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Google Maps: measure linear distance, distances and areas

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

Google Maps is more than maps and route planning! You can easily measure the beeline, distances and areas.

EnlargeDistances can also be measured using Google Maps, here using the example of Munich between the television tower in the Olympiapark and the town hall in the city center.

For most users, Google Maps means a map or city map on the one hand and navigation on the other. But the map application does a lot more, for example it can also be used to measure distances. Because it doesn't always depend on the route, sometimes you just want to know how far two points are from each other as the crow flies. To do this, right-click the first point in the browser and select "Measure distance" in the context menu. Now move the mouse to the second point, while you can move the map as usual or change the scale using the scroll wheel on the mouse. After clicking the second point, Google Maps shows the distance.

The best Google Maps tips and tricks

The straight line measurement is by no means limited to two points, you can rather continue in the same way after the first measurement by clicking on further map points. If you do this “in small parts” enough, you can also measure a distance in rough terrain that is otherwise not taken into account by any route planning.

EnlargeA few clicks of the mouse are enough to measure areas in Google Maps: shown here using the example of a street in the Hanseatic city of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Measure Google Maps distance on Android

To do this, open the Android app and tap and hold your starting point. Touch the address displayed in the bar at the bottom and then select the “Measure distance” option. A small crosshair will now appear, which you can move around the map as you wish.

If you only want to measure the straight line distance to your destination, look for it on the map and tap the small plus symbol in the lower right corner. On the left, Google Maps shows you the distance between the two points. If you want to measure the distance of a winding or even a circular route, you can line up as many waypoints as you need to record the winding route.

This is how you get altitude information and altitude meters via Google Maps

The measurement of areas, however, is only available in the browser after you have logged in with your Google account. Then click on the menu symbol (the three horizontal lines) at the top left next to the usually used search field and select the entry “My Places”. Switch to the fourth tab on the right, ie to "Maps", and define a new one via "Create map" at the bottom. Now the best thing to do is to type in a term for the location search and then determine the desired map section and scale. If you now click on the small ruler symbol ("Measure distances and areas") below the search bar, you can initially measure the distance to any point again. If you click again on the starting point and thus form an area, Google will also show the size of the enclosed area.