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Can / should / can music be political?

Music serves people for a wide variety of purposes: it can relax, stimulate, lull us, calm us down or stimulate us. But beyond that, there were and are musicians who want to communicate and criticize themselves not only through music, but also with their texts - as is common practice in painting, theater or film. But what is common and accepted in other art forms is repeatedly criticized in music. We asked the subscribers of our STEREO newsletter what they think of political music and collected the answers and comments here.

  • Hello. Nothing against, besides "normal", politically oriented songs / lyrics. It just shouldn't get out of hand and politically confused and religious fanatics shouldn't offer a platform for their stupid behavior.
  • Music is always my priority.
  • Music is also a mirror of our life. However, social conditions are inseparably connected with this.
  • Political lyrics in music is also a form of free speech (as long as the content doesn't violate any law)
  • Development only works through addressing and thus developing consciousness. In this respect, I think it's basically great when texts take a political stance.
  • Of course, there may be statements in songs to help you think and wake you up. Songwriters are particularly good at this (Wecker, Mey), but so is Pink
  • What would the world be without Bob Dylan, or songs like “Dear Mr.President” by Pink? ... and social criticism is somehow politics too. Where do you want to draw the “red line”?
  • All texts can be heard in music.
  • I have nothing against political lyrics in music. But I hate political messages during a concert and then for several minutes. Very bad at the last Roger Waters concert. Bono also took the U2 concert a few years ago as an opportunity to explain his point of view for several minutes. It really doesn't have to be during a concert !!!
  • Art needs freedom, so music / musicians have to be able to express themselves politically. Nevertheless, I do not consider political positioning and activity to be the task of music.
  • I think the times are over when musicians and their fans believed in the power of the sung word. In my experience, most young people today experience music as a background shower without making any political claims on the music. The indifference of many on political and social issues is also reflected in the attitude towards music. Music is consumed and no longer interpreted, which is why not many artists have the right to write political texts - for whom?
  • Even an apparently "non-political" text can have a political effect in its harmlessness - it depends on the environment! Just think of the endurance hits in World War II ...
  • You are not only allowed, but are welcome to compete with Heart-Pain and Peace-Joy-Pancake texts. The latter also include a sociopolitical statement.
  • Sometimes even Neil Young is annoying like with "Living with war".
  • Every artist is free to express his or her opinion, including his political opinion. Even in jazz, where there is often no singing at all, the focus is often on the political stance, see Monk, Davis, Coltrane etc. in the 50s and 60s.
    So it should go without saying that an artist expresses what he finds moving / important.
    Whether we like it, whether we feel addressed as a "consumer", whether we want to deal with an artistically expressed political statement, that is up to everyone.
  • I would like to see more political lyrics in music, especially in this day and age
  • Sorry, I think STEREO is really good, but that's a stupid question. Texts contain what the author wants to say with them. When I like it, I hear it. Otherwise not.
  • Music is used for relaxation and should be neutral towards politics. After all, we had one before, in the Nazi era, when music was abused in all its facets. That's why I say NO THANKS. !!!!
  • What would a Bob Dylan or Jackson Browne be without their critical texts on issues in politics or society in general. Since nothing is as common as music, it would be nice if there were a lot more political lyrics. You just have to be fair and make you think.
  • I read about politics in the newspaper / internet.
  • However, I suspect that most listeners (without the printed texts) will not understand the content of political songs in English or perhaps French. Without precise knowledge of the language, German songs are left over.
  • Of course, there can and should also be political texts. They should make sense.
  • The main thing is not like: thing, däng, thing, I wanna marry you.
  • Fabric softener and dumb-baked cheeks may be very close to public law. The choice of music alone is political here.
    But who wants to accuse selfie Instagram users that they are influencers and thus irresponsible dolls ... Music always reflects the listener, as well as the creator .. as well as the one who selects them to audition. It's political. So it depends on the intention ...
    Conclusion: asking about may and should is paternalistic, about being able to be naive.
    What does that say about the questioner ...
  • it's all in the mix
  • Music should and must not be political! Using music for political expression of opinion, personal opinion or criticism is not at all okay. Such influences have no place in the music world. We are confronted enough with politics of all kinds in everyday life, so this doesn't have to be done through music either.
