Can dogs get sick from human disease?

Can i infect my dog ​​with the flu?

Especially when the temperatures drop in autumn and winter, many pet owners ask themselves the question: Can humans infect dogs with the flu? We clarify

Can i infect my dog ​​with the flu?

In Germany there is no known case in which a dog was infected with a human influenza virus, but the picture is different in other regions of the world.

"Studies, especially from China and the USA, show that virus transmissions from people infected with influenza to dogs do occur. There is isolated evidence of this through virus detection in animals. However, indirect detection of such infections through the detection of antibodies in dogs is more common According to the study and virus subtype, the information about antibody-positive dogs varies between 1-2 percent and 10-20 percent, "says Prof. Dr. Timm Harder, laboratory manager at the Institute for Virus Diagnostics at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute.

However, the viruses detected do not seem to be related to any actual disease in the animals. Therefore, it is believed that dogs could be susceptible to human influenza virus, but not get it.

Can dogs infect people with the flu?

It cannot be ruled out, but so far no cases of transmission have been proven. For a long time it was thought that dogs are not carriers of the changeable flu viruses at all. But since the beginning of the millennium, more and more cases of dogs have become known in which flu viruses have been detected - even if not in Germany, says veterinarian Harder.

South Korea, China and Thailand are affected. There are influenza viruses in birds that have changed and spread to dogs. Other cases occurred in the United States. There, horses in Florida passed the influenza virus on to greyhounds. In addition, dogs from South Korea apparently brought the disease to another state and Canada.

A cold, cough, fever - the symptoms of flu-sick dogs are similar to those of humans. And can be mistaken for a cold caused by other viruses.

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