How do you deal with a shy guy

Flirt tips This is how you get yourself a shy guy

Shy men are a dime a dozen. Famous examples of this are pop star Justin Bieber (24) and Ed Sheeran (27). On stage they give a lot of gas, but when it comes to love, they prefer to play it safe. And so it is for many men, although they think you are really great, it is difficult for them to get out of themselves. But no wonder: speaking to someone takes a lot of courage. To make things easy for introverts, here's what you should do:

1. Ask him for help

Men, shy or not, like to be used. So ask him for help. Maybe something totally banal, like opening a bottle or something. In this way you make him feel good and it is very likely that a conversation will ensue afterwards.

2. Avoid romantic candlelight dinners

The direct eye contact and possible awkward pauses in conversation could be too much for the introvert. So go to an exhibition - especially on your first date. Because if you run out of topics to talk about there, you can talk about art.

3. Don't ambush him with a phone call directly

When he is on the phone, he is nervous about what cool answer to say. So try a message on Whatsapp. He has enough time to think of a quick answer and does not feel so pressured.

4. Don't play games

You should send clear signals, especially with shy men, otherwise he will take a step or two back again.

5. Find topics to talk about that he likes to talk about

With less talkative men, you have to lure them a little out of reserve. Therefore, feel a little bit about different topics. Then you will notice which topics his heart burns for.

6. Be openly interested

Give him compliments, everyone likes to hear them and that brings you a little closer. In all likelihood he'll be a little more open then. But don't hit him and try something like, "Whenever we're together, I feel really good."

7. Touch it "randomly"

How do they say? "Deeds say more than a thousand words"? And that is actually the case. Often, shy people find something wrong and are not entirely sure whether they are really interpreting the signals correctly. Approach attempts create clarity!