Why are you considering outsourcing

5 Tips for Successful Outsourcing of Marketing Services

Nobody can do everything, we agree. What is true for individuals, however, is even more true for small marketing departments.

Of course, the marketing management should ensure that the most important skills for implementing the marketing strategy are available in the team; however, sometimes it can be helpful to seek specialist knowledge from experts.

Outsourcing is particularly interesting for innovations within the company that do not arise from the company's own product and core business, but support it. Keyword: digital change.

It can also be advisable to buy external help in the event of peaks in orders, absence of an employee due to illness or other unpredictable circumstances. In order for outsourcing to add value to your company, it should be well organized. In this blog, we cover when you should consider outsourcing and give you some tips on how to successfully outsource marketing services.

1.     Benefits of outsourcing marketing services

Above all, you buy the know-how you need. You concentrate on your core business and do not have to hire new employees or invest a lot of money and time in costly and time-consuming training and further education. Wherever you don't know what to do, you can rely on the specialist knowledge of professionals. The bottom line is that you save costs and benefit from professional quality.
Highly specialized service providers can offer you exactly the service you need right now. For example, you can do this very quickly and usually in an uncomplicated manner and without any lead time access in-depth expert knowledge without having to create a new infrastructure. You stay with your core business and only buy in the expertise you need.

2.     Which areas and activities you can outsource

In short: you can outsource all the activities that are not your immediate core business.

In the area of ​​online marketing in particular, there is a lot of work that you can delegate externally without giving up the reins. And in this area it is also often advisable.

Communication becomes more and more complex with every new channel to be recorded, the constantly changing algorithms of the search engines and trends from overseas and Asia - who wants to keep a complete overview in day-to-day business?

So, for example, take care of the overall marketing strategy and pass the implementation on to third parties, completely or partially exactly where you can relieve and supplement your team in a meaningful way. Or where you only need a service once. This can be search engine optimization, web design, graphic design, content creation by external copywriters or the production of multimedia content, to name just a few areas.

3.     How to find the right outsourcing partner

When it comes to working with a service provider - it can be an agency or a freelancer - you should Rely on three things: on your feelings, on the external image of the provider and on his reference customers.

The feeling comes first because it is about trusting, transparent and sometimes very close, sometimes even long-term cooperation with other people. Because even if you don't hire them right away, you'll be spending a lot of time with them, and you should be able to smell yourself there. Never underestimate the importance of having personalities match.

Then take a look at the External presentation. Is the website up to date? Does it look well thought-out, is the design and text correct and, most importantly: the content? If you are looking for a social media agency, for example: Is the agency represented in the relevant social networks and actively involved, does it implement what you want to buy from it?

And last but not least, you have a right to speak with some Reference customers consultation to keep. If a service provider does a good job and knows it, he will have no objection to such a conversation.

Our tip: start outsourcing with a small project that is not business critical. In this way you can see on the living object whether the chemistry is right and whether people and working methods fit together.

4.     How to organize your outsourcing

Outsourcing does not work without precise assignment of tasks, clear responsibilities and a coordinated workflow. Not to forget a detailed, clearly worded briefing.

Make contractual agreements and record them in writing. Use collaboration tools and systems (Kanban, Scrum, Trello, Slack, cloud services for working together on documents, for example).

Take your own employees with you early enough so that they don't feel ignored or, worse, feel superfluous.

Work in partnership and on an equal footing with your service provider.

As marketing manager, you are responsible for constant communication; you keep the project together, internally and externally. And even though you are cooperating with an external service provider, the result must always look as if it came directly from you.

So it can't hurt if you acquired some of the skills you are buying yourself. This enables you to better and more reliably assess the performance of your outsourcing partner.

5.     You should avoid these pitfalls

  • Document all work steps meticulously. What you should definitely avoid is becoming too dependent on a service provider. With detailed documentation, you can always change the service provider with the least possible frictional losses, for example if the quality declines, the results are no longer correct or you have the feeling that there is no longer any basis of trust.
  • Therefore, always communicate with your visor open. Those who constantly speak through the flower need not be surprised that they are not understood. Be open and honest and transparent. Errors in communication inevitably lead to misunderstandings that affect work.
  • Be sure to observe the General Data Protection Regulation. Pay attention to sensitive data and, if necessary, secure yourself legally together with your data protection officer (this may be necessary in the areas of personnel administration or salary or fee processing).


If you carefully plan the outsourcing of marketing services, you can not only save costs on personnel and infrastructure, but you also save valuable time that you can invest in the core business of your company. Over time, the right outsourcing service provider will become a valuable partner with whom you can grow together and achieve your marketing goals.