What are Amazon Marketplace Payments

Via orders from marketplace sellers

Marketplace sellers are independent sellers who offer both new and used or remanufactured goods, as well as collector's items.

The ordering process does not differ from that for orders placed directly with Amazon.de. Amazon forwards your payment to the marketplace seller without them receiving your payment details.

If the articles of a marketplace seller are not shipped by Amazon.de, the seller will take care of the shipping himself and is also your contact for questions. Since the purchase was not made on Amazon.de for Marketplace orders, please contact the seller first in the following cases:

  • You want to learn more about a marketplace item offered on Amazon.de.
  • You want to know when your order will be dispatched and delivered.
  • Your delivery did not arrive by the announced delivery date.
  • A received item has arrived damaged or defective, or a defect has occurred within the warranty period.
  • The item you received does not match the item you ordered.

Should there be a discrepancy between you and the seller, and you cannot come to an agreement, our Amazon.de A-z guarantee is available to you. For more information, see Amazon.de A-to-z Guarantee.

Annotation: The sellers always endeavor to ensure that there is sufficient stock, but in individual cases there may be bottlenecks at the time of the order. We ask the sellers to ensure that there are no delivery bottlenecks as far as possible.