What are the options for Python programmers

Learn Python Programming: List of Most Important Online Courses

The Python coding language becomes More and more popular

One reason is hersVersatility: It is used in the backend of websites, for scripts, data science and artificial intelligence.

she is easy to learnwhich is why many beginners start out with it. Python (or Java) is also the first programming language for students.

Python was even voted programming language of the year and is in the rankingin the top group of the top languages.

How can You yourself Learn python?

Two ways to learn Python online:

  1. YouTube tutorials: free of charge, but without a certificate; very different quality
  2. Online courses: often optional certificates for a fee; professional course structure

We show you a selection of the most important video courses below. Many users prefer to learn with interactive videos rather than text instructions.

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1.) YouTube tutorials

Can one first glimpse give and are free. However, the quality varies greatly. There is of course no interaction with the lecturer or certificates.

Selected YouTube examples:

  • Python tutorial in German, with approx. 60 short video lessons. The videos of a freelance programmer have been created since 2015.
  • Python tutorial from Freecodecamp, the most popular YouTube playlist in English. After a 5-hour introductory video, practical use cases are demonstrated.

2.) Online video courses

Longer video-based courses with structured curriculum. Are offered by universities or freelance lecturers (in German or English), either free of charge or for a fee. Often there are certificates for a fee for the free courses.

A) Introductory courses:

  • Basic course for students and beginners: The free Python introduction in German was originally developed for schoolchildren, so it's kept relatively simple. The provider openHPI is relatively well known for German-language IT courses. (to class)
  • Programming for Everybody: One of the most popular online courses on the Coursera course platform. German subtitles are available. The lecturer is a popular University of Michigan professor. Can about the AuditFunction can be assigned free of charge, an optional certificate is possible. A free textbook is also available for download. (to class)
  • Python Bootcamp: This comprehensive German basic course of 30 hours is provided by the Udemy course platform (for a fee). In addition to the basics, various applications are presented, including machine learning and data science. (to class)
  • Introduction to Python: Microsoft offers this course for beginners via the edX platform. Over 300,000 participants have already registered here. Learning is free, and a certificate can also be purchased. The workload is 3-4 hours over 5 weeks. (to class)
  • Python tutorial: The German-language tutorial of a Python trainer is provided by Lecturio as a paid offer. It contains a good 20 lectures over a total of almost 10 hours. (to class)
  • Python 3 basic course: This German basic course is made available via the LinkedIn network. A subscription is required for this (do not forget to cancel when using the free test phase!). (to class)
  • Learn to Program: Introductory programming course offered by the University of Toronto, also using Python as a sample language. (to class)
  • Programming Foundations with Python: Udacity offers various courses, especially in the field of AI, the Python basic course is provided free of charge. (to class)

B) Coding boot camps:

Specialized online coding schools offer courses in all known programming languages. It will mainly worked practicallySo participants immediately write smaller programs in Python themselves.

The courses of the boot camps will be often used by experienced programmerswho already know other languages ​​and are also learning a new coding language: