Have you ever stolen something from school?

Translation of "校長" in German

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Does anyone want something to eat or drink?


1759 年 に は ウ ィ ー ン 美術 ア カ デ ミ ー の校長に 任 じ ら れ た。
In 1759 he became director appointed by the Vienna Art Academy.
I was for 22 years Rector at Glendale High.
ド ゥ ー デ ン は 1876 年 か ら 1905 年 ま で校長と し て 奉 職 し 、 現在 こ の 学校 は 彼 の 名 を 冠 し て い る。
Duden was here from 1876 to 1905 as director active, which is why the school bears his name today.
Have you ever heard of currently heard when Shane stole Kingsley's car?
The teacher is accountable to the rector.
No, I won't let you ... Leave you my office!
Can you call me as soon as you're with the Director have spoken.
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