Communication is a relationship

Talking is gold - communication in a relationship

Another secret of happy couples is communication in the relationship and constant interest in the other partner - talking is gold. Have you ever wondered if you enjoy talking to your partner? Do you have a real need to share the events in your life with your partner? If so, congratulations! If not: change it - communication in the relationship is very important! When the willingness to talk decreases in a relationship, the end is near. The reason is very simple.


Conversations are the basis for every partnership. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that marriage is a lifelong conversation. Those who like to talk to their partner keep the partnership alive. Such a relationship endures no matter how difficult life's dangers and challenges may be.


Opposites can also be connected through conversations instead of just bridging them. It doesn't matter whether the partner is a passionate or mediocre bedfellow, whether they share your passion for ballet performances or whether they leave their shoes in the front door. All of this doesn't have to be a hindrance to a partnership. You can still be happy with each other if you enjoy talking to each other.


Communication in the relationship - active speaking


So it doesn't matter how many activities you do together and whether you like it yourself. But it does matter that you tell yourself about it. Communication makes a relationship come alive. However, there is a very special problem at this point that is inherent in our culture. This communication in the relationship, this special form of attention for the other is tightly anchored in our ideal of love.


The reason for this is, among other things, that many people (mostly men) do not concern themselves with the world of emotions, but orientate themselves on clichés. Clichés are found in Hollywood films, for example. There is love at first sight but there is also love at second sight. And this can be all the more intense. In order to keep a partnership alive in the long term, love must be cultivated. Two things are important here. Time and energy, so attention. If you don't invest time or energy, love withers.


Conclusion: Happy couples invest time in conversations and energy in dealing with their partner - Talking is gold.


Affirmation, care and recognition


Anyone who communicates with another person experiences confirmation. If the other person is interested in him, if he wants to hear what the other thinks, feels or wants, then he is recognized as important. In fact, psychologists have come to believe that some people cheat and therefore cheat so that they can finally have someone again to listen to them and tell them how important they are.


Confirmation is the most important need in a partnership. Both partners want one and the same thing after a hard day's work. They want recognition, praise, and solidarity. They want to feel that the other is there and is behind them. You want the other to understand why it was a bad day. And in principle everyone wants to hear the same thing: "You poor darling". Of course, men don't necessarily admit that, and many women would say that they don't. On the other hand, these people express that they definitely get the opinion of their partner.


If you run back and forth restlessly, it shows, for example, that you are currently out of balance. Both genders need this support in order to feel comfortable in a partnership. There is, however, a very clear difference. Men need this self-affirmation more than women.


They yearn for it more and miss it when there is no woman in their life to express this affirmation. Even when they sit in self-chosen solitude on their imaginary rock and look into the sunset, they miss one thing, namely loving attention. Most of the time you will not find a term for this unsatisfied longing, but you will feel a feeling of deficiency that burdens and makes you sad.

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