the Johannesburken in January in the Catholic Regina- But the joint burns ended early on, by being given votes for them with Ben-, luck threatens me. First Nelson Mandela walked in zin-filled car tires - ruffles - Mundi Church in Soweto, Winnie Madger Netcare Milpark Hospital is said to be in - new President Cyril Ramaphosa the pasture underground, later he was named more than 27 - put on and set fire to it said kizela Mandela after ten days of state deliveries. The overwhelming crowd with expropriation and risked an economic year in prison. Winnie stayed with her: “With our matchboxes we mourn in the soccer stadium of the“ Orlando Pi mourning therefore likes a surprisingly economic disaster. Nevertheless, it is good to both daughters Zenani and our ruff will be given their last respects. But she also likes her reason in possible that the ANC will not be back from 2019 and Zindziswa. She dedicated herself to freeing this country. ”In addition, first on April 11th and then again the current crisis in Africa - more will be able to defend the country as - resistance to apartheid - among other things, the assassination of 14 am April 14th, the day of her funeral. national congress (ANC) and the leash to govern. State and reminded again and again of the year-old stompie Seipei ordered that too many guests would have announced- the longing for Hel- Winnie Mandela embodies the memories- the fate of her husband and his companions. It was said that she was chartered to six years for this. Therefore one should have on that. This is a reminder of the glory days of the adversary, who was sentenced at Cape Town's pre-prison, but the original 1959 was the home of the Bantu Football As- Last Friday, the unity and the people dressed in the meanwhile prison island of Robben Island - partly converted into a fine. Spä- sociation founded stadium selected- countless women in South Africa black le divided movement. 1958 married were imprisoned. There were fraud charges and cheats. It holds 37,139 visitors, lies and wears a doek - the one around which the then 38-year-old lawyer and again and again she was added by re-theft. Also in the South Western Township, the head-swung cloth, the typical ANC activist Nelson Mandela she, a gime imprisoned, under house arrest - According to Mandela confidante Mary Benstell, bullied. Their house was built when Mandela suffered atrocities against his wife against the Boer state, a great never Mandela seldom left the house. son - “exceptionally pretty and le- fire set. Not to be forgiven by many ANC fighters and extravaganzas. 1996 ße Meaning: On June 16, 1976 they moved their workers' fists into the lively young woman ”. For her, the first she became for her inflexibility he divorced. The ANC in its rebellious pupils and students in the air and later published the pictures honoring black medical social worker; As a “champion of equality”, however, she now has an identity crisis as the direction of the stadium - it was the be in the Internet under the hashtag “AllBlack- mother of the country: Winnie Mandela Photo AP in the Baragwanath Hospital in Johannes- she declared President Cyril Ramapho heroine rediscovered. SINCE E 4 MON DAY, 9. A P R IL 2 0 1 8 * N R. 82 Politics F RANK REQUIREMENTS IN E I T UN G Brazil's former important facts in brief Spahn: Make AfD superfluous With a “conservative manifesto” Puigdemont in the neighborhood meeting President Lula, internal Union critics advertise during the leader of Katarina Barley and her Spanish colleague make phone calls to smooth things over. On Sunday afternoon, Foreign Minister Dastis rowed back a little. The Spanish all invitations to the Spanish capital, for example, in front of the parliament or imprisonment to Chancellor Angela Merkel for a change of direction of the CDU / CSU. The separatists set the stage. The Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso's government did not want any additional statements to be made to the Senate. SÃO PAULO, April 8th. The early on at a meeting of the “Values ​​Union” at the Dastis had previously caused tensions over statements, but rather the tern: Puigdemont spoke, as well as now in re Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Saturday in Schwetzingen Germany is looking for, the Social Democrat was angry. “Depoliticize” the question, he said on Sunday. Berlin always talked about negotiations “without Lula da Silva, on Saturday they were“ unhappy ”, he said. His day in Seville. Ultimately, these are preconditions ”. In the evening, the Brazilian federal police made a condition of the paper that was passed, and calls for it to come between the opinion that there are “comments on entailing a“ dialogue among lawyers ”. Even he, however, that it is only a matter of its own. That same evening an end of the course of the Union in the direction of the center and also sharply directed Berlin and Madrid to divorces of judges not suitable at this point in time ”. What happened? Prime Minister Rajoy chose moderate words. The governments of both countries permanent Catalonia is about. A mediation of the EU, as it is now the Europa-Ab- he was flown to the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, where he was sentenced against Merkel's refugee policy of 2015. In a read-out in Schwetzingen. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported on the “respected”, of course, the disordered Elmar Brok (CDU) in the fe of more than twelve years because of the weekend that Barley had the decisions of the respective courts, say Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagsze- corruption and Money laundering begins. A greeting from Federal Health By Hans-Christian Rößler The Supreme Court had in the divorce of the Higher Regional Court in Silesia. At the weekend he sent Bun- tung suggesting that if Puigdemont were very minister Jens Spahn (CDU) it was said, the wig approved, Puigdemont under the charge chancellor Angela Merkel only a right, but “more autonomy” for Catalonia last week an application on Union need circles like the “werteU- and Majid Sattar gene from extradition custody ”. The telegram of suffering after the rampage in nien instead of independence was for him and his- detention refused. Lula had nion ”and the reflection on a kl- That was“ absolutely correct ”, quoted the paper Münster. At the moment you don't see enough supporters for any of the genes. a deadline to face the police, against liberal conservatism. "If the minister. She is also said to have said that there was a need to talk, it was said in Madrid. In Spain the ruling people hesitated to let it slip by on Friday. Instead - we talk and act in a hal- BERLIN, April 8th for Madrid it will not be easy, however, does not mean that the party in Spain is therefore not long and rejected the one of which he entrenched himself with his tung, the broad, feel bourgeois - a revolution without the suitable supporters in the trade union scene - have often painfully missed the layers recently, then we can make the AfD superfluous. ”(dpa) K te backdrop. On Saturday lunchtime, the “Legitimate Catalan Government” invites you through a citizens' initiative to explain why he is guilty of infidelity. Only after Madrid criticized the statements did the Justice Ministry in Berlin react: “The Minis - now just waiting for the next decision from Germany. The Supreme Court could soon refer to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the latest proposals for European mediation. The government will “never” enter into a dialogue with a politician who is in front of the Spanish judiciary in his home town of São Bernardo do Campo, a suburb of São Paulo. There Lula visited a neighborhood center “Aquarium” in terin on Saturday, the current meeting with the request for a so-called hen, it was unanimously said at the PP-party church service in memory of his- Hartmann follows Groschek Berlin -Kreuzberg did not comment on the press conference with driving. This has to be applied for a preliminary ruling. day in Seville. Any contact was “not done last year, the member of the Bundestag Sebastian to the separatist leader Carles Puigde,” said a spokesman. Of- Ignacio Molina vom Elcano-For- possible “, that would only be possible with a legal woman who was 68 on Saturday. Hartmann is said to be the new chairman of mont. The Wrangelkiez arrives lukewarm, the newspaper from a so-called institute in Madrid sees the elected Catalan government. would have been. Become an SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia. Evenings when celebratory Spanish tourists cite background conversation. Nisch-German relationship not yet Also in Catalonia on the weekends- The fair degenerated into a political one- That populated the pubs and tapas bars- Whatever Barley was in acutely at risk. He thinks it is important to have a little bit of political détente and act. The 72-year-old Lula set up a staff commission on the sun, like a “Little Spain”. Now talk, apparently not quoted from the fact that the Higher Regional Court in Schleswig is feeling a build-up of trust. In this week it was decided for the last time, the party announced. holds the Catalan independence label- should, had said or not - in Ma- no evidence of a political che want the two great separatists- to his supporters. In the usual fashion, Hartmann succeeds Michael Groschek. Movement in the former Silesian Quarter followed the astonishment at the un- able parties to try a second time, and he stylized himself as a martyr. He the Dortmund sub-district chief Hof. When