What do you love about Indian cuisine

What do you know about Indian cuisine?

India is the land of cows and elephants, the land of bright colors, Polly Wood films, gurus, yoga and temples. But India is also the land of spices and thousands and thousands of tastes.

We'd like to know what you think about Indian food!

Pride of India

Indian cuisine is arguably a very important one of the country's many cultural assets. In Europe we know common dishes and drinks such as samosa, mangolassi, naan, chai and various curry dishes. In reality, however, it is really difficult to talk about just one Indian cuisine, because the size of the country with its different lifestyles and cultures is also reflected in its multitude of regional recipes and different cooking styles.

That is exactly why we try to bring together all of our knowledge and personal experience in order to gain a better understanding of Indian cuisine.

Spices, heat, flavors, colors ...

If you haven't tried Indian recipes yet, you should start now at the latest. Because now in the transition period, as long as the flu wave is rampant and colds are the order of the day, typical Indian spices help to strengthen our immune system. The principles of Ayurvedic medicine are also based on Indian cuisine and Indian ingredients.

We would like to know what you think about Indian cuisine. Which dishes do you know? What do you like most? Perhaps you have already been to India on vacation and can tell us which dishes you particularly remember.

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Author: Silvia Wieland / ichkoche.at