How can you make a car wrap

How do you get the car out of the box?

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The freeslotter team

  • Hi
    Today I met the stupidest box ever.
    First, to open the lid, you have to remove 2 small warranty stickers.
    Then I don't get any further.
    According to the print, you should turn the screw at the bottom of the box to the right with a coin. A coin does not go in there.
    There is also a part for the closure included ...
    I've already tried but don't understand.

    How do I get the car off the pit floor?
  • Hello,

    As far as I know, you don't have to turn to the right, but to the left (no problem with a screwdriver). Then you can pull out that pin and then take that car off the plate.
  • Nothing moves as if welded.
    Even with water pump pliers (with feeling) nothing turns.
    Neither with the additional piece in it nor without it.

    What dirty packaging.
  • So the pen was loose under the box in the package.
    I thought he had to go to the deal.

    I haven't gotten the car yet.
  • When the pen is out, you can actually clip the car upwards from the base plate. Has the pen broken off?
  • This pen has not broken off, seems to be an accessory for the thing or has found its way into the package.

    I don't dare to lift it up and the car won't turn either.
    Is it necessary to exert such a force?

    Do you need the pin to unlock or is it to lock?
  • It's not really that easy. It's best to take a photo of the pen and the underside of the base plate. Not that we talk past each other.
  • I can't take a picture.
    The pin that was loose has a wider extension at the bottom.
    On the wide underside is a large slot like for a coin and
    you can put it in this screw on the bottom of the box.

    If the car doesn't drive at its best, it will be my last for now
    SCX because of this stupid, stupid packaging and mistaken instructions from 2 pictures.

    How do you get it off normally?
  • So from the description, this really sounds like the pen that is usually inside and has to be removed first. If this has not broken off and is already out, then simply unclip the car from the base plate - it can also be a little more difficult.

    PS: If you've driven the car, it will be your last SCX anyway
  • I've got it off now. The "screw" was held with the water pump pliers and then drilled and tipped with the cordless screwdriver.

    Screw slightly damaged and one of the grooves in the box has broken off, but the main thing is that the car is OK.

    Such a junk from packaging.
    They should write "Attention, the car is clipped so tightly that
    if you try it in a logical way, crush the body of the car ".

    Done is done.
    Thank you for your help.
    I now let the engine run in, grease / oil, etc.
  • Solved is solved D

    Tell me what does that mean with 16V and 8 cyl.?
    That would be only 2 valves per cylinder and thus standard.
    With 16V the 4 cyl. advertised
    (4 valves per cylinder to get more fuel / exhaust through).
  • This probably means that a 4-cylinder with 16 valves is usually a modern high-performance engine, an 8-cylinder must have 16 valves anyway and is then usually a technically outdated engine.
  • Well, on which car with 8 cylinders is the 16V?
    Nowhere, so I didn't find the signature that tingling.

    Just wanted to say that he is not yet where he is ignorant of things about cars
    and can change it;

    A 4-cylinder does not work everywhere where it says 16V
    "" "" is a 4 stroke inside ....
    something like that would be more appropriate but let's leave that.

    How long has SCX had this overly stable attachment to the boxes and boxes that are too high (I know that looks nice and that
    Slot car is across)?
  • Hello,

    They have had this type of attachment with SCX for a long time, even with the previous boxes, where the transparent cover was tilted backwards by 90 degrees.