  • If there is such music, I switch off immediately.
  • A "political image" does not suit every musician. A Bob Dylan WITHOUT politics in his lyrics? Unthinkable and impossible! Helene Fischer and politics? Doesn't fit and makes NO sense!
  • There can be political texts, of course there is no need. Depending on taste and listening habits. If a musician feels called to have to express something politically - go ahead!
    It can be of great use in providing food for thought and waking people up.
    But you also just want to enjoy music as music without a message or the like.
  • Just like books and films, music texts have the right to be political. At the end of the 60s and beginning of the 70s, music was one of the factors that triggered political changes, precisely because of the lyrics.
  • Who came up with the idea to question that ???
    Of course the lyrics in the music can be political !!! The blues arose as an expression of the oppressed slaves to deal with their sad situation. So the origin of jazz and rock'n'roll was political well over 100 years ago.
  • I have always cared about the lyrics, the main thing is that the sound should be right. And today you can only shake your head at what is being produced there. Whining and rumbling from start to finish, if you heard the first 5 seconds, then you heard the whole song. Much never happens then. And then the record labels are surprised that they can no longer sell anything and long for the 70s and 80s.
  • The lyrics in the music usually represent the artist's attitude, feelings, opinion, view, etc. So every listener has to decide for himself whether he likes this music / lyrics. Music also promotes a sense of togetherness in society. Political texts also stimulate some "listeners" to think.
  • In the case of non-political texts, please do not use Friede -joy-Eierkuchen (Friede -joy-pancake) texts, which are not only found in German (Malle) hits, but also in those from England and the USA, which are often heard here and often because of a lack of language skills are not perceived, then it is the sound and the possibly chirping along. When is it a political text? If I only think about what is sung about and complained about in the old blues pieces, for many it may not be political at all, I think it is usually highly political. Political texts are also important in danceable and cozy clothes, I know too many who switch off with normal news, don't even read a daily newspaper, then it just has to be that way (also). Politically and non-politically side by side (but then please with a higher standard) is okay, I also don't feel like listening to music with the peacock stretched upwards all the time. This mix can be enjoyed with, for example, Georg Danzer, Haindling, Hans Hartz (
  • Everything has it's time. Much is political. Baez, Dylan, Springsteen, U2, Tracy Chapman are of course always up to date. Clay stones shards, Hansaplast, Crass or Tom Robinson were important at certain times and topics. With today's technical possibilities, I expect broad and radical support from amateur and professional musicians on the subject of climate protection.
  • U2 singer Bono exaggerates his political commitment, as does Campino or Grönemeyer.
  • Everyone their own ...
  • After the WDR video scandal with the environmental pigs, music should never be political.
  • "Satisfaction", "My Generation" or "I want to hold your hand" were more political in their effects than any explicitly political song - they changed our culture forever. Purely political songs rarely succeeded, especially if they follow a certain ideological direction: For me, "Father" Franz is the unfortunate example of ideological texts with rather weak music. Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Universal Soldier" or Dylan's "Blowin 'in the Wind" were political songs with a broad impact - but the lyrics weren't committed to any particular ideology. So: addressing problems is okay, but the music should be good .....
  • For political messages, the superficial use of the German language would prove beneficial, which the mainstream tends not to strive for. If it were so, the content would have to be factual, related to the topic in order to please me. Factual, not radical! Since the main media are currently being "cleaned up" of everything that deviates even in the slightest from a given systematic opinion, I am not interested in political training by our "people's educators".
    Little street musicians who do not get up because of their critical opinion (unlike "Feine Sahne Fischfilet" as a left-wing extremist group that is nevertheless supported by the media) offer more fulfillment on this line.
  • As long as there are no right-wing texts.
  • I would very much like to see more political texts, including texts on the environment, society and social issues. The proportion of love / relationship songs is overrepresented. After the Brexit election and Donald Trump, many critical albums were released. Musicians should continue to be active here. Music is a medium that moves (especially young) people. In any case, racist statements, hate speech, etc. should be taboo. The only question that then arises is (as in social networks): Who decides between hate speech and free expression?

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