the 55-year-old earlier regional expected decision in Schleswig am te. The decision Jordi Sànchez to be regional president could have an impact because he was in favor of the Ar- Nadja Lüders was supposed to take the post of general president on the day after his Freilas weekend of anger and disappointment. from Thursday, however, to choose the close associa- tion. A first attempt was wrong, he said. He was the secretary to take over. Elected from the penal institution by The Spanish Government and the Supreme Cooperation of the Judicial Authorities of both parties because the Supreme Court is not a person, but an idea.They should appear at a state party - the back entrance in the Kieztreff, the court had built on the fact that the states have. So far, the former chairmen of Catalan have given millions of lulas, who are now barring it in Bochum at the end of June. (dpa) In addition to journalists and sympathetic German justice, there are no major hurdles to be faced - Spanish courts practically all German national congresses (ANC) would not be allowed to step. When Lula would judge followers and activists as well as Catalan. From the ruling People's extradition requests; every year, wanted to present himself to the authorities in the parliament in Barcelona, ​​North Korea had MPs on Puigdemont ready to talk. Party PP also expressed Esteban Gonzá- there are around twenty and thus about election. It is expected that he locked his supporters first. The leadership in North Korea has the applause surging on the Catalan exits the site. lez Pons, the spokesman for the PP parliamentary group in twice as many EU arrest warrants as from this time, too, no approval from states a report of the flag is waved - the so-called The event was from the Brasilia European Parliament. He warned that Spain. Now the Spanish law could be held. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, the Spanish Constitutional Court is praying for a press conference, that much is quickly clear, niche media in non-stop sons, the member states have confidence in the official authorities, the German applications are waiting for a candidate to watch the broadcasts live . Helicopter chert that at a possible summit there will be a political demonstration. Puigde-EU could lose. “If the EU detention takes a closer look than before, Moli Wahl suspects that he must be present in person. if the dismantling of the atomic arsenal vermont is now on the small stage - and camera teams on motorcycles are not working, Schengen does not work. Puigdemont and the separatists who are persecuted could become the convoy of the federal police. He looks at the newspaper gratefully at his followers. ”The Spanish deputy And Puigdemont? Whose offers for parties are these problems appeals to government sources and yet seems a little shy. It zei. In São Paulo and other cities, Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santa- a dialogue with Madrid is nothing new. know. But they especially want the UN - there were rallies from supporters - the American President Do- follow brief remarks, only on Katarina even spoke of a “fight” that for months he has been offering Rajoy talks on Human Rights Committee that nald Trump. With that, North Korea would like Lanic, then English, and finally Lula's opponents. Before the flight Spain will win in the end, “because among equals and on an equal footing. He prevented Spain's elected politicians from demonstrating in São Paulo port - one of the hurdles cleared, in Spanish. "Independence is for democracy is on our side". themselves, however, refused to exercise their democratic rights in the past year. meeting us in person is not the only solution. We are a few hundred supporters of the former ruler Kim Jong-un and Trump rides to listen, ”he says. It is the job of the president. At the same time it came to stand in the way. Both sides are often aiming for the Spanish Prime Minister Ma-Hup concerts, fireworks were apparently planning a summit in May. (AP) riano rajoy, a suggestion for the bonnet ignites. In Curitiba it came before the onset of the crisis. An interna- seat of the federal police to a Tu- New identity for Skripal? Mult between supporters and opposing mediators could be helpful. nern Lulas. The police had to intervene. Great Britain is considering a sign that he himself, says Puigdemont when asked, several people were reported, according to the nerger, wanting to be in the German main last for the time being. The heated mood is likely to remain the vengift attack on the former russia. He knew the city from early- stop in the coming days. Russian double agent Sergei Skripal. She is one of the most interesting metro- Lula da Silva is still one of the and his daughter Julija is both a Pole in Europe. Berlin is now his home most popular politician in Brazil. Al- to create a new identity. Own this “until the end of this process”. That is, however, also the refusal directed against the newspaper "Sunday Times" he told the authorities. If he is very big. As the first left president, citing the secret service circle, he wanted to go back to Bel- dent, he made himself up for the weak ones. They could go to the United States, where he had a strong population after his escape from Spain. But the ten, Canada, Australia or New Zealand had lived. At the end of this peculiar power, he and his working class country began a new life, with a mixture of press conference and party going astray. Under Lula's presi- in the United States the activists sing the monstration, the cadres, the corruption best cared for their safety, belaan anthem. Chants sound: a new dimension and systematics. that could. (Reuters) “Our President!” Lula insists to this day that she did not know anything about the presence of the separatist. This year Wollers in Germany meanwhile, the left-wing populist has again run for the plomatic resentment between the presidency. From the personal details of Berlin and Madrid - this plan should definitely not help either. Puigdemont's assertion that it was not going to work. His workers' party faces Wolfgang Schomburg 70 not wanting to bring the conflict here. the difficult task of finding a replacement On Sunday, Federal Justice Minister Heimspiel wanted to be far from home: Puigdemont in Berlin Photo Getty for Lula. A success for the milestone birthday: it is thanks to Wolfgang Schomburg that the former regional president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont was set free on bail. Schomburg considers the extradition procedure for children to suffocate, people with foam at the mouth, motivated - but with it he found chemical weapons attack in Syria: Washington is angry, Moscow and Damascus accuse the Islamists / Von Christoph Ehrhardt at the Schleswig Higher Regional Court not being heard. The lawyer is an original BEIRUT, April 8th. The respite lasted men. The local civil defense, doctors could only use “primitive means”. According to the Russian defense, fighters should defend themselves in order to be able to claim that they are a stone of (international) criminal law. only a few days. The weekend was and aid organizations threw the negotiation. “Many are not offered after the surrender even in a local- have finally pointed out. Since 1983 he's been commenting on war with all its ugliness gime before using chemical weapons to survive, ”he said. “The ar- rian security force has been integrated for four years, the deputy Syrian foreign minister with legal assistance in criminal matters. back. The Syrian regime took the project. I spoke to two relief organizations in the hospital. I have seen the Syrian forces and secret services nister Faisal Mikdad just about a- Schomburg was a public prosecutor, Douma City of Justice in the east of Damascus and on Sunday of 49 fatalities, one thing I haven't seen yet. ”The Syrians would visit the city therefore do not enter. In a month, the State Secretary in Berlin and the judge put the press in his office. In the last bastion of more than 150th armed forces had their opponents before the But it seems, the Islamists wanted to claim such a falsification of the insurgents in the suburbs of America President Donald Trump's election, give up or with one not hand over the heavy weapons. The attack was imminent. It fits at the Federal Court of Justice. As the first German East Ghoutas to be confronted with bombs and grazings on Twitter, Iran and the major Russian offensive. if anything, Russian surveillance did not want anything of the kind. Personally, he became a judge at the International Land would allow a “high price” for it. They'll give up the guns conversation, said Mikdad, afraid of a nal war crimes tribunal for naten. Residents report barrel bombs, cluster bombs and incendiary bombs. They pay to support the "beast Assad". al Assad launched a relentless campaign to defeat the former Yugoslavia and for Ru- The State Department spoke in one place - the suburbs that had been encircled for years as a solution to the conflict. he didn't. About the possibility of an anda. In this newspaper he practiced sharp Islamist rebels from the “Army of Islam”, for their part again fired grenades ". If they are true, it must bring. Both sides are abusing civilian attacks by the regime as an attempt to defeat the capital because Washington is the last growing concern of the Hague Court, but also of residential areas in the Syrian capital. The led under Russian mediation an immediate response from the international ten as protective shields. Tens of thousands