Why do I feel trapped in time

Trapped: Why We Stay When We Should Go

Trapped in your own life

Has something similar happened to you before or are you still in the middle of it?

  • You are in a relationship (or friendship) and are constantly treated badly or offended by the other, but you cannot just leave.
  • You practice one job that doesn't fulfill you at all and yet it is difficult for you to quit and to reorient yourself professionally.
  • You feel uncomfortable in one group of people, but get up and disappear is not an option for you.
  • You feel trapped and melancholy around you Family of origin, but you don't dare to visit them less often and break the tradition.

Why we stay when we should go

Almost every one of us gets into such a situation one or more times in our life. Although we know consciously that this hurts us or robs us of energy and that we should therefore rather pack our things and leave, we stay. There are reasons for that.

The Awareness which is essential. Because when we realize why we are staying, we feel less trapped and gain access to the tools we need to break out of such constellations. This is exactly what today's post is about.

Trapped: 5 reasons why we stay ...

1. Caught by self-doubt

Self-doubt is nothing more than repetitive negative thoughts about yourself. If we are stuck in a situation where we are not doing well, or we are even disregarded or treated badly, it is constant confirmation equal to our self-doubt. Instead of the recognition that we would need to increase our self-worth, negative thoughts about ourselves solidify. After a while, we believe these to be true. We then believe that we are worthless, not smart, gifted, or unlovable. With this Mindset let's not dare to go because it seems impossible to us that anything better is waiting for us out there.

Consciousness is the way out! We need to stop thinking about this and constantly confirming that we are not good enough to believe. All of this is just a Ghost of thoughtthat we can chase away with consistent self-esteem training.

2. Trapped in our decision

Regardless of the situation in which we are trapped - the decision we originally made plays an important role. What do I mean by that? The so-called Decision paralysis from psychology says that humans are downright incapable of revising a decision. For example, if you ask ten people whether they will swap their coffee for a chocolate bar, nine of them say no. If you ask ten people if they want to exchange their chocolate bars for a coffee, nine of them refuse.

Presumably this psychological phenomenon, which affects us all, is related to what is challenging for us humans Topic letting go. Most of us know this from practice and know how difficult it is often. More about letting go.

3. The fear of not finding anything better

The consequences of this fear are further fears such as existential fears or the Fear of loneliness. The latter arises from the fact that we need the love and approval of others so much that we believe we cannot live without it. We even accept bad treatment and negative comments just so that we are noticed and we are not alone must be.

Of course, we would be many times better on our own. Especially when we learn the things that are so vital to us Love to give yourself. Because if we do this, the love of our fellow human beings comes naturally. Our environment always treats us as we treat ourselves. More about self-love!

4. Wasted lifetime

Often we stay because we've already invested a lot of time and effort in a relationship, friendship, or job. We just don't want to admit that everything we did was in vain. We don't want to have to say - I lived wrongly for three, seven or 15 years in my life. Because such a decision is difficult with our inner being, that after harmony strives to agree.

But if we admit that the invested time and leisure was not in vain, but correct for a certain time and then a learning process, then solving such situations is much easier.

5. The fear of repentance

If we are stuck too long in a constellation that is not good for us, we lose a clear view of life. Our mindset about ourselves blurs into a negative one, the challenges in this world seem much bigger than they are and due to the long lethargy we only believe with difficulty that we can actively create something successful. And so we fear with ours blurred worldviewthat we can regret our decision against a situation or a person who is not good for us.

In truth, however, we can always make new decisions. If the new job you quit for your old one doesn't suit you, you can always choose again. None of your decisions is a life contract. The diverse options of this world are always open to us.

Summary: Never caught again

We don't always have to go just because a situation is difficult. The awareness of all these factors, however, gives us the opportunity to decide for our best. I wish you the wisdom and courage that will lead you to where you will never feel trapped again.

From the bottom of my heart, Melanie

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