How startups generate leads

This is how lead generation works for startups

Saupe Communication helps startups to generate leads and convert them into prospective buyers

A startup is more than just a newly founded company, because behind every startup there is always an innovative idea that is ready to conquer the market. But for this, this innovative idea has to be brought into the market, it has to draw attention to itself in the right places and put down roots.
That is why it is essential for a startup in particular to choose a marketing strategy that not only strengthens the new brand name, but above all generates sufficient leads and ultimately turns them into serious prospective buyers. Does that sound like rocket science to you? Is not it!

Making the most out of your Ideas and Investors Money: Create, execute, evaluate and scale.

According to the motto: Create, execute, evaluate and scale, we determine the most successful methods of market cultivation and lead generation for your startup. The knowledge gained in the process is evaluated and scaled accordingly. We combine high profitability with efficiency, avoid wastage and develop the best possible result for your company.

Our strategy for your startup: Lead generation through specialist knowledge

We accompany your startup through all marketing challenges, from lead generation to the acquisition of new customers. In doing so, we rely on so-called pull marketing, which does not focus on effect-seeking surface advertising, but on conveying specialist knowledge. Content-rich marketing not only proves to your buyer personas that you know what you are talking about, but also arouses a serious interest in your products or services. And don't forget: decision-makers are experts and should be treated as such.


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Show the decision-makers what your startup can do!

The marketing measures with which we support your startup begin with the careful definition of your buyer personas even before the lead is generated. We develop strategies that are tailored precisely to this, which include the optimization of your website, fact sheets and white papers, e-mail campaigns, newsletters and the well-thought-out use of social media. We are primarily addressing multipliers who have a large reach to anchor your product on the consumer market. This could be, for example, doctors who recommend your product to their patients, or IT integrators who equip several companies with your software solution.

Lead generation and a convincing conversion rate are the KPIs by which we can be measured

After just a few weeks you can feel and measure the first successes of your marketing campaign. Lead generation and a convincing conversion rate are the KPIs by which we can be measured. Your newly generated inquiries will be converted into prospects by marketing automation until your startup has won new customers at the end of the sales funnel. Let us convince you of working with us: We look forward to your inquiry: info (at) saupe-communication (dot) de We would be happy to advise you on costs, benefits and lead quotas.

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