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Gifts for teachers: 7 tips for thanking you

They accompany our children for a long time in their lives, often for years, and achieve an enormous amount in the process: teachers. Many children and parents would like to show their gratitude and, for example, give the teachers a birthday or parting present. But give what?

Gifts for teachers: keep your eyes open when choosing a gift

What many parents don't even know: Strictly speaking, teachers are not allowed to accept gifts from parents and children. Most of them are civil servants or employees in the public service and the gifts could be interpreted as a benefit in office. This is especially true for gifts for teachers of material value, such as vouchers. The federal states regulate separately whether, in what form and for what value teachers are allowed to accept gifts.

The education server of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate recommends a limit of 10 euros equivalent, the so-called de minimis limit, other federal states set other boundaries. Often this also depends on whether it is a group or an individual gift and the situation in which it is given. How exactly this is done at the relevant school can be clarified, for example, at the first parents' evening or on request with the school management.

Gifts for teachers: ideas and suggestions

Overall, parents should try rather personal than expensive gifts to be presented in order not to embarrass the recipient of having to refuse the gift or report it to the headmaster. This can be, for example, homemade or homemade presents such as cakes, biscuits or pictures. Photos of joint activities or cards are also a great way to say “thank you”. Another idea that benefits all children, teachers and the school: donations to the school's friends' association.

Here are a few ideas that do not cost a lot and are easy to implement to please teachers:

Idea # 1: DIY food basket

There's a lot of love in there: A basket full of homemade items is sure to delight every teacher's heart. | © Dmitry Mashkin / Unsplash

Here the classic gift basket is paired with delicious home-made items: Every child / family (who can and wants to) bring it something little homemade with that in the basket can. For example: jam, biscuits, chocolate, pralines, candies, herb oil or vinegar, a homemade baking mix in a jar, syrup, sauces, pasta, flavored salt, roasted almonds or other nuts ... The children and their parents can use the Swing the wooden spoon and learn straight away how cool and delicious it is to make yourself. Nicely packaged in a basket, a fruit crate or simply an ornate box, this gift is sure to go down well.

Idea # 2: a glass full of love

Sometimes there are days when getting up or working is particularly difficult. That certainly also applies to teachers. Then a few often help encouraging words or lovely thoughts. Hence our idea: A glass full of such positive pacifiers as a gift for teachers. Each child fills out a small piece of paper on a given topic, e.g. B. "That's what I like about Ms. X / Mr. Y", "Ms. X / Mr. Y is a great teacher because ...", "I wish that to Ms. X / Mr. Y", rolls it up and tie a string around it. All pieces of paper go into a glass with a cap, the "topic" is then stuck onto the front of the glass again.

Idea # 3: "Friendship Book"

A lasting memory: a folder or book in which each child creates a page.

The little ones can get really creative here: Each child fills out a page (for example a template like this one from "Frau Locke") tinkers, paints, writes and glues in photos. A person in charge collects all the pages and can either stitch them together himself or have them bound in a print shop. Alternatively, a purchased book can be designed and filled out one after the other. However, good organization for the transfer and a timely start are required here.

Idea # 4: a memory book

Especially at the end of school it's nice to look back and remember the many wonderful, crazy and funny moments. This can also be used to make a great farewell gift for teachers: each child can write a page on the topic "My best memory of primary school" with a little story, pictures, handicrafts and photos. This, too, can be wonderfully bound or stapled at the end.

Idea # 5: photo memo game

A gift that will be remembered: The classic game can be easily individualized and thus integrated into one great personal present transform so that the recipient can then play with their students, children or grandchildren. Of course, a bit of handicraft work is required here. Either the appropriate number of pairs (as many as there are children in the class) must be cut from sturdy cardboard or a used memory game (with the appropriate number of cards) is used. Collect a digital photo of each child, cut it to a square on the computer and print it out twice the size of the card. Stick it on the cards, design the packaging, done!

Idea # 6: a sapling or other plant

A great gift idea for teachers who have a garden or large balcony, or in consultation with the school for the school grounds, is a small sapling or other plant. This can be a small fruit tree, but also a herb trunk or olive tree, a beautiful flower, perennial or or or - to choose depending on the local climate and the planting location. For a personal touch, pendants with pictures of the children in the shape of a fruit or flower can be tinkered and hung on the tree / plant, covered with foil, these can also withstand the occasional rain.

Idea # 7: Creative card

A personal, self-made card can also be a great gift for teachers. A nice idea is to use the children's finder prints that are incorporated into the work. A template for printing is available here, for example. Each child can then write their name next to their print. The finished picture can then be glued to thick cardboard as a card, but it also looks great framed.

Teachers tell: That was my best gift

We also asked a few teachers what gifts they gave them especially remembered are. Here, too, it was found: Personal and homemade are the clear favorites the educators.

Lydia Clahes, teacher and creator of the podcast “Locker Lehrer” writes to us: "My greatest gift is always the personal letters from my students. I keep them all and am always happy to see how many people I meet in my job could build a personal relationship! " She also asked her audience - including many teachers and trainee teachers - what her best present had been.

The teachers agree: the best gifts don't have to be expensive, they have to be personal. | © Locker teacher

Alexandra von Plüskow-Kaminski, teacher and member of the scoyo advisory board, also thinks that the gesture and the thought count: "Appreciation is shown by small attentions from the entire class community, such as a“ power package ”for the entire support team on a school trip with fruit and cereal bars whose value does not exceed the legally stipulated amount. Or a photo that the entire class gives to a teacher, for example after a class party. "

The very best gift for teachers: a good relationship with their students. | © Falko Stolp Falko Stolp, teacher and headmaster of a community school and member of the parent and expert advisory board at scoyo says: “If there are gifts or attentions, they are mostly from students self-made drawings, handicrafts or similar, which arose more or less from the students' self-motivation or were produced in handicraft lessons. At the end of school it can be a bit bigger because the classes come up with original things. For example, a self-designed "if folder" for the teacher. It contains, for example, matches if the teacher is "missing the fire" or a sewing kit if he has lost the thread or a tea bag for a quiet minute ... As a junior teacher and class teacher at the same time, I once had the pleasure of taking my class to the June 12th (Teacher's Day in the GDR) gave a bathtub full of flowers, which they then carried home with me through the village. "