Are there Indians who live in Turkey?

Questions of the day : Revelations in Turkey, problems with Gigafactory - which was important

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What happened?

Revelations in Turkey: Erdogan and his problem with the mob boss. A mafia godfather exposes contacts between the Turkish government and organized crime. President Erdogan's advisors are appalled, writes our Turkey correspondent Susanne Güsten.

The helpless search for answers to hatred of Jews. German politicians condemn the recent anti-Semitic riots and speak of severe consequences. But what is the point in practice? By Georg Ismar and Albrecht Meier.

From July 1, 2022 up to 5.6 percent more: The pension level could rise significantly. When the economy recovers after the crisis, seniors can look forward to a significant increase in pensions. This makes it possible to change the pension formula. From Corinna Cerruti.

The spread of B.1.617.2 endangers loosening. The British in a race against the Indian variant. Experts believe that vaccinations protect against serious disease progression here as well. From Albrecht Meier.

Elon Musk after problems with the Gigafactory in Berlin. The start of production in July 2021 has failed. Problems are mounting around the Gigafactory in Grünheide. Today the Tesla boss flew in surprisingly, by Thorsten Metzner.

What was discussed?

Debate about short-haul flights: Flying should be as cheap as possible! Baerbock and Scholz are on a planned economy astray. That benefits neither the passenger nor the climate. There are better methods, thinks my colleague Thorsten Mumme.

A culture of remembrance alone is not enough in the fight against anti-Semitism. Seldom is hatred of Jews in Germany as visible, aggressive and expansive as it has been in the past. It is important to name all the causes. A comment by Anna Sauerbrey.

Union faction leader insists on "new state". Too many responsibilities, too little speed: the corona crisis has made it clear where the problem is. We have to modernize the state - now. A guest contribution by Ralph Brinkhaus.

Who pays the costs of the corona crisis? More growth, a tax on the wealthy or more debt - these are the recipes. It's going to be expensive. Here liberals and social democrats argue about the right way to settle the bill. A pros and cons. By Marco Buschmann, Christian Dürr and Norbert Walter-Borjans.

What can subscribers read inside?

Every week the number of people infected with the Indian variant doubles. B.1.617.2 contributed “significantly” to the catastrophic course of the pandemic in India. The variant is now circulating in 40 countries - including Germany. From Sascha Karberg.

Nuschelrock: 75 years of Udo Lindenberg. My life with Udo - how a fan became a friend. In the nursery, with lovesickness, in a life crisis: Udo Lindenberg was always there for Frank Bartsch. Today their lives are inextricably linked. From Lars von Törne.

Are artificial joints often not necessary at all? These methods relieve knee pain even without surgery. If the knee is worn, a new joint made of titanium is often used. The doctors at St. Marien Hospital in Berlin like to proceed differently with younger patients. By Julia Bernewasser.

These companies invested the most money in Berlin apartments. By no means all of the major real estate deals are made public. An analysis now shows the top 20 investors on the Berlin housing market for the past 13 years. By Hendrik Lehmann, David Meidinger and Helena Wittlich.

What can we do?

Cooking: Today it's going to be Indonesian: We pack spicy, marinated shrimp skewers on the grill (or the pan). In episode 64 we fill gaps in knowledge with sate skewers.

Reading: Friends with a sexist. In “Das ist Lust”, Mary Gaitskill tries to add complexity to the MeToo debate.

Hear and see: freshly streamed treasures. The Berlin University of the Arts is also organizing its “Crescendo” festival this year - and is now completely online.

What should I know for tomorrow?

SPD politician Malu Dreyer is to be elected Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate for the third time this Tuesday. For this she needs 51 votes from the 101 MPs. The coalition of the SPD, Greens and FDP has a combined 55 votes - three more than in the previous election period.

Is everything going to be okay now? And is there more? The Berlin Senate is advising on further easing.

Google is launching an online version of its annual developer conference. With the Google I / O there is traditionally an outlook on the next version of the dominant smartphone system Android as well as other innovations of the Internet group. In the coming weeks, the developer conferences, including those of Facebook and Apple, will also follow, also in an online format.

Number of the day!

745,000: According to a UN study, long working hours cost hundreds of thousands of lives every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) assume that an estimated 398,000 people worldwide died of strokes and around 347,000 of coronary heart disease in 2016, because they worked 55 hours or more per week.

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