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Column: Leaving with Lüdecke : The next big thing: When is Hertha? When?

It was Bremen's first shot on goal. In the 96 minute. And of course the ball landed in the box. It would have been important for Berliners to win this game. When Pal Dardai analyzed last week that the teams that win two games in a row now had an advantage, it was somehow clear that Hertha would not be this team. Why actually?

I have no idea. Of course, the post and crossbar hits in the first half could deservedly have gone into the goal. But they didn't go. As Helmut Kohl said: “What matters is what comes out at the back.” And unfortunately those were not the three necessary points. What came out was what usually comes out at the back. Defender Stark also named the technical term for it after the encounter.

The first time I saw a Hertha BSC game in the Olympic Stadium was in the late 1960s. Since then I've been waiting for something to come out at the end of a season. A title, a trophy, anything. I think it was Dieter Hoeneß who dreamed of carrying the championship trophy through the Brandenburg Gate one day. That's what I wished for, because the Brandenburg Gate was not yet passable. In all these years I had to be content with a first place in some “pineapple cup” in an Austrian training camp.

Why doesn't Hertha play European?

While we're at it: Why is Eintracht Frankfurt actually playing in the Euro League? And not we? Why is the metropolis Hoffenheim in front of us in the table? What's going on there?! Of course I know all the explanations, island location, missing sponsors, pipapo. But it doesn't make sense to me. Why are the games that have a certain meaning always lost?

If I let the lines of this glossary written so far work on me for a moment, I have to admit that they convey a certain depressive mood. Too bad. I had actually decided to brighten up the dark moments with a few funny jokes. Alone, this time I don't have the necessary distance. I really think Pizarro's ball didn't belong in our goal. I give the Bremen striker every hit. Gladly also at 50. But that doesn't have to be against us. In such a situation.

On the Hertha homepage I read the sentence: “With us, everything and everyone can become the next big thing.” Okay. But when, people? When? I've been waiting for the “big thing” for 50 years. And I'm slowly running out of time.

The Berlin cabaret artist Frank Lüdecke writes here every Monday about the Bundesliga.

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