What are the best tropical vacation destinations

In pictures: 10 exotic travel destinations

No chance for the winter blues! With these destinations, the good mood comes back all by itself. And who knows, maybe you'll find your next travel destination among them!

1. Bali, Indonesia

The Balinese flora and fauna are unique. Up to six vegetation zones can be found on the small island, including tropical cloud forest, lava landscapes and mangrove forests. But also the exceptionally beautiful architecture of the temple complexes make Bali a really exotic travel destination.

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2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The name Polynesia alone awakens long-cherished South Sea fantasies: fine sand, eternal sunshine and the gentle sound of the waves ... what more could you want? Bora Bora is a particularly exciting island because it is surrounded by a coral reef, so to speak, which makes it an absolute paradise for water sports.

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3. Singapore

Singapore is pretty, clean and modern - a wonderful piece of earth for everyone who likes shopping, dining and immersing himself in other cultures. Typical culinary specialties can be found in the bars and restaurants on the Boat Quay promenade, where the famous bumboats leave for sightseeing tours across the Singapore River.

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4. Hawaii, USA

The Hawaiian islands offer absolute island flair: dream beaches (in all colors), colorful flowers, vast rainforests and delicious food. You can't get enough of Hawaii and although it belongs to the USA, it is a paradise in itself with its own flair.

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5. Delhi, India

Delhi is one of the highlights of India. Thanks to its chaotic mix of new and old, rich and poor, hectic and quiet and the great selection of markets, Delhi is the only super city that exists only once.

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6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Corcovado with the legendary statue of Christ can be reached via a serpentine road or mountain railway, which lead through dense jungle. In order to be able to enjoy this beautiful view, you can either choose the staircase with 220 steps or let one of the panoramic elevators or the escalator take you up to the top.

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7. Yangon, Myanmar

The tropical climate zone makes it possible: the average temperature of Yangon is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius all year round. The hottest month is April with an average of 37 ° C. In January, however, the thermometer fluctuates around 32 ° C.

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8. Sydney, Australia

The secret capital of Australia is an Eldorado for sun seekers with its great location and beautiful beaches. But the Opera House, here on the left, should not be missing when visiting Sydney. And of course, it's summer in Sydney from December to March, so it's ideal against the winter blues.

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9. Krabi, Thailand

One of the most beautiful travel destinations in southern Thailand is undoubtedly the province of Krabi with its tiger cave temple Wat Tham Seua. If you tackle the long way to southern Thailand, you can look forward to dreamy sandy beaches, bizarre limestone formations, wildly romantic caves and the clearest water that you can imagine.

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10. Raja Ampat Islands, Papua, Indonesia

Raja Ampat - in English the kingdom of the four kings - is an archipelago with around 1500 islets. The area is famous for its abundance of fish and corals, making it a hotspot for divers and snorkelers.

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