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Federal Office of Statistics - Germans prefer these nationalities as partners

Last year around 1.5 million heterosexual couples lived together with one partner holding a foreign passport. That is seven percent of all heterosexual couples, as the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden announced on Tuesday. In 1996 it was only three percent. 1.2 million of the approximately 1.5 million binational couples are married.

85 percent of the heterosexual couples are German-German

In eight percent of the 1.7 million registered couples, both partners are foreign nationals - in 1996 the proportion was six percent. 85 percent (1996: 90 percent) of the almost 21 million heterosexual couples who live together in one household in Germany are German-German relationships.

The figures are based on the 2017 microcensus. They relate to heterosexual married couples and cohabiting partners. People who have both German citizenship and a foreign passport are identified as Germans. Homosexual partnerships were not taken into account, but according to the Federal Office, they would not have a major impact on the overall result.

Four percent of Germans have a foreign partner

According to the figures, four percent of German men and women each have a foreign partner. However, there are differences in the nationality of the partners. The wives of German men most often come from Turkey (14 percent), Poland (nine percent) and Russia (eight percent). The foreign men married to a German woman come mainly from Turkey (19 percent), Italy (12 percent) and Austria (seven percent).

From RND / dpa