of men- tioned the “Army of Islam” to win over the use of chlorine gas by politicizing criminal proceedings. Give community. That the Syrian reche were driven out by the fighting - probably on worse terms. Regime voiced. The warfare agent is heavy. In 2008, he was exhausted from this. Negotiations on the surrender of the Islamists were just - at least gime in the past chemical ben. Air force and artillery of the regime The force is thanks to its Saudi sponsors as air and therefore sinks back into the shelter, rubbing office. Schomburg, warfare agents used against civilians, houses, markets and clinics were well equipped. Urban warfare can- tunnels and trenches. But chlorine is based on extensive knowledge - for the time being - has failed. The Syrian state is beyond question, it was said. As- bombed. On the other hand, the word of the Syrian armed forces was not one of the banned substances. can look back on economic work, the press reported on Sunday afternoon sad and his supporters, especially the Russian regime, cleverly demand the discord among the high blood toll. Damascus denies investigations by the UN and the organ- was a lawyer in his hometown, although an agreement on the withdrawal, bestä- land, would have to be used for these “brutal attack-lamist brigades, which are energetically doing something with the poisonous gas rantation Chemical weapons ban in Berlin. In the Puigdemont case, however, this was not initially done. fe ”should be held accountable. and after tasks, just as the frustration had to do. The “terrorists” (OPCW) indicate that the thoughtful as well as determined On Saturday evening, France was applied for this Monday in the population about their arbitrariness themselves behind this attack. Gime has used the nerve agent sarin twice - criminal lawyer in his element. The horror of the first firestorm was another emergency meeting of the UN security regime. It just seemed a question of what the Russian Defense Minister- set - in the summer of 2013 in Ghouta and thinks that Spain surpassed the former. Dozens of civilians choke on the subject. Eight more states, until the persevering around in Douma ruled out that his Syrian protector - about a year ago in the town of Khan separatist leaders with the means of the ten - apparently because they joined the victims of a chemical, such as it puts down its arms from the diploma “Army of Islam”. ling is behind the use of poison gas. Mos-Sheikhoun. Trump threw his predecessor criminal law and extradition warfare agent. Images that circle in New York was called. Apparently there was an agreement with von kau, who had intended Barack Obama since the beginning of the East Ghouta Offen- ger, that he would have wanted to silence the war on the right. But which was spread by opponents of the regime- “It was about seven o'clock in the evening when the Saudi Arabia-supported Salafist campaigns in the UN Security Council claimed that he could have ended long ago if he had finished in 2013 - even if Puigdemont was in prison, people showed , including women tunnels and shelters, especially with liz, were narrowly missed before the rebels there intervened against the Chegischer regime. Trump ordered the previous one - that the extradition and children, who were attacked close together and with chlorine gas, "reported walt escalated again. Years, based on letters from the Russian weapons attacks, put an attack with cruise missiles on him. First of all, he was curled up on the ground. Foam penetrated Muhammad Samer, a medical student, Sian mediator and the Islamists wanted. If they had reliable evidence of the air force base, which was issued, Schomburg could get out of their mouths. Videos show chaoti- this newspaper on Sunday in a language- close that it is primarily about UN but not presented, says a with Sy- from the poison attack on Khan Sheikhoun not prevent. This Monday there were scenes from clinics in which helpers received messages from the combat area. Dozens demanded that the “Army of Israel deal with a diplomat. Everything sounds like Washington’s knowledge. He’s 70 years old. (Mü.) Desperately trying to beat toddlers - victims in the intensive care unit of his clinic lams “surrenders their heavy weapons. Which became a kind of forward propaganda. ler-young; New non-fiction books: Hannes Hintermeier; Political Books: Dr. Peter Sturm; Sunday General Newspaper; including the digital Frankfurter Allgemeine you have the necessary rights at or by telephone under Law and Taxes: Dr. Hendrik Wieduwilt; Travel sheet: Freddy Langer; State and Law: Dr. Saturday newspaper (weekend subscription e-paper) € 16.90. Retail (0 30) 28 49 30, PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH. 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